Operation MARTLET Questions and more

Gunner Scott

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Jan 27, 2003
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Hi George;

Firstly, we are having a good time playing this module but some things make it difficult to set up the scenarios there in. You have many of the scenarios with large OB's on the reverse of the same scenario card and if my scanner was working I could rectify that issue no problem but it is not working, so all I need are the scenarios to be sent so it will make setting up those scenarios alot easier.

Second; in the scenario FLP 5 A Parcel for the Chateau, the VC reads that if the brits control more buildings then GO german MMC they can fullfill that particular part of the VC IE in the Brit set up area and very close to the brit set up area they can pretty much gobble up the required buildings and thus not have to worry about the building near the chateau. So my question is: Does the designer mean the buildings in the German set up area are the ones that count or it does not matter?

If you dain to send me pdf's of the scenarios please send them too stalingrad838@yahoo.com