Looking for Live Vassal Play with Skype - Scenario KE14


Sep 14, 2011
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Independence, MO
llUnited States
I have some free time this weekend and for the next couple of weeks (busy Labor Day weekend). During the week, I am available from 7 - 11:30 PM CDT almost any weekday evening plus anytime this weekend.

When discussing scenarios to play with an recent VASL opponent, he volunteered to play the American side in KE 14 (Another Day, Another Field) even though the ROAR record was 9 wins for the Germans and 2 for the Americans. With 16 American 6-6-6 squads, 4 leaders (9-1 to 7-0), 5 SW, and 2 Shermans against 10 4-6-7 squads , 3 leaders (9-2, 8-1, 8-0), 3 SW, and an 75L ATG gun on board h with bocage, he and I both felt that the Americans should do better than the ROAR score shows. After 2 turns and some decent luck on my dice, he conceded.

Looking at the scenario, I still feel the Americans have a good chance to win and want to try my luck as the American commander. Maybe I do not grok the weird victory conditions and the Germans are heavily favored. Anyone interested?