Ozerekya Breakout (OzB) CG


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Apr 28, 2008
Hi Folks,

Finished the Ozerekya Breakout CG the other day and here is my AAR. Unlike previous CG AARs I've submitted, I waited until completing the CG before submitting anything. I thought by doing this I could speak freely about my thoughts and tactics. Also, we are not the fastest players in the world and this method allows the whole AAR to come out at roughly the same time.

To keep things somewhat accurate, I would take notes during each session and then add the write up either that night or the next day, so things would be fresh in my mind. Hopefully you can see my thought process along the way. I plan to post 1 CG day every other day or so. I hope y'all like it and that people thinking on playing this great CG get some use of the AAR.

Since I'm sort of stuck at home with a baby, Guy Miller and I have been getting in some ASL action here and there on VASL. We were looking for a new game and we both love CGs so we decided that was the next thing to do. I own all of Lone Canuck CGs but have only played Purple Heart Draw so Ozerekya Breakout was next on the list. We randomly determine sides and I got the attacking Soviets while Guy gets the defending Romanians/Germans.

This looks like a fun CG with 8 CG dates (1943-02-04 to 1943-02-08 with AM and PM dates for each day. No night scenarios). For those not familiar with OzB, the Soviets are attacking with naval infantry (aka 527 marines 458-426 marines). A few Guns are available but the only armor are Lend-lease Stuarts (and not that many of them). The Soviets also gets some NOBA and air power. The Axis are mostly Romanian infantry with a smattering of Germans infantry after the 1st 2 CG dates. All armor is also German (PzII, PzIII and Marder). They also get OBA and air power (dogfights!).

I know I'm being biased here, but this looks tough on the Soviets (ROAR has it 1-1). True there are 8 dates, but the Soviets don't have a whole lot of AT weapons and the Axis can have a total of 24 AFVs. And the last 4 dates the Soviets are under Ammo shortage. But most of the map needs to be captured by the 8th CG day for the Soviets to win; unless there are horrendous casualties for the Axis. But in the Soviets favor, the Axis infantry are fairly week as they are mostly Romanians. I am thinking I need to move pretty fast and move up the map as quickly as possible. I will use reinforcements to mop up areas I had to bypass. I will try to conserve my armor to help fight off German armor but I do plan to use a lot in the first CG day. The Axis can buy a lot of fortifications and get 45 FP of AP minefields (at minimum) on the first day, so I expect a lot of searching. Yes, that slows things down but I will need to find a happy medium in there somewhere.

Initial Plan:
The middle of the map looks like suicide with a ton of open ground. The right (east) flank is also tough as you need to go around the turn marker to get up there and are exposed. The conservative plan of attack is on the left (west) flank, west of the stream which runs north-south up the I-K hex rows.

My starting OB includes a Naval SMG Coy (527s), a 180mm NOBA mission and a platoon of Stuarts. I buy a Naval infantry coy (447s), another platoon of Stuarts, another 180mm NOBA mission and a HW platoon which nets a 82mm MTR, 2 MOL-Ps (w/ 228s) and 2xMMGs (with half squads).

I line up the 527s to approach the woods on the west flank. I don't need range to fight in the woods. The 447s will also be on the west flank, but closer to the road and stream. Two Stuarts, with 527 riders, will move up the stream as far as they can. Hopefully they can cause some mischief and break route paths at least and take territory in the Axis backfield at best. The 82mm and 50mm MTRs will go in the middle to provide SMOKE and covering fire. The MMGs will also go in the middle to provide covering fire. The 2 MOL-Ps and their crews will slowly move up the east flank, taking whatever territory they can and maybe starting some fires if they have to shoot back. The remaining 3 Stuarts (1 Stuart platoon was depleted) will also be in the middle initially to provide some armored assault cover to get my support units into position.

1943-02-04 AM:

The NOBA missions come down slightly off target to the north. One was on the west flank and the other in the middle. I roll high but do manage to break 2 squads and pin a leader. Some shellholes are created and I do 'clear' 2 hexes so I know there are no mines there. The Soviets get on board safely with just about everyone staying concealed and safe. Already I can see that Guy has pillboxes covering the middle and they are surrounded by 'known' minefields. Glad I didn't decide on the suicidal frontal attack. :) Guy bought at least 1 OBA module as an offboard directed spotting round comes down on a Stuart but is way inaccurate. Bad news happens as a Stuart boxcars an AP shot at pillbox effectively causing a mission kill there. The way we read the rules, if an AFV is recalled it is not leaving the map voluntarily and thus would be eliminated. In most cases, it would make more sense to not repair or leave voluntarily and try to repair in the Consolidation phase.

In Axis 1, the OBA corrects and converts right on top of the 82mm MTR but luckily the 228 survives the 1MC. A 47mm AT gun is revealed on the east flank and it shoots at a Stuart to miss, but that Stuart is in a bad position. The last gasp of the NOBA again rolls high and only causes a flame while battle hardening a Romanian 347 to a 447. My poorly positioned Stuart fires back for a miss.

Soviet 2:
Guy rallies 2 squads in the west flank backfield. My plan is to fire some SMOKE from the 82mm and do a Human Wave from the 447s to move up quickly. The 82mm had really good odds but rolls a '9' to realize he left the SMOKE rounds back in the ships. The poorly positioned Stuart decides it's fight or die, but he too left the ammo in the ships (boxcars). So 2 of my 5 Stuarts have broken MA and it's only turn 2 (and not low ammo yet). The MMG stack does manage to break a 347 which was the target of my SMOKE shot so I think I can do the Human Wave anyway.

For movement, the 527s move cautiously into the western woods as I want to keep concealment and start searching for the many minefields I expect next turn. I go ahead with the human wave and it turns out my target was dummies! So all 6 units move up quite a bit safely and the H32 bridge is captured. The Stuarts with riders in the stream also move up and unload. I hope to use those 2 527s to take out a pillbox next turn. The MOL-P boys get onto the eastern hill but not far as I'm trying to keep them concealed and they are way outnumbered so I don't want to appear 'threatening'. Just crawl forward quietly. :) DF is quiet except in the middle where the Axis OBA (75mm BTW) breaks the 82mm crew and the 47mm AT burns the poorly positioned Stuart. I sort of make up for it by capturing a 347 in the Route phase and get into position to attack a pillbox and keep moving north in the western woods.

For movement, the 527s move cautiously into the western woods as I want to keep concealment and start searching for the many minefields I expect next turn. I go ahead with the human wave and it turns out my target was dummies! So all 6 units move up quite a bit safely and the H32 bridge is captured. The Stuarts with riders in the stream also move up and unload. I hope to use those 2 527s to take out a pillbox next turn. The MOL-P boys get onto the eastern hill but not far as I'm trying to keep them concealed and they are way outnumbered so I don't want to appear 'threatening'. Just crawl forward quietly. :) DF is quiet except in the middle where the Axis OBA (75mm BTW) breaks the 82mm crew and the 47mm AT burns the poorly positioned Stuart. I sort of make up for it by capturing a 347 in the Route phase and get into position to attack a pillbox and keep moving north in the western woods.

The initial moves went better than I expected. I am worried that my plan was obvious and would get really shot up early on. But then again I am just now reaching the row where the Axis can setup so now I really have to worry about mines and HIP units so the slog really begins here. But Guy seems to have been worried about a middle or eastern attack based on where the pillboxes and known mines are (though they could be dummy minefields). But, his visible forces seem light so I bet there are some HIP units in the western woods. The good news is that I got the majority of my infantry there so I should be able to roll over them eventually. I need to dig some foxholes too to help with a perimeter.

Note, I HIP white blank counters to remind me of TACs I want to take and HIP green blank counters as areas that have been 'searched'.

(image http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-1-EndofR2.jpg)

The pesky 47mm AT Gun in T28 is at it again as he rolls snakes in Prep (after drawing a red card for the OBA) to burn the other Stuart with a broken MA (and he was Hull Down too!). At least I don't have to worry about fixing the MA. The 2nd 47mm AT Gun is revealed in L29 but he's bugging out and gets pushed northward. The Romanian infantry starts to consolidate in the west and middle in blocking formations. I make careful note of where he moves to keep track of where minefields are not.

My DF is ineffective and just manages to kill a Dummy stack in the western woods. Nothing special in AF or Route so Axis 2 is over.

Soviet 3 I manage to rally the 82mm MTR crew now that he's no longer under OBA fire but Guy battle hardens another 1st line squad to elite. Sure, I break him, but they come back better! I dig some foxholes in Prep and continue to hit the pesky 47mm AT gun for NE (2FP+2). My MMG nest does manage to pin a 347/LMG in the K30 PB which is great because I am in prime position to jump it in CC with 2 concealed marines (527s).

I search like crazy in the western woods since I am now getting into the Axis setup area and low and behold, I find a minefield 'wall' blocking off the west board edge. I really shouldn't be surprised by that move. I start to work around and find a HIP 347/LMG in a foxhole in E27 which KIAs a 447 who was searching in the area. Luckily I am able to break him in AF with a decent firegroup. I capture more TLs in the south and the MOL units out east creep north and eastward. So far not much movement from the Axis over there so I am expecting another minefield wall. If I can, I will search for that, after digging a foxhole or two, just so I know where it is.

I am able to creep most of the 447s around the E29/F29 clearing along a scouted safe area. It's slow going but I don't want to lose units needlessly to mines and if I can capture the woods this CG day I'll be happy. I jump the K30 PB and ambush him killing a 347/LMG and taking the PB.

Guy does end OBA back in DF and puts a SR near my MMG nest so I need to watch out for that.


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Apr 28, 2008
Axis 3:
I recover the 82mm MTR and another Romanian rallies in his backfield. The Axis SR corrects to a great spot but he didn't call it down as a FFE so I can still run away. The pesky 47mm AT pins my 82mm MTR crew and then they start moving. The consolidation continues so the fighting will really start next turn. I think I will aim to get the woods straddling the stream. I might be able to use my Stuarts in the stream to break some route paths and get some more prisoners if I'm lucky. Not much else happens in the rest of the turn but he does retake the FH in E28 so I still need to deal with that and he mans a FH in L29 so that is a prime target now.

(image http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-2-EndofA3.jpg)

I am estimating 2 turns left for this CG day so time to consolidate my gains. I do some more digging to get some strategic Tactical Locations (that just sounds weird). I finally manage to break the crew manning the pesky 47L AT gun with the 82mm MTR in Prep but it's mostly moving. I make a tactical mistake in the south where I move all of my units out of LOS of the Romanian SR. I should have kept the concealed unit in LOS to force a chit draw. Instead he puts down a harassing FFE which will keep me from moving around down there. I do more searching in the west and don't find any more minefields. I shift around in an attempt to take 2 more foxholes from the Romanians; one in the middle (turns out to be dummies) and 1 in the west. I just take the E27 foxhole in the west with 2 squads and a leader and he actually ambushes me, but he smartly withdraws away. At least I get the foxhole.

I am doing pretty good on the west side of the map and just east of the stream. If this goes long, I might be able to head east a little more into the the middle of the map. In the far east, I just have my 2 MOL crews and they are just holding tight for now. I need to have one of them dig a foxhole to have a good perimeter for the next day.
(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-3-EndofR4.jpg)

A 347 rallies in Axis 4 and the OBA moves to hit my 82mm MTR but so far for NE. Guy reveals his 60mm MTRs now and one goes on a ROF tear but still for NE. I love those 60mm MTRs and I forgot the Romanians got the French version of them. I need to watch out for those in the future. The 2nd 60mm MTR goes NE as well but a hot SAN breaks the 82mm crew. Romanian movement is skulking and the highlight of DF is I manage to break and ELR one of the squads manning a 60mm MTR (more on that unit's fate later).

(Image: www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-4-EndofA4.jpg)

In Soviet 5 I decide to be aggressive. It works for 50% but I don't feel it really worked out for me. In hindsight, I should have been a little more conservative.

I don't rally the 82mm MTR crew and no rallies happen for the Romanians. The only effective Prep shot is to DM the pesky 47L AT gun crew. In the west, I rush 5x527s and leader up the hill and ADJACENT to concealed Romanians squad which draws no fire (surprisingly). My mistake is in the east. First, I rush a 228/MOL chasing after the 126 that was manning a 60mm MTR. He obviously routed to a leader so I got ADJACENT to DM him. The other 228/MOL also moved up but I went 1 hex too far and crossed into his setup area. You guessed it, that hex was mined. He survived but now is in a bad position and pretty much stuck. I also got a 527 CR'd while going after a concealed Romanian squad just east of the stream in K27.

In DF, Guy manages to draw another black card for OBA (it's 50/50 black and red now) and calls down a full 75mm OBA on the 82mm crew to get a 1MC which kills the broken 228. In AF I discover that the squad I charged in the west are dummies. Back east, the DM'd 126 retreats with his leader and my 228/MOL advances into their prior location. Guy was sneaky and kept a unit HIP there. No ambush but end up losing the 228 and the MOL is there for his taking. On a positive note, I get to overrun a 347 that ventured into the stream 2 hexes from a Stuart. I love overrunning stuff. :)

I jump a 347 in L27 with a 447/LMG and get ambush but for naught and it ends up in melee.

Lessons learned this turn. I was way too aggressive in the east. I only had 2 units there (crews!) they just should have stayed put. At this point, it was obvious that Guy did not have a lot in the east and that is why I got aggressive. But, I should have expected static defenses in the form of mines and HIP and that is where I got careless. Now I am hoping for an early end as I have obtained all of my goals for this CG day and if it goes long I risk losing my minimum gains in the east. Also, I have lost too much CVP as I have lost 2 tanks, 2 crews and a MOL and it's only the first day of the CG! I need AT assets for later in the campaign. All said and done, this is not the end of the world of course and I will just roll with it.

