Overstacking and trailbreaks

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Jul 31, 2010
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I asked a couple questions and I'm glad Perry answered them as I hoped he would.
Assume there is a preexisting full trailbreak in a woods hex. A fully-tracked vehicle enters that woods hex using that TB and ends its MPh there (either Stopped or Motion). Later another fully-tracked vehicle enters that woods hex using the that same TB (from either end). B13.4212 specifically mentions only the one-way direction rules of B6.43 One-Lane bridge ("Usage of a TB is limited by one-way direction rules as if the TB were a One-Lane bridge (6.43).") so no other One-Lane Bridge rules apply, especially not the sentence that says "A One-Lane bridge is blocked to vehicular traffic by the presence of a wreck or vehicle".

Q#1. Based on the rules I cited above, vehicular overstacking is allowed on a TB, correct?
Perry answered:

I'm glad to see that because up until now, given the rules I cited, overstacking on a TB might have been legal. But not now. It made no sense to have vehicles move along a TB with more freedom (overstacking) than a KGP SSR KGP7 Single-lane road!

Q#2. The D2.14 +1 MP per vehicle cost is doubled because the vehicle is in a woods hex (B13.41). Is it further increased in any other way?
Perry answered:
Half (or ALL) +2.

That makes sense, since you can't overstack on a TB with the answer to #1, another FT vehicle has to enter the woods at the usual MP cost, plus 2 MP for the extra vehicle.
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