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Jan 21, 2004
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Fairfax, Va
Originally posted by SGT Long
Favourite western-El Dorado with John Wayne (look for a VERY young James Caan playing his sidekick.
Yeah, Caan as "Mississippi". The scene where he calls his friend's killer out and then kills him with a throwing knife is memorable. I also like Arthur Honeycut as "Bull", the old Indian fighter with his Colt rifle. But the absolute most classic part of the movie is the mixture they come up with to make sure Robert Mitchum's character doesn't drink anymore. I remember it included:

Crotin Oil !
Ipecac !!
Gun powder !!!!

Its the only reason I learned Poe's poem "El Dorado".

Gaily Bedight a gallant knight, in sunshine and in shadow
Had journeyed long, singing a song, in search of El Dorado
As his strength failed him at length, he found a pilgrim shadow
Shadow he said, where can it be, this land called El Dorado
Over the mountains of the moon, and down the valley of shadow
Ride, boldly ride the shade replied, if you seek for El Dorado

Ride, boldly ride!