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Dec 3, 2018
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Hey! I'm an archiver searching for any content related to Point of Attack 2 (or 1)! Anyone got maps, scenarios, miscellany, or anything interesting at all that isn't included with the sims? I've searched the internet and archives for downloads and forums. I found a lot of downloads, but unfortunately it appears a few downloads were only ever available as attachments on Warfare HQ and never uploaded into the Warfare HQ database. I also found a few forums with many interesting discussions, which of I've read almost all. I've also got POA1 access coming in March.

I've already got the following:
  • All POA2 files, including:
    • Tutorial (by Nicholas Bell?)
    • Scenarios 1-7 (by Nicholas Bell?)
    • Scenarios 8-9 (by Nicholas Bell?)
    • Scenarios 10-11 (by Gregory Smith)
    • Scenario 12 (by Gary Bezant)
    • Maps (by Nicholas Bell?)
    • Documentation
  • Army FCS Analysis Series Scenarios (6 scenarios by Nicholas Bell) [1]
  • Army FCS Analysis Series Documentation (by Scott Hamilton) [1]
  • Booster Ridge (scenario by Charles Belva) [2]
  • George W. Bush's Final Stroke (scenario by Dick Destiny) [3]
  • Central Ft. Huachuca (map by Nicholas Bell) [1]
  • Coastal Airfield (map by Andrew Offen) [1]
  • CPX (map by Tim Schulz) [1]
  • Golan-Kursi (map by Tim Schulz) [1]
  • LZ X-Ray (map by Tim Schulz) [1]
  • South Central Iraq (map by Don Maddox) [1]
  • Timor Village (map by Andrew Offen) [1]
  • Custom Symbol Set (by Don Maddox) [1]
  • Hex Symbol Set (by Nicholas Bell) [1]
  • Square Symbol Set (by Nicholas Bell) [1]
  • ADC Tutorial (by Dox Maddox) [4]
  • ADC Tutorial (by Nicholas Bell) [1]
  • POA2 changelist [1]
  • POA2.5 changelist [1]
  • 7 funding papers
  • 3 published papers about POA2 by Scott Hamilton
  • 3 published papers about POA2 by other researchers
  • 1 article in The Register
  • 2 preview by Warfare HQ
  • 2 reviews by Warfare HQ & Wargamer
  • 1 interviews by Computer Games Production & Warfare HQ
[1] From:
[2] http://www.hist-sdc.com/downloads/index.htm
[3] http://www.dickdestiny.com/blog/2007/08/george-w.html
[4] https://web.archive.org/web/20050301114937/http://www.warfarehq.com:80/index.php?page=articles/poa2/aid_de_camp_tutorial.shtml

Here's undownloadables I've found hosted in other places, marked with strike-through if I've already got them:

  • LZ X-Ray (by Tim Schulz)
  • Coastal Airfield (by Andrew Offen)
  • River Valley (name uncertain, by Andrew Offen)
  • Timor Village (by Andrew Offen)
  • 2 Falklands maps (names unknown, by Tim Schulz)
  • An "Island" map (name unknown, by Andrew Offen)
  • Golan-Kursi (by Tim Schulz)
  • Alamo (by Tim Schulz)
  • Training Map (by Hub)
  • Tutorial 1 - Mechanized Infantry (by MikeSinn)
  • PBEM 1 - Desert Armor (by MikeSinn)
  • Scenario 12
  • Scenario 10
Strategy Zone Online (also hosted on Xtreme Gamer):
  • CPX (by Tim Schulz)
  • Unknown scenario
There's also stuff mentioned in the forums, but I don't know if it was uploaded anywhere.

I've been able to find the following forums with Point of Attack 2 discussions:
Warfare HQ (2004/01-2004/09)
Strategy Zone Online (2004/09-2006/06)
Gamesquad (2006/06-)
Wargame.ch (2004/01-2005/06)
Anyone know any other places?

Here's the only complete AAR (2500+ views!):

Update 2018/03/03: I'm still watching this thread regularly.

Update 2019/12/01: Still watching. More to come 2020.
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