It's Axis turn 5 and it could end here with a '1' after CC. Guy Battle Hardens a broken 'script half squad to a first line. It's funny, this whole game, Guy either BHs his broken units or they fail to rally. :) The very effective Romanian 75mm OBA comes down on the MMG stack and a 447. The 447 breaks. That OBA has been very effective. On the east side a 347 in a FH drops his MTR and wants to head east, probably to help out taking out my last crew over there and grabbing my TLs. My MMG stack shoots him up as he comes out of the FH and he gets broken, but I cowered on the roll (snakes). Another 347 in the middle tries to head westward as my line there is very weak, but a 50mm MTR manages to pin him. The rest of Movement has the Romanians pulling back slowly in the west and moving southward slowly in the east. DF is fun for me as a 50mm MTR goes on a ROF tear in the middle to CR that pinned 347. I try shooting into the melee in L27 but boxcar that roll. There is no AF but some fires spreading and routing is uneventful. Another 347 joins the melee in L27 but in CC it remains melee! I roll a '2' at the end of CC so we have a turn 6.

I self rally a 227 in K28 so I hope to use him to reinforce that melee (send in more men!). I have great luck digging this turn and get FHs in G27, C27 and D21 and Labor in EE31 and I27. My only other Prep shots are the 50mm MTRs but those are ineffective. There are a lot of Romanian concealment counters in the west and I suspect some of them are dummies. Well, none of them are and I get shot up. Two 527s break and/or ELR. I drive a Stuart out of the stream into K28 which is a great blocking position. So I decide to move a 527 out a FH to also help reinforce the L27 melee but he boxcars a NMC to CR. Now I'm looking real weak in the middle. Only that Stuart is holding the fort. The amazing Romanian OBA draws another black card (it's < 50/50 now) and the SR drifts into the middle of the OG area down south. Final fire vs a broken 527 causes an NMC which he promptly fails to CR yet another squad. I do manage to get the 227 into the melee but no help as we both whiff again and it's still melee in L27.

Axis 6:
A 347/ATR in the stream (who was overrun earlier) self rallies but that is it. Guy brings the OBA down on my 50mm MTR teams but both make their MCs. A lone 347 runs south trying to get a TL in Y37. Both 50mm MTRs get shots off for NE but one has ROF so I have another chance in DF as he will need to Advance to take the Y37 TL. Guy wants to reinforce the L27 melee but the Stuart is in a great position and he doesn't risk running units in the open to get there. Otherwise it's the now usual slow pull back for the Romanians, except in the east where it's a slow advance on my 228/MOL-P stuck in the minefield. For DF, the Stuart shoots up broken unit and a wounded leader but the squad rolls snakes. But with the +4 on the HOB he is disrupted. I really want the kill there, though. A concealed Romanian is ADJACENT to my MOL crew and I figure what the hell and take a MOL-P shot. It's a hit and a Flame to reveal 126 half squad!. No effect on the 4FP IFT and Guy actually considers advancing into the minefield later (the 228 pinned in AF) but wisely does not. The melee is still a melee after CC! We both missed by 1! I roll a '6' so we will have a turn 7!

I'm playing for the end game so I don't have a lot to do. I lose another 1/2 squad with a boxcars rally attempt. I dig more foxholes in Prep and just shift around to hold on to what I got in MPh. My MTR squads both break from the never ending Romanian OBA. The middle woods are burning down as more blazes appear in AFph. I jump and ambush a 347 with a concealed 527 but both us gack the roll to leave another melee. In CC the L27 melee remains a melee.

In A7 I manage to rally a squad while Guy rolls boxcars to CR a half squad. Guy draws yet another black chit (can I bitch about dice bot here?) but it has no effects. The Romanians pull back from the burning forest in the middle of the map. I do manage to kill another squad with some RoF as he double breaks. Romanians move in to reinforce the existing melees as well. The effects are that in L7 I kill a 347 but that hex remains a melee. In E25 Guy kills a 527 but I CR a 447. Then I roll a '3' to end the TM.

So here are the casualties:
Russian: 20 CVP
2 x 447
2 x 527
2 x 228
1 x 227
1 x 226
2 x Stuart III

Axis: 14 CVP
5 x 347
1 x 336
1 x 247
1 x 126

Some Consolidation phase #s:
- We each Battlefield promotion for 2 units.
- I choose to promote of the ranks to get another 7-0 in N38.
- I successfully remove the roadblock in H31.
- I roll a '4' to get 22 more TPs.
- The weather roll is an adjusted '4' to make it "clear & gusty" for 2/4 PM (TM2).

I purchase:
I1: 447s. Full, Rolled 3 for leaders and 2 for type
I2: 527s. Full, snakes for leaders
I4: MG platoon. Full, Rolled 6 for leaders and 1 for type
G3: Light ART. Full
M4: attack chit
M5: spare crew (for the 82mm MTR)
M1: 30 DPs

I got some really good rolls here!

Thoughts for TM2 (2/4 PM):

This is why I love CGs; the puzzles they offer! My instinct says to be aggressive and charge forward. Let's examine the factors. There are 8 CG days to pretty much capture the map. Both sides get about the same # of squads but the Axis get much more, and better, AFVs. The Allies AT capability is limited. The Russians are under Ammo shortage for the final half of the CG as well. So my first thought is to push northward quickly and try to reach Glebovka so I can capture it and then go on the defensive. But, that would give me a very long right flank and the Axis could poke at it any where they want. I know Carol O'Connor says "How many times do I have to tell you Booker, forget about your flanks!", but the long flank seems tough.

The alternative is to a left hook is to slog up the map. The pros of that plan is a much shorter front line; just the width of the map. The Russians are good at slogging and while the Axis have about the same # of squads, most of them are 347 Romanians with a low ELR. It would make attack from the many Axis AFVs easier to deal with too. The 'height' of the map is 40 hexes. That is 5 hexes per day to reach the top. That sounds pretty doable. All in all, the slog strategy doesn't look so bad.

But, I still think that the Russians need to grab Glebovka as quickly as possible. So, I will still aim for speed by attacking in the middle and the west and hopefully at least 1 will punch a hole. The east will be a slog in the woods. I feel I can bide my time there. He will either have to defend it with troops or mines; probably more of the latter. But I think I can take it eventually with minimal troops.

Guessing what Guy bought for 2/4 AM:
- 75mm OBA for 3 points
- 47mm AT plt for 3 points
- Rifle Coy for 5 points
- 30 DP points


(Image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-7-EndofTM1.jpg)

(Image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM1-8-perimeters.jpg)


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Apr 28, 2008
OzB TM2 (1943-02-04 PM)


The holidays slowed things down a lot for us but it was a nice, clean break. We wrapped up TM1 with the Russians making some decent gains in the west and middle of the map. But nothing in the east as I got greedy and it did not pay off. The Axis won the CVP count too and that is not good for the Russians. But we had time to get our setups down and of course the Russians will be attacking.

I rolled really well for my forces and get an 458 company as well as some really good leadership (9-2 fighting over with the SMG coy). I spent all of my TPs but I don't care. It's time to attack!

The plan is to attack everywhere. :) He's got to be weak somewhere and if I can break through somewhere that should draw his forces back, at least a little, on the other fronts. Of course I could get creamed and be in real bad shape, but it's worth the risk (and fun!).

In the west, I will put most of the 458 reinforcements, with good leadership and support weapons (some LMGs and Lt MTRs). There are 12 squads and 2 leaders and their job is to move due north and capture as much of the western ridge, and its TLs, as possible. Three of those squads, with help from 2 other squads coming from the east will be trying to capture the woods straddling the road as well. I toyed the idea with a Human Wave at the starting gun but decided I want to play this front conservative and slog up fairly carefully. I have a feeling this is the most defended sector by the Axis.

In the middle, I will be using a Human Wave right away. Six 458s and a leader will charge a concealed 47mm AT gun in Q23. This assumes I get some SMOKE cover from the 82mm MTR and a 76L ART (I suspect a 20mm AA and some MG nests that I really need to SMOKE out). If this works with minimal damage, I'll have 6 powerful squads threatening either the middle of the map or due east on the wooded ridge (behind his eastern defenders). The remaining squads in the middle (4.5 and a leader) will try to slowly move east, putting out some Flames so the fire doesn't spread to the woods in the west.

In the east I will also use a Human Wave (going to be a fun Turn 1!) to move up 6 527s quickly and jump 3 sets of 2x?. They could be fake and it's mined but it's worth the gamble. The remaining 3x527s and a 9-2 will swing NNE and hopefully swing NW later.

All along I'll dig foxholes when needed and also search for those pesky minefields and HIP units.

That's the starting plan. Let's so how it goes. :)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-1-setup.jpg)

Took a while to find the time to play, but we started TM2 tonight but we only got through 1 full turn.

Two of my 3 SMOKE shots worked and I SMOKED in the suspected AA gun and probably a MG nest. I failed to get SMOKE to allow my troops in the west to advance against the woods mass in G23 area. But but the NOBA did it's job, for the most part, breaking a squad and wounding an 8-0. There is still a unit left there though (boxcars on the roll). My remaining Prep shots were 50mm MTRs which broke and disrupted a conscript and missed.]

The real action was in Movement. As mentioned, the attack in the west was real slow as I just Assault moved up (dummies going first). In the middle, I had my SMOKE cover so I did the Human wave. Everyone got where they were supposed to be except a single 458 which broke. Now the shot that broke him was a snakes shot from a 47 AT gun. Those snakes were a hot SAN which broke the crew that rolled the snakes! At least I didn't have to fight him in CC. :)

In the east, I did my 2nd Human wave. This worked but I lost a 527 due to KIA and 2 527's broke. But I killed a 347 in CC and found a set of dummies. I took back the Z33 TL which I stupidly lost in TM1.

No mines were discovered this turn.]

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-2-EndofR1.jpg)

No one rallies.

Guy reveals a 81mm MTR in T23 which breaks a 458 in Q23. I was stupid in Q23, which is where the 47 AT gun was. I didn't try to possess it in Rally and I think if I did, he would have gotten the +2 Emplaced bonus and it would have been a PTC instead of 1MC. Oh well. The 81mm had RoF too which fired on a 8-1, 2x 458 stack but all he did there was watch me roll snakes twice on a NMC which created a hero and drove the 2nd 458 berserk!

The Axis movement can be broken down to skulking in the middle, withdrawing to the vineyards in the west and "advancing" in the east (the units on the hill start to come down). In DF the last OBA shot (100mm btw) pins the remaining 447/ATR and causes 2 more flames! The fire in this CG is definitely a factor! In DF I manage to kill a broken 347 by causing him to double break twice and my 82mm MTR kills a wounded 9-1 who boxcars a NMC and gaks the wound check. No real AF shots but more blazes pop up, including in a hex where I was trying to hamper but failed. Those units had to self-break but I did successfully hamper in another hex. Trying to stop the fire from reaching the west but not succeeding so far.

In Advance a concealed Romanian jumps a broken 458 and gets ambush. Turns out it is a 138 so it has 1-4 odds. But, he needs an adjusted 6 to CR him and fails! So it's melee, but that broken unit is not in a good position.

So after 1 turn, my turn 1 plan went fairly well. But, my middle platoon is in a very risky position as they are on their own. The blazes are keeping me from reinforcing them. At the end of this TM, if they survive, they will almost definitely be isolated. Unless the eastern attack does very well of course. The west attack is purposely slow. So I don't expect to take a lot of territory. But, if I can keep killing Romanians, I can be in a decent position.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-3-EndofA1.jpg)


My MMC self-rally is quite interesting as a 527 in AA35 rolls snakes for HOB and then becomes berserk! At first we thought he would just battle harden as no Romanians appeared to be in LOS but then we realized the 527 could see a Romanian on level 2; 24 hexes away; on the other side of the map! We could not find any rule saying that LOS for becoming berserk is restricted by distance at all. This should be fun!

I also manage to rally a 458 in the middle while Guy rallies a wounded leader on his side.

A lot of misses or missed opportunities in Prep Fire. My mortars all miss, even with some RoF. I get a critical hit from a ART gun vs the Romanian AA gun but only get a pin out of the 3MC. The other ART gun gets two hits on his 347 target but both are for NE. But, my middle platoon manages to get a K/2 on the 81mm crew!

Movement starts off with 2 berserk charges. The first in the middle (from Q24) ends is a pink mist as the 458 gets hit with snakes on a 8FP-2 shot for 3KIA. The 527 down south actually makes it S32 safely. Once he left the woods, his target became the disrupted Romanian conscript in O31. I think Guy is just going to let him die. Is that how the Romanian office core thinks? :)

In the east, I start a cautious advance because I know there are mines out there. The 228/MOL finds a minefield in BB31 and CC31. So there is a mine wall in the east as well. This will very much constrict my attack in the east. The remainder of the SMG company in the east move up slowly to keep concealment; except for the MMG stack.

Other moves consist of moving the 226 in the middle into a position where he can't be seen and will start digging a foxhole in R3. A mainly dummies force in the stream continues to move northward in the stream. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to break some of the forces in the patch of woods around J20 and get a 447 in there to stir up trouble. I also move another 50mm up to K27 for more coverage in the middle of the map.

In the far west, I continue to Advance up to keep concealment, mainly to keep the dummies around longer to soak up fire. I make a break for the G22 woods now that the naval OBA is gone. There is only 1 Romanian squad left there and I need to get in and dig a foxhole or 2. At this point Guy reveals another 81mm mortar in W25 which goes on a RoF tear to kill a 426 and 458! Very smart move putting mortars there. They can see the level 2 on the west side of the map and they are fairly safe at the start of the game (well, I did kill 1 crew. One more to go!). However that RoF tear generates a hot SAN which breaks the AA gun crew. Two Romanian crews broken so far from the Russian sniper. (FYI, Guy has had several SAN attempts but all cold so far. I'm not keeping track of SANS yet).

