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Check out this interesting tool from Map Maker Ltd.

Map Maker software is for people who want to make maps rather than simply view them. The range of products is designed to encompass the needs of the novice and the expert. The foundation of the system is the free GIS, Map Maker Gratis. From this base, using the other products in the range, you can develop a powerful and low-cost mapping and GIS solution to meet your needs. Full copies of all the software can be downloaded from this site.

Why use Map Maker Pro?

Map Maker is just one of several mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) available for use with Microsoft Windows. So why should you use Map Maker... ?

You can make maps. Other relatively low cost mapping programs, such as MapInfo and ArcView are, as their names suggest, good for viewing information on maps. Map Maker is for people who need a tool to make maps.

Ease of use. A novice can start creating maps straight away, you do not have to be a GIS expert. Within hours you can learn how to draw, edit and print basic maps, and link them to databases. Tasks that are complex in many other programs, such as dividing and joining polygons, have been made trivially simple. Map Maker software is in use in 100 countries, mainly by farmers, ecologists, foresters, archaeologists and other professionals who have taught themselves how to use the software.

Powerful features. Behind the simple, clean interface, experts and students of GIS will find a wealth of functions for manipulating vector, raster, and GPS data .

High quality accurate printing. Map Maker Pro produces impressive print-outs displaying limitless user-definable fill, line, and symbol styles within professional looking map frames and grids.

Compatibility. Data can be imported and exported to all the common GIS, CAD, and database programs.

Low-cost. We keep our overheads are low by selling directly over the Internet and, because we write all our software ourselves, we do not have to pay licences fees for third party libraries. At GB£225 + vat (US$330) Map Maker Pro is a fraction of the cost of its rivals. Map Maker Gratis is free…
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