Jan 3, 2010
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Looking over the vehicles and formations that will be included in CMRT, it strikes me that scenario designers will quickly be able to model battles previous to the time frame of CMRT. One could easily put together a 'Kursk or later' based scenario, for example, within the the limitations of terrain, weather, etc. (which I think would be minimal).

Previous to this, Family starters like CMRT, were somewhat 'theater starters'. That is, CMBN starts out with the major Allied (US) effort to invade France. Likewise, CMFI starts out with the major Sicily/Italy invasions and subsequent battles. The 'products' flow forward chronologically and most importantly 'end' their run. Later actions, like the winter weather and 'The Bulge' can be attempted within the confines of weather and AFV and unit formations from these products. Previous actions, like Africa or France 1940, etc. are mostly out of the question.

But with CMRT, is the scenario designer really 'controlled' from making previous years battles? It would seem that aside from making maps and researching battles, everything is there. Certainly for 1943 type battles. Since the next Eastern Front product will most likely be '1943', has Battlefront thought this part of the product management through?

The only real "missing player" the Germans are lacking is the Panzer III versions. Perhaps the rare Elephant also. But otherwise, many summer battles and fall battles in 1943 can be represented very well. Can BF really put together enough content to capture another CMRT 'score' (And, have no doubts, it will be a score) with a '1943' CM3.0 product? I suppose if they put effort into C&C modeling/UI/'Features'/etc. and perhaps another CM4.0 iteration, then they will get the buzz and sales. But otherwise; Could CM1943 be another 'CMFI'?
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