DF is nada and so is AF except for more blazes! I completely under estimated the effect of fires in this CG. That is costing me in this TM. In Route, I have 3 units stuck in blazes that have to self break and route. Fire has broken more Russians so far than Romanian firepower.

There is some CC though and a 527 kills a Romanian 1/2 squad in AA23. A 458 kills a 347 in D23 but a broken 458 is CR'd in P26 from a lowly 137!

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-4-EndofR2.jpg)

A 527 rallies but that is about it. The few Prep shots taken are all of NE. Movement is mainly skulking. But I do see 2 537s with DCs heading south from way up north. At least I know Guy has purchased the engineers now. The skulking is also units moving into blocking positions on all fronts. So now we will really engage and I really hope I can break through in at least 1 of the 3 main fronts.

A Russian 50mm mortar in J36 gets a critical hit and 2KIA to take out another 347 in DF. The RoF shot finds some Romanian dummies. The 82mm mortar breaks a 447. More fires spread in AF and I am forced to self-break another 2 units in Route so they won't die a fiery death. Now my attack in the middle is down to 2 good order 458s and a 8-1 and a broken half squad.

I just want to re-iterate how much fire is affecting this game. As you can see from the pictures, the middle woods are almost all gone. I figure they will all be gone by the end of the next TM is not sooner. I've had at least 6 units break due to fire in this TM so far and it's only turn 2! I did manage to put 1 flame out, but it's moot as fire has spread to the woods just east of the stream and I don't think I can spare the units to try and put out any flames. The flames will just reappear in the consolidation phase to it doesn't really matter. The fires in the east are spreading too so we can expect that whole hill side to burn as well.

In short, I really need to keep an eye on the fires both tactically and strategically. If I can get something accomplished this TM I really need to plan around the fires better in the future TMs.

Quick CVP update. I am doing better this TM. Probably because I'm not throwing away my armor. :)

Russians: 9 CVP lost

Axis: 13 CVP lost

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-5-EndofA2.jpg)

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Apr 28, 2008
The Russians rally some units but break an MMG for good and fail to fix a 50mm MTR. The Romanians do not fix a MTR of their own and do rally the AA gun crew, but not the former crew of a 81mm MTR.

For Prep, I decide to use my SMOKE shots on the west flank (from the 82mm MTR). I feel the middle is really risky and would like to make some progress in the west and they need some cover. I have to change the CA for the MTR but I still get a SMOKE round into C21. I get RoF too and put down another one back on the L18 MG stack (well, I assume it's an MG stack. It hasn't revealed itself yet). A 'script half squad digs a foxhole in O28 which will help my perimeter; especially if I do make gains in the middle. My 50mm MTR shoot but for NE and my remaining MMG shots for NE as well. The ART piece in L27 takes an HE shot at the AA gun but only manages to pin the crew on a 1MC. Finally, my 9-2 and friends take a shot at a ? unit adjacent for a 1MC but the 137 passes that too.

It's mostly movement with a lot of probing in the east as I try to get up on the hill and behind the Romanians there. The fire is starting to rage in the far east so they will need to move eventually. I do get 3.5 squads behind the minefield barrier, which is good. In the middle, I send 3 squads and a 7-0 around the blazing inferno (south of it) into position to help out the 8-1/458 platoon that got stranded. I am also in a position to deny 1-2 Romanians a route path. In the west, I continue to move up cautiously. It's obvious that area is (smartly) well defended and 1 sneaky 81mm MTR is still able to get shots in at my units on level 2. The handful of units in the F23 woods bug out as that is starting to burn too and I don't need to have any more units break due to blazes. Lastly, I push the other ART gun NW so he'll have something to shoot at. I was also hoping to draw some fire from his AT gun so I could my 2 of my Stuarts up but Guy was not biting at that bait. Oh yeah, my berserk 527 finally reaches the disrupted conscript in O31. :)

There was almost no DF and AF was more fires spreading and I only manage to break a 137. As I hoped, another 1.5 Romanians die for FTR. After the Advance phase is over I have crept up a bit in the west, having wall advantage over the hedge that overlooks the vineyards on level 2. In the middle I have a total of 5 GO squads in a position to cause some issues and in the east I have a line of units with which I hope to block a retreat or at least force him to head east.

In CC, I kill another 1.5 squads. Berserkoid kills the disrupted 336 and a concealed 527 ambushes a 137 and takes him out.

Russians: 9 CVP
Axis: 19 CVP

I am doing much better in the CVP ratio this TM. My territory gains are not what I hoped but I got at least 2, probably 3 turns left so that could change. Though I did capture or 'build' some tactical locations this turn.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-6-EndofR3.jpg)

Overall, a mediocre turn for the good guys. Guy breaks a 60mm MTR but rallies a crew from a 81mm MTR. I fix a 50mm MTR and rally a 447 but that is it. In Prep, Guy breaks a 81mm MTR which was manned by a 347. The other 81mm MTR goes on a RoF tear again and CRs a 527 in A22 as I boxcar a NMC. The AA gun shoots at a concealed stack but misses. Movement is generally all skulking but there is shifting in the east to try to block me.

In DF a ART gun manages to break the AA gun crew again. Then a 50mm MTR in the same hex goes on a RoF tear to reveal a stack in K18 which consisted of a 537/FT and a previously HIP 37L AT gun. The 537/FT breaks and the 37L gun pins. The RoF shot CRs the 537/FT. The rest of DF is NE as I roll really crappy. The MTR RoF tear causes a warm Axis SAN to reveal my mainly dummy stack in the stream. That really stinks as it was just a 447 but Guy thought I had a hoard there and was bringing troops him to hold it off. :)

AF is more fires spreading and that is it. Everyone routes safely in Rout and in Advance, the Romanians man "the wall" again blocking me. I got at least 2 turns left and hope to grab some more tactical locations and kill more bad guys. :)

Russians: 10 CVP
Axis: 20 CFP

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-7-EndofA3.jpg)

The Russians rally a 8-1, 447 and 248 and Romanians rally a wounded 8-0. I really want to make a push with my units in the middle of the map eastward. So, I make a SMOKE shot from the 82mm MTR at T25 to smoke in a concealed stack. This will allow me to move most of the middle units up on the eastern hillside. I take a few more Prep shots for NE except for a 50mm MTR which gets a lucky roll on the pillbox in U29 to pin a crew manning a 47 AT gun.

Movement can be summed up. In the east, the SMG coy all move forward getting adjacent to the Romanian forces on level 2. In the middle, just about everyone runs up onto the hill; leaving 2 squads and a hero on level 0 to help cover the middle. Also, the formerly berserk 527 goes CX and gets adjacent to the U29 pillbox.

The west continues to be mainly a slow Assault move slog northward. There are a lot of Romanian counters over here and that pesky 82mm MTR on level 2 in the east is a pain. Hopefully I can take care of him next turn as I am now on that hill. I continue to push a 76L ART gun northwestward behind some trees. Doubt he'll get into a decent position this game. I risk moving a Stuart up and lucky for me a 37L AT gun misses (needed a 4 TH). I hope to get that tank on the west hill next turn for some overrun fun!

Guy goes on a RoF tear with the working 82mm MTR again but it was fairly low odds to hit and the effect is NE. He was shooting a 458 hung up on wire and if he broke he would have been in bad shape. The only other effect in DF is that a 527 gets pinned over in the east.

AF is more fire and I manage to kill another 347 on the eastern hill. As far as I remember everyone routes safely. I jump a 137 in the east and the U29 pillbox in Advance phase. In CC I kill the 137 and the 227.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-8-EndofR4.jpg)

Guy rallies a 227/FT but breaks a malfed 81mm MTR for good. I rally a 458 and 227. The only Prep shot is from the working 81mm MTR for a miss. Romanian movement is skulking for the most part. Some engineers in the backfield move up and the crew that broke the other 81mm MTR makes a run for a 47 AT gun I left abandoned in Q23. I take a shot at him for NE but essentially let him go. I can't see him doing a lot of harm and I hope he'll end up isolated in the refit phase.

In DF, I get a good shot at some broken units to kill another 347 and take a 137 prisoner (boxcars on HOB roll. AF is just more Blazes. Route has another 137 die for FTR. In Advance, the skulkers do not go back to their positions, for the most part, so the Romanians are pulling back on most fronts.

Overall, a decent turn for me as I've broken the line in the east. I've already grabbed several TLs and should be able to get a few more before the TM ends. The west is fairly static but I have pushed the Romanians back 4-5 hex rows which ain't too bad. That was the most heavily defended front too. I've killed a bunch of Romanians which is really good (almost 3-1), though he will get a bonus in the refit phase.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-9-EndofA4.jpg)

Russians: 10 CVP
Axis: 29 CFP

Two rule screwups we both picked up:

1) The big MTRs are * guns so it's -1 to modify the TH # for some of the long range shots we both have been taking. We won't make that mistake again.

2) Blazes are level 4 in height, not level 2. So visibility for a few of his 81mm MTR shots would have been blocked or hindered. A.2 on that one.

We're getting close to the end of this TM. I figure I got turns 5 and 6 left to take some more TLs. I pick up a Romanian LMG and swap some SWs around in Rally and Guy does not rally anyone. The only effective Prep shot is from the 82mm MTR which breaks a 137 in T25. I end up malfing a 50mm MTR in L27.

For Movement I dig some foxholes as I'm really thinking future perimeter now. I keep moving forward on all fronts albeit with mostly Advance Moves. Some interesting moves are bringing up a Stuart from down south to T26 and another Stuart to B22 (both stay in Motion). A 458 on top of wire manages to get under it but gets pinned for his effort by the remaining Romanian 81mm MTR.

DF is interesting as a 426 dies from a 1KIA (snakes on a 16FP+0 shot from H20 to G20). That causes a warm Russian SAN which pins a 537/FT. That same 537/FT gets a 1MC on a 447 in K20 which breaks. Another 537 in the east that was HIP in W25 decides to throw the DC at me. A 447 breaks and 248 survives but the 'backblast' breaks the 537.

AF is of course more fires spreading. I have some units get Flames on them but not much I can do. One set is TI due to digging a foxhole and the other is where a 76L ART gun is. I will stay and see if I can push it out of there. I lose a 527 in route who broke on top of some Wire and is forced to surrender.

I jump some units in Advance and manage to kill a 8-0 but lose a 248 from a Romanian crew.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-10-EndofR5.jpg)

A mixed Rally for Guy as he rallies 2 crews but a 537 boxcars to CR. I do not fix my malf'd 50mm MTR. There are some Prep shots but all are for NE. Movement is mainly skulking but a 347/LMG ELRs and breaks from a 2MC in Z26. Guy is also thinking perimeter and digs a foxhole in P21.

Not a whole lot DF but I do break the AA gun crew again and a 347/LMG via a RoF tear (a hot Russian SAN in that tear breaks a 537). I get 2 shots on the crew of the pesky 81mm MTR but only manage to pin him. The fires continue in AF and it's not good for me as both of the 'risky' hexes go to blazes. A 9-1 has to break and route in 1 and a 447 and 228 in another. In the first hex, a 447 dies in the flames since he was pinned. In that second hex I lose the malf'd 50mm MTR and a 76L ART piece. I almost doubled the CVP I suffered in TM2 just in turn 5!

Then against the odds, I roll a '1' to end to the TM!!! I really could have used 1 more turn but oh well, that's how things roll (pun intended).

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM2-11-EndofA5.jpg)

TM2 wrap up:
I had a decent TM. The eastern attack went very well especially considering that they started at the southern board edge. I took some TLs and minimal losses. I don't have a TM3 plan yet, but one goal would be to reach the '20' row which is the northern edge of the hill overlooking a large vineyard. I also managed to kick out the remaining Romanians in the middle part of the map with the exception of the 47 AT gun. Ironically, that is what started the whole middle attack as it was the focus of the Human Wave! Still, I expect Guy to pull that gun back.

The west went almost no where, only gaining 4-5 hex rows. I do have a foothold on top of the western hill now, which is good, but not enough. I don't have 'safe' access to the roads and/or the terrain that is easier to move through. But as mentioned, I don't have a TM3 plan yet so I will have to ponder this.

The best news for me was the CVP ratio. Granted, I lost a lot in turn 5 I still killed a lot of Romanians. If there is any hope for me in this CG, I need to keep killing the enemy so they cannot counter attack later. I bummed I lost a 76L ART at the end. I need the guns as AT assets (he can buy German units starting in TM3).

Russians: 23 CVP (after consolidation phase. Lost 2 1/2 squads deploying)
Axis: 32 CVP

Russians: 2x 50mm MTR, MMG, LMG, 76L ART
Axis: 60mm MTR, 81mm MTR, DC

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Sep 20, 2015
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That's a crazy amount of blazes! Are all of those OBA/MOL started, or does this CG allow kindling?

Great writeup btw. I'm looking to pick up some LCP CGs in the next few months, and this writeup has definitely bumped OzB up the priority list!


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Apr 28, 2008
I don't recall if Kindling is allowed, but all of the fires were started by OBA. Despite being 'Wet' for EC, the fires spread pretty easily. By the end the lower half of the map was completely burned down. :) I'll have my thoughts on the fires at the end of the AAR.

Definitely give OzB a shot! I found it a blast and really enjoyed it.


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Jun 15, 2012
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I don't recall if Kindling is allowed, but all of the fires were started by OBA. Despite being 'Wet' for EC, the fires spread pretty easily. By the end the lower half of the map was completely burned down. :) I'll have my thoughts on the fires at the end of the AAR.

Definitely give OzB a shot! I found it a blast and really enjoyed it.
The following errata was added to the Lone Canuck errata page sometime back, possibly after you already began your game.

