Mega Campaign #4 - The Theme

WildBill Wilder

"The Kunel"
Sep 26, 2003
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Smyrna, Georgia
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It is Time

Its time that you know. The fourth Mega Campaign will very shortly be available for purchase. Look for the promotion page on the Matrix site for games.

The theme of this Mega-Campaign is "Screaming Eagles." Yes, at last the Mega Campaign goes to Western Europe in 1944-45.

This will be perhaps the best mega-campaign to date in many ways. We have learned from the other two that we have done: Mega Campaign-Desert Fox, and Mega Campaign-Watchtower. Much has been learned from Brent "Grenadier" Richards and his Mega-Campaign-Lost Victories.

Screaming Eagles offers you a new approach to the Mega Campaign. You will have four threads of action, each taken from one of the infantry regiments of the 101st. You will be able to play through each thread without repeating a single scenario. This adds a great deal of replay ability to the MC.

You will know and become Captain Nathan H. Miller, Atlanta Georgia, company commander in the 101st Airborne.

You will fight your way into Normandy and Carentan. You will be a vital part of Operation Market Garden. You will suffer the privations, cold and horror of the defense of Bastogne and beyond till V-E Day.

The Mega Campaign includes 130 scenarios, hundreds of articles and pictures, great music and a smooth procession through the battles. Every type of battle you can imagine, historical and hypothetical, can be found here. It will be a great experience for you, hopefully the best yet in the Mega-Campaign series.

My personal thanks to the team Captains, Bernie Behling, Mark Ezra and Rory Gallagher. I am very grateful to Derek Boain for his efforts in picture conversions, music composition and the special artwork. Thanks to Marc Schwanebeck for his help with the voice files.

Over 30 of the best gamers out there collaborated with scenario design, testing, proof reading and every other little detail involved in this huge effort.

The maps were superbly done by Orzel Ken Bailey and David Boutwell.

I thank you all. You made it happen.

So ... Stand up! Hook up! Ready? Go...Go...Go!

Wild Bill and the Mega Campaign Screaming Eagles Team


Wild Bill Wilder: Mega Campaign Designer and Coordinator

Team Leaders: Mark Ezra, Rory Gallagher, and B.W. Behling

Map Work: Ken Baran, David Boutwell, and Wild Bill Wilder

Battle Designers: Wild Bill Wilder, Stuart Millis, Steve Avery, Neil Stalker, Bryan Melvin, Jess Housley, Fredrick Ohman, Rory Gallagher, Ken Baran and Russ Neer

Battle Testers:

The Warlord Team: Mark Ezra, Yki Hakkarainen, Mark Withers, Jim Sodano, Neil Stalker, Jim Holland, Fredrik Ohman, Federico Doveri

The Steeler Team: Rory Gallagher, Ken Baran, Leslie Baines, William Rusco, Don Doom, Massimo Rocca, Russ Neer, Stuart Millis, Harry Zahn

Art and Sound Director: Derek Boain

Graphics: Derek Boain, Neil Stalker, and Wild Bill Wilder

Voice files: Wild Bill Wilder, Marc Schwanebeck

Writing Team: B.W. "Bernie" Behling - Editor in Chief, Neil Stalker, Rory Gallagher, Glenn Higginbotham, Marc Bellizzi, Wild Bill Wilder, Jim Faletti, Mike Russo, Eric DiNicola, Tim McCool