Lets redesign RO X - Tag for starters...

Mar 21, 2015
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X – Tag AAR

After 4 playing’s of this scenario none equated with the historic start points in this battle. Thus, continuation of play is thereafter unhistorical.

In terms of the map, the southern section was grossly underrepresented of German troops. (See revised set up)

RATHER than fight an initial battle from the board edge it would be FAR BETTER to have and established force of about 60% of both sides’ troops in established positions and a far lower CCP (more pro rata for the Russian).

This is described as “blocks”.


Southern area representation of “blocks”.

Troop quality for the Russian is also too high OR only factories over say 16 hexes should have fanatic benefits.

The forces FIX would be:

No German’s may enter between A 20-30, CCP would be 6 for the Russian and 10 for the German. The rest would be in allocated positions. Leaders and SW would be added to this. Thus, both sides would have 60% of their RO OB on map (in a historically accurate framework).

The main issue above is to establish some historical accuracy. For example, the German are either restricted where to attack or can attack only so far.

The north/ west area is most problematical and a case can be made for area A1 -20 to I 1-20 being the only area allowed to be invested by the German’s, no locations E can be controlled by the German’s.


Showing attack perimeter in the N and subsequent cloaking range next day.

Here it is a simple matter to just copy the history books. Something like the map and there would be filled with X MMC (pre designated by history) and then SW and leaders attached.

Thus, the effect is that the Russian is in prepared positions and NOT falling back in flight. This may be a little a- historical but will create a historical framework thein.

If anyone is interested in revamping this (since the designers clearly failed) let me know and we can discuss this in greater detail etc.