Tactical Mission Special Rule - OzB D5.18 Flames/Blazes/Burning Wrecks: For each Flame counter on the map make a dr; on a 1-4, extinguish (remove) the Flame; and on a 5-6, turn over each Flame to become a Blaze and place a Pin counter on it. Extinguish (remove) any non-pinned Blaze; if terrain in an extinguished Blaze hex is a building, cover it with the appropriate Rubble counter. Cover any non-building extinguished Blaze hex (eliminating any Fortifications in the hex) with a Shellhole counter and treat as Open Ground. Remove Pin counters from any Blazes.

NOTE: This modification is meant to reduce chance of forest fires raging across the map.


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Apr 28, 2008
Yes, we did start using the errata after TM2 or TM3. It helped a little but we still had raging forest fires by the end of a TM. :)
Nov 7, 2009
Thanks for the AAR Mike. And I appreciate that you make me sound like I know what I'm doing!:rolleyes:

My hope was to really slow the Russians down in the woods to the East and West board edges. The center was open and a poor place to make a stand, IMHO. I did not factor in how difficult it was going to be for a predominantly 3-4-6 army to hold of a swarm of 5-2-7's and 4-4-7's. I held to the maxim of keeping boots on the ground and so i just kept buying squads. Plus German stuff wasn't available yet. In retrospect, i relied too heavily on Fortifications in the early game.

Also, in this CG I learned the importance of prisoners. They CVP implications really did me in. I tried to keep from falling back too quickly/easily but just couldn't seem to come up with fire superiority anywhere. My mediocre Romanians just got devoured by the Russians and Mike took a LOT of prisoners.

Early game - I am in favor of fire!! It was almost as effective as the Romanians at slowing down the Russians. but the constant rolls get tiring real quick.


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Apr 28, 2008
OzB TM3 (1943-02-05 AM)

We had to take a month off due to life and the Nor'easter but we're back in it now. Refit went pretty well for me, except I lost another squad during deployment. But I rolled well in my promotions (9-2 to a 10-2) and for my purchases. However, when we rolled for weather, Guy rolled Falling Snow. This changed both of our plans as we both wanted to buy some planes this TM. Specifically, I wanted some regular OBA but since that is only by Observation plane I'll have to rely on Fire Missions instead.

I really feel like I am behind the 8 ball so I need to get moving. My plan is to break through the woods around J19 and try to book it towards the village. I at least need to be in the woods just south and/or west of Glebovka. TM4 will be my last TM in which I am not under Ammo Shortage and the attack chit is cheap. So I need to make the most out of the next 2 attacks. But, Guy can buy Germans now so I fully expect to see some German armor come on board in TM3.

I use the 2 deployments during refit to move up a lot of support for the middle attack. All of the MGs are primed and ready to go. Due to the snow, I buy another HW platoon so I can get a 82mm MTR up closer. My existing 82mm MTR is way down south and with the snow LV, it's going to hard to hit anything. I buy another company of Naval Infantry and 100mm and 130mm Fire Missions. Those will blast the J19 woods (100mm) and the Victory building in E17 (130mm). My onboard forces in the west will continue to press northward while my purchased company will go for the woods.

Over in the east, my existing forces will march slowly forward and try to push the Romanians back. With some luck I can reach the northern edge of the hill for some good LOS. With really good luck, I can break a squad or 2 through and grab the V13 building. Due to the Falling Snow, neither side will really be able to help each other because the stream is now Frigid and crossing it Replaces and breaks the unit (which totally sucks).

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-setup.jpg)

Russian and Axis Turn 1:
After setup, I see several, new Known minefields. These are to restrict my movement on the west hill. Good play on Guy's part. But that is sort of okay as I am focused on the middle this TM. I get 7 hexes to recon and find out the forces holding the J19 woods. It's fairly week with about 2 squads, a 47 AT gun and an 20L AA gun. Only a squad and the AT gun have LOS to my attacking force. But there is a FT in the L18 Victory building and it's Fortified. A Human Wave should do nicely against the woods force, though, if the 100mm OBA doesn't hurt them.

But, the first weather roll is a 10 for Heavy Snow!! Now it's really hard to take those long shots and I'll get a little cover even up close. The OBA comes down and over the course of the turn is it pretty effective. A squad and a crew die in the J19 woods and the Engineer with a FT in the E17 building breaks and is forced to route back. The crew manning a 37L AT gun on the west hill also breaks and routes away. But, the 37L AT gun was in a minefield and the crew dies trying to route. :) The 130mm OBA ends up taking out one of the minefields too. The west hill force creeps up under concealment except for 1 squad who rushes a small concealed stack so I can find out what it is. I end up jumping it with 2 squads (one concealed), but I'm on top of wire. I spaced out thinking that vineyard was ambush terrain. I lose a 458 in CC and now it's a melee between a 447 and 537 Engineer.

In the middle everyone moves up as close as they can to the J19 woods and stay out of the 100mm OBA (I smoked in the 47 AT gun). I stupidly did not dismantle the .50cals so they are going to be slow getting into position (probably by turn 3). I capture a Trench and another TL on the hill and kill the 47 AT crew. The 347 jumps a 458 (which captured a TL on the hill) and that ends up being melee.

A diversionary force of dummies with 2 real squads creeps eastward of the stream (they started there) and towards the Q20 woods. There is a 47 AT gun and at least 1 squad in that woods I would like to clear them out. But I cannot swing northward from there due to the stream.

The east is just a slog forward. FYI, I put a Stuart in the woods too. Sure it's a risk moving through the woods but I plan to only move 1 hex per turn. It could provide a little support and when I do break out of the woods as I'll have some good LOS and/or be in a position to either take a rider and scoot or break some route paths.

I get frisky on the western edge of the East hill and discover a 137 with a DC. The bastard chucks it in DF to CR a 527! I don't even manage to get him and he runs away. CCs continue to do poorly for me as I jump a squad who was HIP but bumped into earlier. I only manage to CR him. I also lose a 248 as he jumped a concealed squad that I thought was a dummy. But for the most part, Guy's units in the east skulked back and did not return to their positions. So I am guessing he's going to pull back into Glebovka. The Falling Snow will really help him do that.

Guy brought on a platoon of Pz IIIs and a platoon of German infantry. They come on as Riders with 2 tanks heading towards the middle/west fight and 1 towards the east fight.

Russian dead:
458: 1
248: 1
227: 1
Romanian dead:
227: 3 (crew)
137: 3

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-1-EndofA1.jpg)

Russian and Axis Turn 2:

I only got one unit to rally and he is DM so no such luck. The 82mm MTR just gets some ACQ on a possible approach for the German Pz IIIs. The only effective Prep shot is to break a concealed 537/DC on the east side. Glad I did or he would have chucked that at me. Most of my turn is Movement (as it should be).

The west is just Assault movement northward. Between mines and the covering Romanians, that is the best I can do. But on the level 1 portion of the hill, I move a Stuart up and OVR a 347, but for NE!! I do get the Stuart in a decent position HD behind a wall on 3 sides and still on level 1 to help keep the German Pz IIIs at bay. I run a 458 up ADJ to the 347 I just overran but he declines the shot as well as a shot at a 248/.50 and 9-1 (the DF shot was also NE BTW). The diversionary force just AMs up as well. In the east it is 99% AMs too.

Guy is making great use of his Engineer company as the FTs and DCs are in good spots. In the east, he reveals a 537/FT in DF and first shoots with the inherent to try to break concealment. It works, but he also cowered so I was spared the FT shot. In the middle, the L18 building is fortified and also has a FT in it. That's a tough nut to crack. The final FT is in the west but he was forced to retreat in R1 so he's not a threat just yet. In short, I had 2 squads break in the east but everyone else moved up safely.

In AFPh I blast D19 which is a melee of a 537/DC (under wire) vs a 447/ATR (above the wire). Of course the 447 breaks, the 537 does not, so the 447 ends up dying in CC while it tries to Withdraw. I think I broke another unit but not much else (FYI, fires are still spreading like crazy. But they are in the backfield, for the most part, so it just wastes time for us to make a million DRs. :( )

I should just not do CC as I always roll crappy and Guy rolls good. I had a 10-1 odds chance, 10-1!!!, and he rolls snakes to CR a squad. Sigh. I lose another 1/2 squad to a CR as well. But overall, I do make out and kill some more Romanians. I also take some prisoners in R1. Guarding them sucks, but the CVP is nice.

In Guy's half of the turn, it's mostly AMs northward, especially in the east and west hills. The German platoon unloads but the infantry and Pz IIIs stay back for the most part. I assume they are there to cover any Russian breakouts. I CR a 537 with a .50 shot but most of the Axis casualties are due to prisoners in route and CC.

So after 2 turns, here is the CVP:

Russian dead: 8 CVP

458: 1
248: 2
447: 1
227: 2

Romanian dead: 26 CVP
227: 3 (crew)
227: 1
227: 1 (captured)
347: 2
347: 1 (captured)
137: 5
137: 1 (captured)
126: 2
126: 1 (captured)

Not a bad CVP ratio for me. Let's hope (for me) that it matters in the long run.

If I want to make the N25 woods, I need to get rid of the FT in L18 and capture that building. Hopefully I can do that in R3, but I may need to wait until R4 and by that point, time will be getting tight. My mistake this TM, as always, is trying to do a little bit everywhere. I said I was going to focus on the middle but I have too many forces in the west and they are bogged down by wire and minefields. But hopefully I can recover and still make the most of my objectives.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-2-EndofR2.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-3-EndofA2.jpg)

Russian 3:

This turn went about 85% according to plan.

In the far west, my platoon continued to AM/Advance up and keep concealment. I tasked 2 squads to try to remove the minefield in C18 as that is a thorn in my side. I got the .50 into E17 and moved it upstairs in Advance and moved some prisoners around so my units could still shoot. I capture a bunch of TLs in the west this turn.

The fight to take the victory building in L18 made progress. My prep shot at it was NE (what little Prep I took was all NE) so I had to go at it the hard way. I ended up surrounding it with 3 squads figuring 1 would get toasted by the flamethrower. Despite being fortified, there is only a half squad and leader in it so I should be able to take it out in CC. Guy is patient and let's me get adjacent and shoots the FT in AF, only to roll an 11! This is after he had some decent rolls with FF shots. He had a 2 residual down and all he did was roll 4's to break and pin 2 squads! In the end, I jumped the half squad/leader but in CC I rolled crappy again and that is still in Melee.

My 2 Stuarts to the west of the stream both did overruns for NE. But they both got into position behind some woods (out of LOS of the Pz IIIs though they are in a fairly risky position. The 2nd Stuart discovered a hidden 37 AT gun in P18 and was hit for NE and an Intensive Fire shot ended up breaking that Gun (phew!). I really hope he doesn't repair it in A3.

In the middle, east of the stream, I was able to kill the crew manning a 47 AT Gun in P21 and take the foxhole and also killed a 347 backing him up. So the area east and south of the stream is now Romanian free. :) I just can't cross the stream due to the frigid conditions!

Over in the east, the slow slog continues. I capture a few more TLs and did kill a 447 in CC but I have a few nuts to crack there. Some Romanian engineers are in a good blocking position and there are a bunch of ? counters in the far east. I don't have a whole of units in the far east. I do have 10-2 with a 527 but most of my stacks out there are dummies. Hopefully his are too. Still, I should be able to capture a few more TLs and take out the engineers in this TM to be overlooking the village to TM4.

CVP at end of R3:
Russian dead: 10 CVP
248: 2
458: 1
227: 2
447: 2

Romanian dead: 35 CVP
227: 4 (crew)
447: 1
227: 1
227: 1 (captured)
347: 3
347: 2 (captured)
137: 5
137: 1 (captured)
126: 1
126: 1 (captured)
8-0: 1 (captured)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-4-EndofR3.jpg)

Axis 3
After a very long hiatus, we managed to get an hour in tonight to finish up Axis 3. It was fairly quiet. Only 1 prep shot from a Pz III to get ACQ, the movement was 99% skulking but I did break and ELR a 537/DC in the east. In DF I break a 347 in the middle woods (M14) and back east break a 7-0 and 537/FT. The 537/FT later double breaks to CR. The skulkers do not come back, so they are falling back in good order. I do not clean house in L18. I do kill the 247 but the leader just wounds (he yatzee'd a CR). So 1 more turn before I capture that space.

I got 2 definite turns left. Time to think about grabbing territory and digging foxholes. If it goes long, that would be great, but I can't count on it.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-5-EndofA3.jpg)

Russian and Axis 4:

We finally find the time to get in Turn 4. My Prep sucks as I get no effect and break a MMG and LMG. I have to move more cautiously in the west than I would have liked, but it all works out in the end. I run up 2 more 458s and a kill stack behind the N15 woods. I plan to start digging in next turn so this will be 1 possible jumping off point for TM4. Likewise I send a 458/LMG after the P18 TL which I need to be in a better position for TM4. The slog northwards continues in the east and the T34 finally breaks to the edge of ridge line. Since it's hard for Russians to make their HD rolls, I keep him back and out of LOS. Save him for TM4 as well.

By the end of Axis 4, I have captured some more TLs and have cleared the north facing ridge line of the eastern hill of all Axis troops. In the west I ambush and kill a Romanians 447 so of that ridge line is now clear, though I still need to take more TLs to really push back the Romanian setup back. Another 1.5 squads of Romanians die in this turn as well so the CVP are really racking up.

