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    Ok heres the situation, my unit decides to advance out of a minefield hex, the attack is made as the unit exits. The unit fails the MC, now heres the question, is the unit stuck in the minefield hex it tried to exit?

    I know if it rolled its exact moral it would have been pinned in the minefield hex.


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    B28.412 "A unit is considered to be in the minefield hex which attacks it when the attack is resolved." If the unit breaks, it is broken in the hex in which it was attacked.

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    See the B28.412 example as well:

    EX: A unit moving from one minefield hex directly to another can undergo two minefield attacks. If it survives the first (exit) attack unaffected, it is moved into the new hex where it must undergo a second (entry) attack in the newly entered minefield hex. However, if broken or pinned by the first attack, it does not leave the original hex and does not undergo the second minefield attack. Consequently, it would not discover concealed units in the hex it attempted to enter or be subject to Snap Shots along that hexside since it failed to leave the initial minefield hex.
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