O10 City On The Edge - AAR

von Marwitz

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Nov 25, 2010
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O10 City On The Edge - AAR


This scenario has interesting setup instructions which allow you to keep your SW and Leaders noted on a side record for some extra fog of war.

The Germans need to cross some unfavorable ground to get into the built up area, and this is when they need to be delayed. Unfortunately, in our game, where I had the defending Americans, I could not even Pin anyone, which allowed it the Germans to enter the town in force pretty soon. I lost one of the BAZ very early in the game and malfed one of the MMGs when attempting to prevent the Germans to enter the village, which did not help.

As long as the King Tiger is alive and kicking, it inhibits the use of the US tanks as it can basically drive up to them, stop, and blow them to Kingdom Come (watch for Deliberate Immobilization, though). The StuGs can provide SMOKE along with sN and sDs that the German vehicles have.

Despite I managed to rally the broken US squads under DM with DRs of 5, taking optimal advantage of the opportunities provided by bad initial American shooting, it became soon clear that I would not be able to bring this home.

German win after the US conceded at the start of US Turn 4 having lost 3.5 squads already and another one broken (out of 7.5) with the Germans lodged in numbers in the central area.

von Marwitz