Turn 5 will hopefully be some consolidation with some small pushes to take some more TLs.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-6-EndofA4.jpg)

Russian and Axis 5:

As expected, this was a fairly low key turn. Since the TM could end after this turn I had some TLs I really wanted to take and some foxholes to dig. So little Prep but I did manage to malf a .50 (which I fixed in A5). I only succeeded in digging 1 foxhole too. Otherwise the Russians kept moving forward. I moved up my MG stacks and am trying to move up the various Guns (mine and those I've captured). In the east, I send a platoon into the vineyard. If this goes to turn 6, I might be able to dig some foxholes in the middle. All said and done, I gain all of my TL objectives except for D12. In the process I get a 1/2 squad captured, but I also capture one of his. Oh yeah, the Romanian SR gets uncomfortably close to my units in the N15 woods, so they pull back to get out of LOS. Though I am tempted to tempt him to use it so he can't save it for the next TM. :)

Axis 5 is even quieter as the Romanians continue to fall back. Though, a Pz III which broke its MA earlier does fix it in Rally. I kept my Stuarts back but I admit I was tempted to go after that Pz III. Glad I didn't. :) At the end of the turn we make the roll and it's a '4' so there will be a turn 6.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-7-EndofA5.jpg)

Russian and Axis turns 6 and 7:

The end of game die rolls were in my favor this TM as we ended up going 7 turns. It was fairly quiet as far as death and destruction goes. IIRC another Romanian 227 crew died and an eliminated MMG were the highlights. But the extra time allowed me to grab some more TLs and dig some foxholes so I should have a decent perimeter. Now I have to plan how I'm going to use my last "cheap" attack day before I get under Low Ammo, etc.

I first need to decide if I will push strong along the left or right fronts. That will determine where I deploy my units during the Consolidation phase. After that, I can narrow things down once I decide what I'm going to buy. If the weather is good at least I'll be able to purchase some OBA this time. But, I'm sure Guy will be happy to purchase some air support himself. I doubt I'll have the points to buy more armor as I'll need infantry, OBA and probably some SMOKE assets to press the attack. Hmm, I'll have to look at the LVP point situation to decide where to focus on TM4.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-8-EndofA6.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM3-9-EndofA7.jpg)

Overall, this day went very well for the Russians. I took all of my immediate goals and advanced further than expected along the edges. To top it off, I killed a lot of Axis CVP in TM3 (see below). Finally, I captured 4 AT and 1 AA gun. Sure, they will break easy but odds are I'll get off a shot or two and so I don't plan on spending points on AT assets in TM4. The AA gun might help too if Guy buys planes in TM4.

Romanian Dead:
227 crew: 5 = 10 CVP
137: 7 = 7 CVP
137 Prisoner: 1 = 2 CVP
347: 3 = 6 CVP
347 Prisoner: 2 = 8 CVP
227: 4 = 4 CVP
227 Prisoner: 1 = 2 CVP
126: 2 = 2 CVP
126 Prisoner: 2 = 4 CVP
8-0: 2 = 2 CVP
447: 2 = 4 CVP
37L AT = 2 CVP

= 51 CVP

Russian Dead:
227: 2 = 2 CVP
227 Prisoner: 1 = 2 CVP
248: 2 = 2 CVP
458: 1 = 2 CVP
447: 2 = 4 CVP
2 x MMG = 0 CVP
1 x LMG = 0 CVP

= 12 CVP

That's over 4-1 ratio!!

Pondering my next move. I'll use deployments to move everybody onto my line. I am leaning towards a full attack on the east (right) side of the stream. If it goes well, I can gain 5 LVP and maybe get close to the northern board edge on that side. Meanwhile, the forces west of the stream will probably hold tight in the middle while some forces move through the woods to secure TLs on that side. In short, surround Glebovka. Not the best position to be midway through the CG but it wouldn't suck either. Of course, this all depends on how Guy sets up his reinforcements.

I figure, Guy will be buying all the infantry he can for TM4. He took a pounding in TM3 and is very low on troops. That will probably mean no new AFVs and he'll recycle his current OBA module. That assumes an average TP roll (he gets a bonus for losing so many CVP in TM3). So I will expect a full company of Romanians and another Engineering Coy too. The rest will either be a MG coy or more Germans. Though, he should have enough TP for planes or more OBA and definitely some Fortifications.


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Apr 28, 2008
OzB TM4 (1943-02-05 PM)

2016-08-12: (final setup done on 2016-08-25)
Guy gave me his setup tonight, so I will do mine now. I was little surprised when I saw Guy's setup as there was at best a new company of Romanians on the board. I was expecting more. I suspect more infantry will be coming in from offboard.

I plan for the main attack to be against the factory. If I can get that and some buildings and TL nearby, I'll be in a good position. It's the obvious attack, but I am pretty strong on most of the map and could attack any where so the Axis appear to be pretty spread out. I will continue to attack across all fronts; just being more cautious to preserve units. The exception to that rule will be the V13 building. I really need that this TM so I will Human Wave it on turn 1 and hopefully have that area clear of Axis by turn 2.

Secondary objectives are to:
  1. Secure more of the right flank: I expect German armor to come down the EE0 road. The quicker I can get units near the road the quicker I can threaten that reinforcement avenue.
  2. Capture the bridge in S8: It's worth 3 points. But holding it will be hard unless one controls the buildins and TLs nearby. But if I roll well and Guy rolls bad, it's definitely an option.
  3. Control the left flank: There are only a few TLs left on the left flank, but they are far away and I have to go through woods and hills to get there. But grabbing those might seal off part of the Axis friendly board edge and at minimum will hinder reinforcements coming that way.
I am all in this TM and bought 2 companies, including the last Naval SMG Coy (527) (though it's depleted). I bought another set of 76L ART guns (my last). I could not afford real OBA so I bought my last fire mission. The downside of the 'real' OBA for the Russians is that it's an Aerial Observer and he comes out when Air Support does. So I won't get it until about mid game. On the attack, that's generally too late. I expect to be on the defensive most of the time after this TM so that's when then OBA will come in handy.

I also bought a Fighter Group (S1). I fully expect to see Axis planes this TM and I need my boys to shoot them down. Hopefully this will be my first aerial battle ever in ASL. :) Even if there are no air targets, they can still strafe and do some damage to moving units.

FYI, the weather is Clear but Gusty with a mild breeze blowing SE. This should help prevent more fires in the backfield (used errata to handle that in the Consolidation phase so there are only 5 blazes left in the East and 1 in the West). Despite being Gusty, the breeze will help me with SMOKE placement with the drifting.

So after a month long hiatus (it is summer after all), we're ready to jump into TM4 and get there the 1/2 way mark of this great CG.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-0-setup-whole-map.png)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-0-setup-closeup.jpg)

Russian 1:

A long turn. I had a lot to do and 2 Human Waves(!) to move in this turn. Things went pretty well and I only lost a 248 compared to the Romanians losing a 227, a 126 and a 347 and a 336 surrendered.

The left/west attack just plodded ahead since it's in the woods. I ended up jumping a 336 in F8 with 2x458s and I CR'd him for nothing in return. But those 2 squads are still in Melee. I have a wall of units on the edge of the woods near the village; including another potential Human Wave force.

The NOBA mission on the factory was not accurate and drifted where it would only affect 1 Romanian unit. Got a K/4 to CR and break him (touting a FT too). I did roll well on the other rolls, though, to discover a minefield and find that 4 other hexes do not have minefields. Too bad those great rolls were not hammering Axis. The HMG stack in K12 got a result to find dummies but the .50 cal and an 82mm MTR were not able to touch P12; the sentry guarding the way to the factory from the middle woods.

I sent a Human Wave at P12 (a 458 broke along the way from fire from a Pz III) and got in but it ended up being Melee (458 vs 347). I did follow up with more units and am only 2 hexes from the factory; but I'm sure there are more mines nearby. The naval force (aka in the stream) moved up as far as they could (which isn't very far). The Stuarts stayed back as I had not affected the Axis armor yet so I will keep them on the defensive for now.

In the eastern vineyard, I sent a Human Wave at the V13 building (which was partially SMOKED in). I got units in to the stone building at T14 and into V14. But T14 ended up being in Melee. The unit in V14 surrendered on an HoB roll in the AFPh! Everyone else in the vineyard moved northward and was able to keep concealment for the most part.

The eastern hills attack plodded ahead and took 2 more TLs on the level 3 ridge and broke a few Romanians. Two routed away but 1 surrendered.

FYI I did not get Air Support this turn (needed a 1, rolled a 6). So again, things did not go perfectly but well enough. There will be more blood spilled in Axis 1 and Russian 2. :)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-1-endofR1.jpg)

Axis 1:

A fairly quick turn. First, we finished a CC in V16 which we missed last time. My 458 killed a 126. No one rallied but I did fix a busted 50mm MTR. Guy moved his SR from K7 to P12 and it drifted to R13 (right on top of some Russian dummies). Two Pz IIIs takes shots in Prep. One shoots into the melee in P12. With some ROF this manages to break and CR both a Romanian squad and a Russian squad (both end up withdrawing in CC). The other gets a critical hit and then ROF on X14 to wound an 8-1 and outright kill a 228 porting a MOL-P. Other Prep shots were for NE.

Movement shows what I suspected as what is a Romanian Coy, a Romanian Eng Coy and 2 platoons of Germans enter from the north board edge. About 3/4 of that force heads into the village proper with the remaining 1/4 sticking to the east hill. The rest of movement is mainly skulking and some leaders running around to be in position to rally troops next turn.

For DF my NOBA peters out and does no more damage. I manage to kill a Pz III in U10 from an ART piece. My other Guns get some ACQ but that is it. My HMG death star in K12 breaks, ELRs and eventually CRs a 347 in J6 (with ROF). I discover some dummies in J9 but the rest of the DF is NE. I didn't have a lot shots except from my Guns.

The Axis defenders skulk back onto their positions and await turn 2. In CC I kill another 126 in F8 and our broken units both withdraw from P12. T14 remains a melee as neither of us can connect (Guy actually rolled a 12 but I did not withdraw).

No Axis OBA down yet, which is good for me. I'm sure Guy has a 2nd module but it hasn't come on board yet. Then again, it looks like he spent 18 TP on infantry so what he bought with the rest and whatever he had saved very much depends. Though I'm pretty sure he bought more fortifications at least (why not?).

I'm still gonna push on all fronts in turn 2 and see what is the weakest. My 3rd Human Wave force is still intact and concealed. They can't see anything for turn 2 but if they can shift a bit I should be able to have them charge in turn 3. It's early but it looks like if I can take the factory and the Q8 building in Glebovka I'll be happy for the middle.

I'll have the western force shift eastward and maybe they can pull an end around. The eastern forces will just keep pushing northward as far as they can go. If the S8 bridge opens up, then I'll go for it. I really need a toe hold in Glebovka by game end, though. It's going to be tough attacking in the remaining TMs.

CVP end of Turn 1:
126 x4
137 x1
227 x1
336 surrendered x1
347 surrendered x1


228 x1
248 x2

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-2-endofA1.jpg)

Russian 2:
A decent turn for the Reds. I rolled Gusts for weather and that blew away my SMOKE, but that turned out to be okay. It allowed me to kill another Pz III (crew survived) in Prep. I did not rally anyone while Guy rallied a 347/LMG. But he also disabled a BMG (on the Pz III that died this turn) and rolled boxcars on a half squad to kill him.

My Prep went pretty good as I shot pretty much just my Guns and a .50 cal. The results were a German and Romanian squad dying as a 82mm MTR went on a ROF tear. But I pressed my luck and ended up malfing it. I killed a Pz III, as mentioned, and broke a German leader. I also mopped up the V13 building to claim that (it's worth 4 LVPs).

Movement was mainly creeping northward. The front of the factory appears to be mined so I'm trying to work a HW platoon around on the west using the woods for cover. The last Pz III is there so that will be a tough nut to crack probably. My main factory assault force is clustered in front of the factory, which is not good as it makes a great OBA target. But luckily they were not shelled this turn (though I expect it in A2). I do move into P12 and plan on putting a HMG in there for a nice fire lane. But the Romanian OBA comes down in DF right next to it (ELRing and breaking a 458 in there) so I won't be able to setup that fire lane for A2. The V13 building attack also creeps forward and by the end I have the last Romanians in the area (U12) almost surrounded. In the east woods, I just AM/advance forward but the platoons in the vineyard all move up and make the woods/ridge line.

The excitement in DF is the OBA which broke a 458, as mentioned, and broke a 8-1 and 447 that were sneaking up the stream. At least they seemed to have gotten his attention or maybe that's all his offboard observer can really see? In CC I am able to finish off a 347 in T14 and I risk a 227 jumping the U12 concealed stack. Amazingly, I am not ambushed and though the 227 dies, the 8-1, 347/LMG stack is now unconcealed. At least I know it's real.

So a maneuver phase for the Russians as the attack continues. He's got reinforcements ready to hop into the factory so that may become untenable, extremely bloody, or both. The east attack is proceeding better than planned and the V14 and west attacks are moving according to plan. Still plenty of time left. :)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-3-endofR2.jpg)

First, a quick note. Life, as always, intrudes on ASL (curse you Life!!). Guy and I were playing this on most Friday nights via VASL, but Friday nights are no longer good for him. Now here on the North Shore of Boston, we have a regular face to face setup on Thursday nights (currently at MikeP's house). Guy used to come to those too, but for a while he could not play on Thursdays. Well, things flip flopped so we decided to play on Thursday nights at Mike's house again; but via VASL. Yes, we are actually going to sit face to face and play on VASL. :) At least that way we can play 'whenever' as our schedules keep changing and we can still hang out with the crew, etc, etc.

As it turns out, we didn't actually do what we wanted for this session (long story short, Guy lives in Salem, MA and Salem, MA is a cluster F$%* in October so he couldn't get out of town) so we played at home. But, I might make future comments on what it's like playing VASL face to face. :)

So, Axis 2. I think Guy had a good turn here. I didn't break a lot of his units and with the reinforcements, the Axis line is starting to coalesce. The Factory is going to be really tough to crack and I should have realized this (I did) but I'm committed so I still plan on tackling that.

