George Kelln

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Feb 1, 2003
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Victoria, BC, Canada
Q28.2 Going in Light vs. Ernie Cameron; result was a German victory.

A depleted German company supported by a LMG, a HMG and an 81mm Mortar must defend a walled farm in Normandy against an American Rifle Company armed with MMG, Bazookas, and 60mm Mortars.

The German hoped to catch the Americans moving through the woods located in the northeast corner with their 81mm mortar, directed by a spotter on the upper level of the farm house. Meanwhile, the German HMG directed by the 9-1 leader looked to winkle out some Americans behind the bocage located in the northwest corner.

Neither weapon was successful and in the ensuing AFPh, the American 9-2 directed the fire of a pair of rifle squads, pinning the 9-1 and the accompanying squad rolled BOXCARS! So ELR, Casualty Reduced and Broken, opening up the battlefield for the Americans while the German attempted to move a squad up through the mortar bombs dropping on the farm.

The American setting up his 60mm mortars offboard brought up 6+1 FOO with Radio to direct their fire, and he quickly brought the farmyard under mortar fire. This fire added a +1 LV Hindrance while it kept pounding the farmhouse, curtailing the Germans’ ability to shift his forces in the centre of the yard.

Along the west flank (bottom of map) the Americans pushed forward two platoons, pushing back a German 8-0, LMG, and 2x 4-4-7. The German 8-0 was wounded in CC, however, the Germans rolled SNAKE-EYES, created an 8-1 and withdrew out of CC. While the 8-0’s life was short-lived, the 8-1 leader limped his way back to the farthest victory building, where he proved to be valuable at the most crucial time; he later died in CC on the last turn.

The American leaders husbanded their troops forward, finally reaching the outskirts of the farmyard. The 9-2, 2x 6-6-6, & 2x MMGs attempted to move into position to provide covering fire on the eastern victory building but that pesky 8-1 German leader directed the fire of the 4-3-6 squad (4+1) result was a 1MC; the entire stack broke and was out of the final assault.

Meanwhile the German forces had dwindled to a handful Good Order units: 9-1, 8-1, 4-3-6, 2-3-6, 2-2-8 crew; while the Americans had 8-1, 4x 6-6-6, 5-4-6, 3-4-6 for the final assault. The Americans maneuvering about the outer wall to get behind the Germans hold up in the eastern farmhouse, and with some suppressing fire managed to break or encircle all the units, causing them to surrender or to rout upstairs.

In the end the American controlled 2 of the 3 victory buildings, eliminated or broke all the German forces, but the Germans routed upstairs and the Americans could not eliminate them, resulting in the slimmest of victory for the Germans.

This game is a challenge for both sides and some timely dice rolls resulted a close game.

Great game Ernie.

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