No Time to Die - Mr Bond !

Mar 17, 2010
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I saw the film - No Time to Die yesterday in a cinema with luxury seats.

I ; like a lot of people have slowly got used to Daniel Craig as Bond 007 from his first inception In Casino Royale with Eva Green. You get what you pay for in this film. An entertainment package designed to entertain. The lead French blond female is striking and would be in a race with the Paloma Cuban chick-let apart from the fact that she has a great ass and French accent. I will not do a spoiler of the ending for those of you have not seen it or are waiting for the DVD. Let's just say that it is surprising and gives Daniel Craig his swansong as 007. It will transfer well to DVD.

So - what are it's flaws.......?

The lead song is mediocre and a bit nasal morose dripping and will not get you humming on the way home from the cinema, whereas the tune to - We have all the time in the world will. Apart from that there was a lack of Bond theme music bits throughout the film.

The main baddie seems to a be a blurpy - eyed rehash of the earlier baddie who had his gums and teeth destroyed by cyanide....maybe they are related.

There is a nice reminiscence of Bond paying his respects to dead Vespa ( Eva Green - Casino Royale ; who you believe is the love of his life and yet he is besotted with French female on the same principle and at the same time.

The one liners seem tired and repetitive of earlier films. The 007 jibes are stooopid.

Action scenes were too fast paced except with the car chases.

Craig looks less old and tired than in the previous film....

Plot -line was interesting but could have been made more sinister with appropriate music.

As Daniel Craig's swansong in the could have been reconfigured....I guess with the pandemic - everything was on a rolling and tight time-scale.......Worth seeing on big screen- Yes....especially for the Cuban dame..........For my eyes only.......:whistle:...
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