I managed to rally 3x458s and a wounded 8-1 while the Axis did not rally anyone. But I did X out a 50mm MTR. The Romanian 105 OBA shifts 1 hex and comes down hard in P13. But, I rolled fairly decent and only lost a 1/2 squad (237) and HOB an 8-1 to a 9-1. The last Pz III gets a good shot on some broken Russians (who broke in a 6FP minefield in ADV in R2) to CR them. Then the craziness starts as the Romanians start throwing DCs! The first was almost a disaster as it did nothing to me and broke a 8-1 (who later surrenders) and pinned the thrower. The second made a 458 Fanatic with an\ HOB roll but did nothing to him.

Movement was consolidation. Some units pulled back while others moved forward; mainly in Glebovka. I had no real shots in Movement and since I had no Air Support, I couldn't strafe the Hell out of stuff either.

For DF, I break a fanatic 537 (in G5) and a 467/LMG but otherwise just manage to malf a .50 cal and 82mm MTR. No one dies in route and Advance is more consolidation of the Axis line.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-4-endofA2.jpg)

Russian 3:
We have time to get through Rally and Prep of R3 tonight.

I roll a '5' for Air Support, so my fly boys are still smoking their American cigarettes back at base. I do fix my .50 cal, but X out a 82mm MTR (!!!!). No Russians rally and only a German 8-0 rallies (Q8).

I break a leader toting a FT in N8 (Factory). This is good as it opens up an opportunity for AFV fun in the Factory later! I also find some dummies in the Factory. But the back end of it has a lot of units and until I can threaten reinforcements to it, it's going to be a pain. I really should have bypassed the Factory for this CG day. :(

I keep shooting at the encircled 347 in U12 for no effect! I took a ton of DF shots in A2 at another unit for NE as well and now he's just a pain in the a$$. I also takes shot (via 76L ART) at Q8 cellar for NE. Oh yeah, I did get some SMOKE down in S9 and had ROF but the ROF shot, for SMOKE, found out that we had used the last round already.

Pick up Movement next time. I plan on being fairly aggressive as I got a security force pulling up the rear and I would like to get more TLs before the end of this TM. I also really want that Factory and will use my armor to help. If I take that, I will be in good shape for TLs and then might be able to sit back a bit for the rest of the CG. I will still need to attack, but I can probably be more conservative too.

Rest of Russian 3 and start of Axis 3:

The highlight of R3 is that I take the factory. After breaking a leader carrying a FT in Prep, I decide to Human Wave the factory now. It would only get stronger if I waited. As part of that, I had a plan to capture the one vehicle entrance to it, assuming there was an avenue in that wasn't mined. In short, I got in, but with losses.

The HW has to face the brunt of a Pz III. It rolled RoF at least 4 times on its MA and did well with its MGs too. The final result was 2 broken 458s and 1 458 KIA'd. But, I still managed to get a 7-0 and 2x458s into the factory. A brave Romanian engineer chucked a DC at them which wounded and broke the 7-0 (who later had to surrender) while rolling boxcars on the DC attack back at him. I also jumped a 347 outside the factory. But this "diversion" allowed me to search and find a path by which I captured the vehicle sized entrance. Through which I drove in a Stuart which overran a good order pile of units and broke them all! By the end of the turn I had jumped the last unit with my Human Wave squads but that ended up in melee. Still, I am in the factory pretty strong now and will do what it takes to hang on to it.

Meanwhile, I also sent a platoon towards the bridge (behind SMOKE I got in Prep). Would have worked well if Guy hadn't mined the approach! Two out of three squads broke due to the mines. Odds are not good I'll get the bridge this TM. But the flanks did well as each flank creeped up and captured some TLs. I have a decent chance of taking all of the TLs on the west side of the map. There is another LVP building it the east I will shoot for too, but I'm not too hopeful on getting that one. If I get Air Support for the rest of the TM I should be able to prevent Guy from reinforcing it so I might have a chance.

We had time to get through Movement of A3. I rallied some units but did not fix my last 82mm MTR. The Romanian OBA (105mm) moved to the factory; apparently the OBO has LOS to a corner of it. Of course it was accurate and luckily it only broke a single 458. Will need to keep an eye out for that, though. The Pz III prepped but did not hit one of my Stuarts so odds are good I'll take out the last Pz III in DF. Maybe cause some more Romanian casualties too.

FYI. We've been playing this via VASL but schedules change over time. We plan on finishing TM4 via VASL and then moving this to a F2F game. Should be exciting. :)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-5-endofR3.jpg)

Rest of Russian 3:

Well, we decided we couldn't wait and we moved the game from VASL to F2F. Guy and I now have the opportunity to play F2F with the usual Beverly gang (though we're playing in Peabody right now). We both much prefer F2F so it was not a hard decision to switch it up. We tried playing VASL F2F using laptops, but that sucked. Screen was just too small. :)

So, it took most of the night to get the map and pieces setup but we had time to finish up A3. We picked up at DF. My Stuarts managed to take out the last Pz III on the board. Not burning but this time the crew didn't survive. I also broke a 467 in the the crucial Q8 building and that was about it. CC was mixed as I lost a 458 in CC as Guy rolled snakes. But, I took out the last 347 in the Factory to take full control of it.

I'll have "real" pictures now from my cell phone. I'll try to add some captions to describe the action!

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-6-endofA3-easthill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-7-endofA3-factory.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-8-endofA3-westhill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-9-endofA3-wholemap.jpg)


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Apr 28, 2008
Russian 4:

Got through Russian 4 tonight. Didn't have time to do Axis 4. Rally was okay for me as I rallied a 458 but Guy managed to rally 3 of his squads. In Prep, I put done some SMOKE to allow me to approach the bridge, which has a 127 next to it and was covered by some other units. I took a few more shots but the best result was a Pin. That turned out to be okay in most cases in CC later.

For Movement, my bogged Stuart became Mired, but I was able to move up slightly on the east flank. For the most part it was just AMs up, but I moved the 10-2, 527/LMG stack up too and they were able to kill a 347 in CC by the end of the turn. In sent 1.5 squads at the bridge under the cover of the SMOKE and I also sent a Stuart onto the bridge to surround the 127. He died in CC and I still have the Stuart on the bridge so if he stops and stays put, I will control that location. In the Factory, I tried to get away from the OBA. Guy moved his FFE:2, but it drifted back to its original location so only 1 unit (who was already broken) was affected and he survived. In the West woods, I moved up to surround 2 Fanatic units and end up capturing (in the Rout phase) or killing them in CC.

Oh yeah, my air support finally showed up (by default in turn 4) in the form of 2 fighters. Not sure how much help they'll be but we'll find out in A4.

In CC, I killed about another 3.5 squads/crews which is good for me. I think it will be pretty static in the middle for the rest of this TM. I got the factory, but really cannot move out without getting shot up. The flanks are my best bet for advancement and I will press there until I run out of time. I need to dig some more foxholes for the perimeter so I need to focus on that for turn 5.

At almost the end of TM4, I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Need to count up the LVPs and CVP at the end to know for sure. From this point forward it's expensive for me to attack. Hopefully I'll only need to attack once more and then just hold on. Being under Low Ammo for the rest of th CG will stink and late in the game OBA (due to being Aerial Observer only) will be hard, but if I play my cards right, I can hold off the Axis counter attacks.

Axis 4:

Got through 1.5 turns tonight (after a late start). Guy rallied 1 unit while I rallied none. Guy drew another black chit from his OBA and started a fresh AR but it was way off target. Axis movement was either skulking or a slow withdrawal. For DF I blasted away with the captured FT again at a stack of brokies. First roll battle hardened a 7-0 to an 8-0 but a broken 537 CR'd too. In another DF shot a 347 also rolled snakes on a MC but he rolled really high to surrender. The rest of my DF shots were ineffective. The Axis moved back into their positions and got ready for R5.

Russian 5:
I rallied a 458/LMG and Guy also rallied 1 unit. I tried a smoke shot in Prep from my last remaining Gun with smoke rounds and it turns out he was empty too. I Prep in the Q8 building at a 8-0 and 467 hiding in the cellar to break the leader and pin the 467. This is a key building I need to take this TM and I'm in a good position to do that now. The captured FT takes another shot (why not? there is no way this thing will survive the refit phase) and it breaks a 537.

My Stuart in the west pulls a VBM sleeze freeze on L6 (another key building for my perimeter). Turns out it's yet another 537 and this one with a DC! Well I move up 2.5 squads to be adjacent but I may have to trade the tank for the building. Then I have the Mired Stuart in the eastern vineyard and he becomes immobilized. I could be out 2 tanks this turn (leaving 1 left). I actually skulk for most of the rest of my Movement. My lines are fairly thin and I don't want to risk a minor breakthrough to mess up my perimeter. Guy even captured back a TL in the west and I'm low on troops that far out so I'll need to be cautious taking it back. In short, I don't foresee taking any more TLs on the far sides. There is still some to take in the village though.

I rush more squads into Q8 and hope to capture that building this turn. On the bridge, I move up a couple of squads to actually capture the bridge hex. I am also threatening another wooden building adjacent to the bridge. The Stuart on the bridge stays put and in fact stops and changes its TCA to point westward.

DF is interesting as the L6 Romanian engineer chucks the DC at a Stuart. Despite only have a +1 net DRM, Guy rolls high enough for NE and pins himself in return. This is awesome for me as I don't have to lose a tank to capture the building! Then, a concealed stack across the factory reveals yet another 537 engineer and this one is carrying a FT. It torches O7 to break my 458 with the captured FT and another 458/ATR. Then a 527 gets pinned in the west (which is lucky since he was in OG guarding a TL). But, that is the worst of it for DF.

AF is actually interesting (we spend most of AF doing Blaze spread DRs) as a 347 rolls boxcars on a 2MC to CR. But this generates a hot SAN which lands on a broken 248/LMG in a minefield to kill him. I also break the DC throwing 537 in L6 so now at least I don't to fight over L6 in CC (he eventually surrenders).

I am able to advance into the building adjacent to the bridge but can't capture it since it's 2 hexes and I can't reach the 2nd hex. I also jump the pinned 467in Q8.

Oh yeah, in Route I get that 537 surrendering and the 8-0 on Q8 also surrenders. In CC I kill the 467 in Q8 to capture that building.

At the end of R5, I have the Factory and the flanking buildings of it. Guy still has the building across the street. I have the bridge and 1/2 of the other building adjacent to it. And I have support for the units near the bridge (despite the nearby minefield). I am pretty strong on both flanks too. In short, I hope to consolidate my position during the rest of this TM.

We hope to finish this TM at our next session. Then between refit and setup, we hope to at least start up the next TM before the end of the year.

Well, we didn't finish TM4 tonight. The dice gods kept the game going and we will be starting Russian 7 soon. Here are the highlights of turns Axis5-Axis6. It's been a year since we started this CG. Yeah, it's taken a while but with limited time to play, I can't complain (and I'm not!). We're only 1/2 way through but I suspect our games will go faster now that the Russians are firmly in the village. I also suspect this is the way the CG is "supposed" to go and for the next 1/2, the Axis will be on the offensive and I have to hold on to my gains. I am pretty sure I have met the VC at this point, but I still need to hold on to those LVP and not lose too many units in the process.

Axis 5:
Rally is great for me. Guy rolls boxcars on a 227 to kill him while I manage to fix a 82mm MTR and rally a 458/RLMG. As for the past few turns, Prep for the Axis is mainly the OBA, which seems to have a never ending supply of black cards. :) The 100mm OBA lands near the factory again and breaks a 458/RLMG but also gets HOB on a 458 to make him Fanatic and generate a Hero (yahtzee!). Another Prep shot, which was NE, generates a Warm Axis SAN to pin a 1/2 squad in my backfield.

Movement is all skulking and DF is moderately effective as I break a few key squads/leaders. But, a hot Axis SAN kills a 7-0 in return.

The rest of the turn is fairly quiet but Guy gets aggressive in the west. We are both low on units there but I have a slight upper hand. A 537 jumps into CC and gets ambush but is unable to pull it off and we're in melee. This is better for him as it ties up a few of my units. Oh yeah, he did CR me in that CC so I lost a 248. We roll to end the TM but the dice gods are in my favor and we have at least 1 more turn.

Russian 6:
Snakes on the Wind DR changes the wind direction 2 hexes CCW. Doesn't really change a whole lot for us: fire will still be a PITA but it won't spread northward any faster than it has been all game. Guy manages to rally a 537 and 8-0 and I rally a 458/ATR in the factory. My dice were good and Guy's not so good tonight. In Prep I break a 137 and break and ELR a 537/DC (which becomes a conscript) and pin a 467. This leaves enough room for me to continue the attack in the village.

I manage to get across the street from the Factory and the bridge and get a better "bridgehead". Not in strength, but enough. But in the process I lose a 237 (K/1) and a Stuart (torched by a FT). I am down to 1 mobile Stuart (but no Axis AFV at all). At this point, it's all about getting strategic TLs for setup in the next TM.

Lucky for me, the Axis OBA drifts and is not a factor. For the rest of DF, a broken 458 fails an MC to CR and a 248 guarding a prisoner breaks. All of my AF is NE but a 8-1 and 347 do die for FTR in the Route phase. CC is exciting, as usual, as a 467 and 8-1 die for a 248 in return. But the other 2 CC fights in the west are still in Melee at the end.

Axis 6:
Guy's dice still stink as a 126 dies for rolling boxcars but a 227/DC does rally. I manage to rally a 458/ATR too. In Prep, the Romanian OBA comes down again (yes, another black card) but doesn't hurt anything. A Russian 447 breaks as he was in a crossroads, trying to get some more TLs. But, what I hope is the last Romanian FT X's out in the west side of the village.

