Looking for FtF in North-Rhine-Westphalia or VASL in Germany

War Lobster

Jun 30, 2019
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Hi Guys,

I am looking for players in the wider area of Düsseldorf for FtF or players from Germany to play via VASAL.

I am a total newbie with only a few solo plays under my belt.

Looking for either another beginner to learn the ropes together or an
experienced player who is willing to tolerate my ignorance 😁

If you are interested let me know via pm please.

I also plan to join the upcoming GRENADIER tournament in Hergarten this November. Very much looking forward meeting you there!

Greetings from Düsseldorf

von Marwitz

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Nov 25, 2010
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Hello War Lobster,

As it happens you seem to live within approximately an hour's drive of my place.

Glad to hear that you plan to attend Grenadier this November. I will be there, too.

Your situation reminds me of my own situation waaay back in 1997:
I was meddling with ASL on my own trying to get a hold on it solitaire. Then, by some chance, I found the address of the late Christian Koppmeyer, founder of GRENADIER tournament, who, alas, passed away before his years. I called him up and he spontaneously invited me to his place where he was planning a week-end of ASL with some friends a month or so later. That is what really brought me into the game. During that fun week-end, Christian came up with the idea to organize an ASL tournament in Germany. 1998 the first GRENADIER was held and I was there. Getting beaten right, left, and center, I learned a whole lot. It was a boatload of fun. And as you see - I am with it still.

Looking now at your situation:
How about this?
Michael Koch, the current tournament director of GRENADIER and I will be playing Face-to-Face at my place Friday 18. October. I would invite you to my place to join in. Probably, we'll be playing a scenario of the GRENADIER selection.
You could watch and probably glean a lot on ASL-routine if you have so far only played solitaire. Seeing which elements of ASL come up routinely in each and every game turn and to see the game being played will help you a long way to learn and get into the game. I can tell you that from my own experience.

Besides that, it would present me with a chance of "giving something back" of what I had the privilege to receive from Christian Koppmeyer, without whom I'd probably have never fully delved into ASL.

If you are interested, please send me a PM to exchange contact details.

von Marwitz