PBEM Opponents wanted for AH's Airforce/Dauntless & Spearhead's Civil War games


Aug 23, 2004
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Pbem Opponents Wanted for AH's Airforce/Dauntless & Spearhead's Civil War games

Howdy Gents,

I'm looking for opponents for the Avalon Hill game Airforce/Dauntless (AH 2nd Edition version) as well as for Spearhead Games' "They Met at Gettysburg", or "Bloodiest Day: Antietam". These last two games from Spearhead are Area Movement games very much in the same line as the AH series of games such as Storm Over Arnhem, Thunder at Cassino, Turning Point: Stalingrad, Breakout Normandy, and MMP's Market Garden: Monte's Gamble (amongst others).

I'd like to play a couple of games of one of the Spearhead titles using the revamped rules, and then, from that experience, write a review of the games commenting upon those new rules. I've long believed that both of these games got the short end of the stick due to their initial horrid rules writing, but that the later editions of the rules for them fixed the problems and the games thereafter were quite good. At least I figure they received bad press which has thrown cold water on anyone else trying to develop the Area Movement system for Civil War games.

Thanks for your help and feel free to drop me a line at:

Tom Cundiff
Old Soldiers Magazine