Movement is all skulking. I have some great shots (even a 30FP+1!) but it is all for NE. CC has me lose another 248 but otherwise we are still in Melee in the west. But, the roll is high for a TM end so we will play at least 1 more turn.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-10-endofA6-wholemap.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-11-endofA6-easthill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-12-endofA6-factory.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-13-endofA6-westhill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-14-endofA6-village.jpg)

Russian 7:

Odds are slim on a turn 8 but I see an opportunity to get a few more TLs. I rally a 248 and in Prep take some shots at the AA8 building (1 LVP) but for NE. I actually Prep quite a bit but except for breaking a German 467 which was in Open Ground it is all NE. But, I do get a good shot and break a Romanian in a coveted stone building location. Movement is pretty much heading for the TLs I want. In the west, I get one at the bottom of the hill and get in position to Advance into that stone building. I also plan to Advance onto a crossroads TL just north of the factory. In the east, I move my 10-2 and a 527/LMG to be adjacent to AA8. The rest is skulking, running away from the fires heading north or consolidating my line for the next TM.

In DF, Guy brings down his never ending 100mm OBA and it mainly hurts him more than me. The FFE lands just north of the factory. It CRs two 537s who were in it's area and were already broken. My 458 in OG survives it's 2MC. But, it does prevent me from taking the crossroads TL as that is in the OBA area. The only other effective shot is a broken 527 dieing from boxcars on a NMC (he broke in the Movement phase bumping some ? Romanians (I wanted to know what was there and draw some fire from my 10-2)).

Route gives me another Romanian squad and leader surrendering and I manage to capture all of the TLs I wanted except that one in the crossroads (due to the OBA). We finish our Melees in CC. In hex H3 Guy loses a 537 while I lose a 458 but I win the hex. In B5 Guy loses a 447 while I lose a 248 but again, I capture the hex.

Axis 7:
Guy rallies a 227 and a 347. In Prep, the OBA comes down again and this time kills a broken Romanian 227 and a broken Russian 248. There is no Prep and very little Movement. In DF I manage to break and ELR a unit or two but that is it. I gain another prisoner in Route. Not much else until Turn End and we roll a 4 to end the TM.

This was a really good TM for me. I got the factory, the AA8 building, the TLs on the west hill, the bridge and a decent hold in the village. I did take casualties; I think the most since TM1. But, the Axis took a lot more and I have the only armor on the map (a single Stuart). We will do the refit phase and setup next week but we cannot play again until the 1st week of Jan 2017.

It took 3+ months for this TM, but we both were super busy with work, holidays, vacations, etc and we swapped our VASL game for a F2F game. This could play out a lot faster in other circumstances. Still, I am digging this game. I think I am doing well, but it is only 1/2 over and now I am under Ammo Shortage for the rest of the CG and attack chits cost 3 instead of 2.

I'm a little puzzled over Guy's strategic choices so far. I expected more German armor on the map. I only had a handful of Stuarts and they are pretty easy to kill. I was essentially holding them back for a TM or 2 when there was German armor around. I was thinking Guy would buy more armor to really gain superiority there (we were about the equal going into TM4). Since no more German armor came on board, I took advantage of that and managed to kill all off the remaining German armor giving me free rein. I ended up losing a Stuart and getting another immobilized in the vineyards, but they allowed me to take the factory and advance across the street.

Also I think that he bought his engineers too early. I've killed a lot of 537s over the past 4 TMs. Sure, they slowed me down a bit, but I don't think enough to sacrifice some good units. Now the Axis need to be on the attack. I suspect the Romanian engineers would have been better on the attack rather than the defense. This remains to be seen, of course, but that is my hunch.

I'm not sure if I will try to attack for 1 more TM or pull an idle chit. My gut says to attack but I'm stretched pretty thin now and I need to hold the LVP hexes for 4 more TMs. If I attack, and so does Guy, I have a 50/50 chance of moving 1st and then I could try to move up a little more before the Axis reinforcements come on board. It's a little risky and the alternative is to spend those 3 points on fortifications, planes, OBA, armor, etc. I'm leaning towards attack! but I need to run the numbers first.

Apologies for the image quality.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-15-endofA7-wholemap.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-16-endofA7-easthill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-17-endofA7-factory.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-18-endofA7-westhill.jpg)

We completed the Consolidation phase tonight and setup for TM5. The interesting point here is the CVP for TM4. I do not have the details in front of me but the totals were

Axis CVP lost = 97
Russian CVP list = 48

That equals what we had in total so far after three TMs!!! So TM4 was by far the bloodiest TM at this point.

We also did a rough VP calculation. With the LVP gains I took in TM4 and the CVP suffered so far the Russians have 30 VP and they need 20 VP to win at CG end. So now the onus is on the Axis to take back a bunch of LVP and not lose a lot of units on the way. The factory (6 LVP) is a big target now. :)

Some pics showing the "perimeter":
(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-19-endofTM-wholemap.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-20-endofTM-easthill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-21-endofTM-factory.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM4-22-endofTM-westhill.jpg)


Minister of Propaganda
Apr 28, 2008
OzB TM5 (1943-02-06 AM)

We finished up the rest of the TM4 Consolidation phase and got TM5 setup. I pulled Idle and Guy pulled Attack, so we'll have an Axis attack for TM5. Items of note: the weather is Clear and Gusty, so there can be planes (aka Russian OBA) and TM4 was an afternoon scenario so we each got to redeploy twice during the Consolidation phase.

So, I wussed out and decided to be on the defense this TM. Here is my logic:

I am way ahead in VPs so by design, the Axis should be on the attack now. Getting this many VPs cost me a decent amount of infantry over 4 TMs. I am pretty strong, but thin. Thus I feel I am vulnerable to a concentrated attack against 1 sector. So why not attack and take the initiative away from your opponent? Because if we both picked attack I would only have a 50% chance of actually being the attacker. The attack chit now costs me 3 TP. I would have a 50% chance of blowing 3 TP. I think I can spend 3 TP better than that.

Resolved to defend in TM5, I buy my infantry in reserve. I have a decent line and 7 hexes back isn't too bad. If there is a breakthrough, my reserves will definitely activate. But, being late in the CG, my infantry company is a bunch of conscripts (426). Better than nothing, but now I will really be on the defensive.

In support I buy some OBA (NOBA I, 100mm), some F42 fighters to back up my Observation Plane, a pair of 45mm AT Guns and a platoon of Stuarts (who will enter from off board). Due to the Observation Plane, the OBA will arrive late, but hopefully it will be early enough to stop an attack. The Fighters will protect the Observation Plane but also can disrupt any Axis aircraft or at least strafe some moving units. The AT guns are just to help hold off the expected Axis armor. The armor will spend most of the game driving, but I wanted them to be active rather than in Reserve in case I needed them (FYI, Stuart platoon gets a 9-1 AL!).

With all of this I still had 2 TP left (with 21 TP initially for TM5).

Tactically, I think the Axis are pretty beat up. There are very few units on the map and most are Romanians (and no Axis armor at all vs 1 working Russian Stuart). Any Axis attack will either be very expensive in the terms of TP (to have setup on board) or will take a TM to setup since they need to come from offboard (just as my OBA becomes active). The Russians are spread pretty thin. But, I got terrain on my side in the hills (all woods) and am stacked with support weapons in the village. The main worry is the Axis OBA, which has been the star of the CG so far.

My guess is that the Axis has maybe 1 Coy of Engineers left, 1 Rifle Coy left and about 7 platoons of Germans (21 squads). A decent amount of infantry and most being good quality. Plenty of Guns available, a lot of armor and planes too. Still, it's infantry that matters. If I can kill his infantry, I can survive this and hold on for the win. We will be about even in infantry for the rest of the CG and I am on the defensive; not good for the attacker.

Long term, I saved 2 TPs to help me with purchasing power later. I need to buy a MG or HW platoon in reserve at some point to maximize my infantry power for the next 3 TMs. I'll need to get my last armor package and still buy some OBA (and associated cover). I only need to attack again if I lose significant LVP.

One half way through, I am really looking forward to concluding this CG with a Russian victory. :)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-1-TM4_consolidation-easthill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-2-TM4_consolidation-factory.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-3-TM4_consolidation-westhill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-4-TM4_consolidation-whole-map.jpg)

Axis 1:

After the holiday break Guy and I finally sit down to start TM5. I did not expect the blood bath that would be turn 1. :)

After Guy's setup I see an obvious attack on the east hill (Russian right flank) and more infantry coming into the village, with a small force threatening a Russian AT gun on the crest of the west hill (overlooking the village and board edge). No sign of German armor yet. There is a 5/8" ? counter in the northeast corner which I mistakenly thought was armor (but it was a Romanian ? so it couldn't have been armor) which turns out to be a 81mm MTR.

Guy uses a Recon purchase to expose 2 units I had on the edge of the eastern hill woods. One turns out to be my 10-2. That turns out to be the pre-reg hex for some German 150mm OBA. Of course this comes crashing down and proceeds to kill 4x527 squads, the 10-2 and breaks a 227. Wow!! The 1st shot in Prep has severely weakened my whole right flank! The only saving grace is that that whole eastern corridor is all woods and thus slow moving. To top it off, the 150mm OBA causes several flames which portend a lot of burned out woods in short order. I will most definitely be losing a LVP in AA8 (a 1 LVP wooden building).

I do manage to kill a 468 and 8-1 that got frisky and ran into the open trying to get near AA8. The 458/LMG rolled snakes so the KIA was great, but I would have preferred to have had the firelane he declared (but lost due to cowering). I also killed a Romanian 127 in CC as it jumped a concealed 527. I poked hard at the concealed infiltrators in the west trying to get my AT gun but for no real effect. The remaining Romanians moved in from offboard into the village area and the Axis already in the village skulked.

I forgot to mentioned, I rolled a '1' for air support so I will have my OBA quite early, which could be great.

Russian 1:
As expected, my right flank on the eastern hill starts to pull back. But I also move units from the center, eastward, hoping to contain the breakthrough to the east hill woods. Despite my retreat, the deadly Axis OBA strikes again to kill a 458. My OBA gets a Sighting TC on a juicy Romanian engineer stack in the east (with a DC and FT) but draws a red card. I think Guy has drawn 1 red card in 5 TMs so far and my first draw is red. Sheesh! :)

I was going to use my remaining Stuart to help out the east but with that Axis OBA causing pure hell, I instead drive it west to try and help out my AT gun on that hill. Most of my forces in the west start heading east (since there is no activity up there) and some of my middle forces also shift west. But, I try to keep anything that might be in LOS of his offboard observer concealed. At least force him to draw the extra chit.

Axis 2:
I didn't take many notes for this turn but I can summarize that in the east the Axis press southward, but it is slow being woods and such. The Romanian squad in the west does manage to kill my 228 manning a 45L AT gun. I took so many shots at that unit but could not manage to break it. Sigh. The middle is still just skulking. I have a 82mm MTR on the west hill and Guy has a 81mm on the east hill. Mine keeps shooting at various infantry targets on the east hill and while I get some hits and good RoF, no results. Guy's MTR keep shooting at mine (which has retained concealment) but so far for no results.

Russian 2:
By this point, my Stuart platoon from offboard has reached the village and is ready for action (with no Axis armor in sight). I finally am able to break that pesky Romanian on the west hill and am poised to capture the last Axis TL on that hill. In the village I am seriously considering attacking as I have 2 captured Romanian FTs that are just going to go away eventually. I may try them out in turn 3 and if they get some results, try to push up at least 1 more block.

I continue shifting some units eastward and my remaining forces in the woods (2.5 squads and a leader) pull back at least 2 hexes away. My reserves will activate here too for another 2 squads. I should have enough squads to stop this breakthrough, as long as I can stay out of the LOS of the German 150mm OBA.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-5-endofR2-wholemap.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-6-endofR2-westhill.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-7-endofR2-village.jpg)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-8-endofR2-easthill.jpg)


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Apr 28, 2008
Axis 3:

This turn does not start out well for me as I X out an HMG by rolling a 6 to repair it. But my luck turns slightly in Prep. I purposely made sure all of my units that I think are in LOS of Guy's OBO are concealed. Guy knows this but also knows the odds favor him in his deck. He moves the 150mm OBA onto a concealed unit and of course draws a black extra chit. I think he has drawn 1 red card in 5 CG days; and so have I and I've only drawn 1 card!!!!

In any case, I am lucky as the 150mm's rolls are pretty high with no serious damage to me and no more Flames generated. BTW, the previous Flames it generated are now full-fledge Blazes and it's starting to mess with Guys attack in the eastern woods/hills. Otherwise there is not a whole lot of shooting over moving for either of us this turn. The Axis eastern forces move southwards but do not engage my line. The village units skulk and there are no more Axis units on the west woods/hill.

There is one casualty as I lose a 527 in Melee that has been in Melee since turn 1. I needed a '6' to also take out a squad but rolled a '7'. Sigh. The Axis advance southward but slowly in the woods and I think gained another TL.

Russian 3:
No one rallies and for my Sighting TC for my OBA I roll boxcars. Luckily, I didn't have battery access yet so Guy was not able to make a Mistaken Attack with my own OBA!!

I decide to go on the offensive in the village. I let lose my 2 captured Romanian FTs. One manages to break a unit across the street. The other gets a result but the 126 conscript rolls snakes then an adjusted '9' on the HOB chart to go Berserk. Other Prep shots show the last stack in that building are dummies. So I move a Stuart in to VBM freeze the now Berserk conscript and move up. By the end of the turn the broken unit routes away and I jump the conscript to kill it. That building is now mine. Mind you, there are many concealed units on the other side but at least I'm making progress. :)

In CC I kill a 126 conscript but he then rolls snakes to kill my 458 in return (no ambush obviously). Not a good ROI.

Axis 4:
The all powerful Axis OBA is now in the village. I knew this was coming as Guy put a spotting round down in Russian 3 DF. So I had most of the units that would probably be affected in the cellar. But it comes down anyway. Again I am pretty lucky and while a couple of HMG touting 248's break, I don't lose any more units to the 150mm nightmare.

