LotRO Devlopers Notes: 2014-2015


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Looks like we will get to Mordor & hopefully beyond!
Should be fun!!


Paths of the Dead and Dol Amroth: Our second update of the year will kick off a new volume of the Epic Story, featuring the aftermath of the Army of the Dead as they pass through Blackroot Vale. Journey to Dol Amroth, our first Gondorian city and seaside port! You’ll also have five new levels to advance your character.

{I called this one happening about 3-4 years ago...}
"Of Bears and Bees
Recently we confirmed that LOTRO will be releasing a new class this year. I’m pleased to announce that this class is the Beorning! This will be LOTRO’s first class since the Mines of Moria expansion introduced the Warden and Rune-keeper.
Beornings are noted in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as a race of Man, with close origins to the Rohirrim and the Men of Dale. Most Men are not shape-changers, so we envision the Beorning as a light armor casting class with a focus on control of the battlefield. When a Beorning gathers sufficient rage, they may transform into a mighty bear."

Looking out to the future, our Palantir reveals multiple updates in 2015. Here are two of them!
Osgiliath: The middle of 2015 brings us deeper in Gondor, and to lands directly contested by Sauron’s armies.
Pelennor Fields and Minas Tirith: The end of 2015 takes us to one of the defining moments of the War of the Ring, the battle before the walls of Minas Tirith."

Plus this tidbit was added:

Quote Originally Posted by Mistermorriss:
However, with Osgiliath and Minas Tirith slated for 2015. Do we *gulp* come to the end in 2016?

Coming to the "end" of the story only gives us freedom to venture to other parts of the world. I don't see it as an end at all.
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