I forgot to mention that in Axis 3 the Axis MTR broke my MTR crew. So the Axis MTR is taking shots at Russians in the village that it can see. No major effects yet but with a ROF of 3, something is bound to happen eventually. But there is not much I can about at the moment. My OBA is ineffective again as I roll a '12' for radio contact. I did manage to strafe a Romanian in MF to pin him and lay down some resid.

Guy does not try to contest me much in the building I just took and it turns out to cost him. My units manage to break a 537 in a fortified single hex building. But then it turns out he has no where to route to so it surrenders. There is a decent chance I can move up 1 more set of buildings if the Axis OBA does not hinder me and I play my cards right (and have some good rolls with capture weapons and Ammo Shortage).

Russian 4:

For Rally I "pick up" a 45L AT gun on the west hill but fail to find the 45L AT on the east hill that has a Flame on it. I also manage to rally a 458 and the MTR 228 on the west hill. The Romanians rally a 227. We forgot that I broke my radio and I roll for contact and fail so it all works out. :) The rest of my Prep is dismal as I roll horribly and essentially have no effect. I still plan on pressing my attack in the village while I still have the Romanian FTs.

I continue my slow pull back in the east woods/hill. This is exactly what Guy did to me but I figure I can do this 1 more turn and then have to fight. I think I am spreading him out enough and it's getting late in the TM day that it won't hurt me too much strategically if fighting doesn't pan out (unless a lot of those units die; aka CVP). I am forced to abandon the east hill's 45L due to the Flame counter on it. Otherwise I pull back just enough that coming at me will be tough (CX) or not possible.

In the village I am still aggressive. I move up the 2 Romanian FTs and sleeze freeze a fortified location. Luckily for me, they all survive FF. I get ready to jump another building with 2 squads. My forces coming in from the west only move up slightly. Guy still has good firepower there and I'm afraid of the 150mm OBA finding it's way over there. The rest of my AFVs pretty much stay put. Again for fear of the OBA and I don't know where all of his ATRs are and let's face it, a Stuart is vulnerable to an ATR.

In DF the 150mm OBA shifts slightly but stays in the same area and manages to break up the rest of the Russian HMG kill stack and another 458 (all were in cellars). In other DF, another 458 breaks in the village and hot SAN breaks a 426 in the eastern woods. AF is fairly effective. I roll 9's on both FTs to X them out but I do break some Romanians in the next line of buildings (3-4 hex row). This causes a Romanian 447 to surrender in the Route phase too.

I jump 3 hexes for some CC action. I figured I would win 2 with the 3rd being 50/50. I was wrong, of course. The 50/50 one was a CX 447 and 527 vs a pinned 467. I roll real bad and he ambushes me. The 467 cannot withdraw so it attacks and kills the 447. My return attack is zip so we're in Melee. In R3 I send 2x458s vs a 227 and a leader and we both roll horribly for another Melee. Finally in S4 a 527 fails to ambush an 8-0 and with both roll bad and we have a 3rd Melee.

Axis 5:
Guy rallies an ATR carrying conscript and no on rallies for me. For Prep, Guy draws yet another black card and moves an SR to T9 (eastward by 3 hexes). There is only 1 other Prep fire shot for NE.

The Axis attack in the far east moves forward, but by Assault move so it's slow. Guy does mount a mini attack at the X10 TL which is on the east hill's level 1 crestline. A good move as not having that would mess up my setup. Luckily, my fighters are able to break it up with a little help from a Stuart's CMG (this particular Stuart has my AL and 150mm SR on its head so it's moving soon!).

There is no AF (except for Blaze stuff) and I get another prisoner in the Route phase. CC is always exciting though. Guy jumps that broken 426 on the east hill but fails to ambush. He's tries to capture it but rolls horribly so that ends in Melee. In R3, I do manage to kill a 227 and leader while in S4 I roll boxcars so the Romanian leader in that hex manages to escape as it withdraws.

I should mention, Low Ammo affected me for the 1st time tonight. I had at least 2 units reduce due to it and a 45L broke (after decent ROF tear at the Romanian MTR) as well.

Deep Thoughts:
I'd like to give some thoughts on how things are progressing in TM5. I expected to be on the defensive for this TM. I also expected an Axis attack at a single point. The 2nd expectation I got with the focused attack on the east hill. What I also expected was the attack to be in the village and there to be Axis armor assisting it. Instead we have the attack in the east with a large OBA backing it up. I cannot argue that the 150mm OBA has not been effective; it has killed a lot of Russians today. But I feel that this was a gamble and I am fairly confident it won't pay off.

Progress is being made by the Axis in the east. But, not counting CVP points, it has only gained 1 LVP (so far). Yes some TLs have been captured and there is a decent change the Axis will gain the east hill crest line too. But I think I will be able to buy enough infantry (1 Coy and 1 ENG Coy left and a few HW and HMG platoons), armor (1 Stuart platoon), OBA and Guns to keep an eastern attack at bay. Though, the fires are clearing out the woods enough that the easier movement could be a factor. Meanwhile, I am on the offensive in the village. If things progress this way I could capture the church for more LVPs. Still, there is a lot of time left and things are still quite open.

Russian 5:

I pick up a Romanian DC but do not self-rally a 458 and Guy doesn't rally anyone so the Rally phase is over quickly. I don't plan on using my OBA any more as it's turn 5 but even an SR can be a threat so I try for radio contact in Prep and roll an 11 (sigh). My 76L ART gun on the hill breaks a 537 threatening a melee in the village and a 458 breaks a 347/FT threatening a TL on the east hill crest line. In the village I take a lot of shots at Q3 (which is fortified) and the last (encircling) shot manages to break the squad in there. He will almost definitely be surrendering the Route phase.

Movement is forward(!) in the village as I discover that the a ? stack are dummies and move everybody in. I hope to have the 85% of the village by the end of the turn with the church being the last big area left. In the east, I form a line of concealed units to cover the TLs I really want to keep on the the hill. He can try for them but now I'm going to fight and there is a decent chance I would prevail.

The fun part is a couple of OVRs I do with a Stuart. This particular Stuart had a 150mm OBA SR sitting on its head, so it had to move. I saw an opportunity to OVR some Germans on the east hill road. I took it (surviving an ATR shot from a Romanian unit) to K/3 a 467 in 1 hex and break an 8-0 in another hex.

DF is mainly the 150mm OBA. Guy takes a chance and moves it eastward, towards the hill. He really wanted a TL on the east hill crestline road. But, it is not accurate and he rolls the worst roll him (1 hex northward) which kills a Romanian 126 but also manages to CR a 458 and kill outright a 228 manning a 45L AT gun. Still, that OBA is on the TL he wants to capture and between my OVR and his OBA, that will be pretty hard.

Everyone does Route safely and I Advance to complete what I wanted to take in the village and finish my line on the east hill. We have a couple of melees to deal with (1 which I reinforced). The one in U5 (CX 9-1, 458 and a 527 vs a 467/ATR ends up still in Melee while a broken Russian conscript gets captured in the other.

But at this point Guy, as the attacker, rolls a '1' to end the TM! I personally didn't expect that and figured on 1 more turn. In the Consolidation phase, the remaining melee ends with a Russian 9-1 and 458 dying as well as a German 467 and I capture that building (and a TL).

While Guy did capture a LVP from me, I feel like I won this TM. After calculated CVP, the Russians lost 39 while the Axis lost 40. I captured 4 more squads this TM and that turned the balance of CVP in my favor. But, I still lost a LOT of stuff to the German 150mm OBA, which I cannot afford to lose with 3 TMs still left.

We got most of the Consolidation phase done (up to the part where we buy stuff). I rolled really good for TP replenishment and get 23 more TP. With the 2 I saved that is 25. Also, the weather will be Clear and No Wind; perfect flying weather. I plan to buy my last Naval Infantry Company (probably 426s, but it depends on how I roll), some more AT assets and some FBs, at least. Still on the fence if I should more my last armor (more Stuarts) or some HWs.

I will need to see the VP situation first, but my basic plan is to hang tough in the next TM and maybe attack in the one after that; and pull Idle for the last TM. I expect Guy to attack again in TM6 and depending where that happens, I may be able to go on the offensive again. I really expect to see some Axis armor in TM6. The lack of armor or real AT assets is letting me roam around, almost at will, with my puny Stuarts. They have turned the tide more than once in the past 2 TMs. That 150m OBA was very effective but also very expensive and the Axis really need infantry now to start an attack.

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-9-endofR5-wholemap.png)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-10-endofR5-easthill.png)

(image: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/TM5-11-endofR5-village.png)


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Jun 15, 2012
Hays, KS
It is uncanny how similar your guys' playing is to the one I had of the same CG. Our playing saw my Axis being defeated on the 7th TM, statistically arguable at the end of the 6th, but we played through the 7th just to see if I could wring out a miracle. We had enjoyed it so much to that point that we both agreed to play the 8th TM just for s**ts and giggles. The 8th TM resulted in near-complete annihilation of the Axis forces.

Thank you for these posts, and also for not revealing (yet!) how long you guys took it. I keep waiting with anticipation to see when your Axis opponent finally threw in the towel. I would like to try the Axis side once again, because I feel it IS winnable for them in hindsight; with a different Axis strategy from about TM4 onwards. My favorite moments were the Dogfights (my first ever) and taking out some Stuarts from the air with well-placed Aircraft MG fire. Looking forward to the next installment.....


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Apr 28, 2008
Thanks for accolades, but we decided to wrap up OzB with the Axis conceding. :( We ran through the numbers and it seemed like too much for the Axis to overcome.

R37 bldg: 2
H32 brdg: 1
L18 bldg: 2
E17 bldg: 2
V13 bldg: 4
S8 brdg: 3
N7 bldg: 6
Total: 20

CVP lost:
Russian: 142
Axis: 234

So Russians inflicted 234 for (234 / 10 = 23) 23 VP
and Russians suffered 142 for (142 / 20 =7) -7 VP
thus net +16 VP for a total of 36 VP.

The Russians need 20 at CG end so the Axis would need to get back 17 VP.

Based on the tactical, and I assume strategic situation on Guy's part, we decided to put this one to bed. Tactically, the Russians had a pretty firm hand on most of the LVP spots and were still fairly strong. Strategically, I do not know what Guy have left to purchase but a lot infantry would be needed for an attack against some fairly entrenched Russians.

Final Thoughts
Well, at least my final thoughts. :)

Another great CG from Lone Canuck and another 'must play' in my book. The mixture of a unique map, different quality units on both sides, Axis Minors!, Armor, OBA and Air Support make for a unique combo. The only thing missing was night action but I guess that did not happen historically and it does not detract from the game.

The attacker always has something to do. The map is plenty big enough to allow for some choice. The weather may help or hinder as well. I do think the Russians need to move quickly due to the Ammo shortage after TM4, but things never felt 'scripted' to me. I fully admit that I rolled fairly well in my Consolidation phases (my Requisition Record and Tactical Mission Rosters are attached) and had good, quality troops and leadership early on. In short, this is definitely fun for the attacker.

I cannot speak for the defender but I really hope it was fun for Guy as well. It is tough defending with mostly Axis Minor forces and I think Guy did a really good job at it. The Axis OBA was dynamite the entire CG and was by far my biggest fear. Whenever an SR came down, I just had to get away from it! I would definitely play this as the Axis. The Axis OB has the tools; the puzzle is the finding the right combo based on the attack.

For our game in particular, my only disappointment is that we did not have a Dogfight! I have never been in one and I figured it had to happen in this CG, but the stars were just not aligned or something. Well, I am disappointed in how my OBA turned out too, but I'm not blaming the CG for that. :) The OBA missions worked very well but my regular OBA, which is by Aerial observer only, did not get 1 round off. Granted, I never tried it until TM5, but I got the observer on Turn 1 and never managed to get a AR request down. Lesson learned, aerial observers stink. :)

My only gripe with the game overall are the Blazes. I do not know if the forests burned down historically or not, but it was the only real drag on game play. This was true even after we started using the errata. Allow me to rant on this.

The Fire rules work pretty well for a typical scenario and the time scale a scenario represents. But the are out of whack for a CG, IMHO. Using OzB as an example which is on the scale of a couple of days, if either of the forests on the hills burned down, it would too darn hot to go over that terrain at all for at least a few days. But in the Consolidation phase, blazes just make the terrain open ground for the next TM. In all fairness, that is how the CG was playtested and any major changes now would change the balance and require another set of playtesting, etc, etc.

I think it would be in the best interest of the hobby if we developed a set of fire rules that could apply to CGs, and be modified as needed based on the time scale of the CG. For example, in OzB, I think an SSR which drastically makes it harder for flame to blaze or a blaze to spread would have greatly improved gameplay. And in Consolidation, ALL Blaze terrain would be come Rubble (not just buildings) to show the difficulty of moving through the terrain that was just literally on fire! For CGs of smaller scale (like Bloody Buron), I would just keep the Flames and Blazes where they are and pick them up on the next TM (Bloody Buron is 4 dates which encompass a single morning). Just some thoughts.

Again, the Fire rules work great in a scenario to deny some terrain that was available and spread some SMOKE around, but in CGs, Fires have a much different effect that IMHO needs to be managed.

So, rant over. That being said, I must recommend this CG and wish to thank George and all of his playtesters for a wonderful game. I would definitely play it again and was too slow getting into Carl's VASL CG tourney to give it another whirl (http://www.gamesquad.com/forums/index.php?threads/vasl-cg-league.129842/).

(pdf: Requisition Record for the Russians: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/Requisition_Record-OzB-Russian.pdf)
(pdf: Tactical Mission Roster for the Russians: http://www.komerex.com/asl/images/OzB/Tactical_Mission_Roster-OzB-Russians.pdf)