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    Jul 7, 2007
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    Here's my first shot at an AAR. It's a work in progress... Any idea how to make the image better? I'm using imageshack, but I'm a noob at this....

    My goals are basic. Hopefully to not bore you. Also, I'm hoping for any tactcal insights into this game. I'm hoping this AAR will be a learning experience for myself and others.

    The scenario is SP074, The Last Tiger.

    When i refer to left or right it is based on how the map is displayed, not on the actual flank of my forces. basically when i say left side it's the German left flank....

    VC: Soviets need to get enough infantry into the town on brd 3 by game end and must have 1 afv with functional MA in the town as well. Yeah, I'm trying to be vague to avoid any copyright issues etc. Not sure about the rules for such things.

    Key SSR - Mild breeze and +1 LV for turn 1 and 2.(dawn attack)

    Rus - enter on north edge T 1. There is another IS 2 on T3 that can enter either the east or west edge. No board number specified so it's the entire side.

    Ger - anywhere on brd 3 and any hex <=5 on brd 17.

    Soviets - 12 squads, mixture of 628, 527, and 447. 6 AFV at start including an IS 2 and a couple t34/85.

    Germans - 7 squads, mix of 467 and 447. They also have a couple psk. AFV: Tiger with 9-1 AL that can set up hip. They also have a Nashorn and a ht with a 75L or LL.

    I'm the Soviets and MlPanzer is the Germans.

    Below is an image of the setup. All the Soviet stuff is concealed. i removed it for the sake of the image. I left the germans concealed since this is from my POV.


    My pregame thoughts:

    The Germans have a forward defence. My first thoughts were how to best try to pressure his lines and get behind him.

    The AFV on the hill is most likely the Nashorn. It will easily crack any armor I have. It's positioned to be HD and cover alot of the map.

    I think the Tiger is HIP in the 17U1 area. Centrally located to deal with my attack regardless of location and in easy reach of support for the bd 3 village.

    The other 2 are the halftracks. The one on the left is probably the one with the 75 MA and it only has 2 squads in support.

    The right side of the board is lousy for me to attack from. I'm not to horny about trying to drive tanks through a band of woods like that. It just slows me down and leads to bogging. Maybe I'm more concerned with bogging then I should be but dunno...

    My main thrust is going to be on the left flank. I send 3 tanks to that side two with 628 riders. I also have 5 squads sans sw and 1 leader on foot on this side. I'm hoping to use the AFV to get behind this flank and push for the bd 3 village. The german AFV on this flank doesn't have the FF and GG hexrows in it's CA. So my main armored thrust is gonna be right down that line. He'll still be able to shoot at me but i want the CA change DRM.

    The stuff in the center is to slow down a full fledged fall back of his units. Half of my infantry along with 2 leaders and all my sw go here. I hope that I can put enough pressure here so that units can't fall back.

    I plan to try to get a t34 into the 17U1 area of the board on t1. I think there's a Tiger in that area and I'm hoping to flush it early. I expect to lose at least 1 tank when it drops HIP regardless of what I do. So I'd rather try to flush it right away instead of worry about it all game.

    The Sherman in the 17V10 area is there to try to close on the center village and drop smoke in the 17U8 area to allow the T34 to make it's run for glory with the Tiger. PF from building don't worry me too much. I figure my tanks are expendable and killing his Inf is my key. So let them eat backblast!

    The squad near 17K10, is just there to strip some ? from his AFVs. The Sherman on that flank is gonna try to get into the area of the 17K row. I'm hoping to either pressure his squads in the village or mess with the nashorn on the hill.

    T1 soon to come hopefully.
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    CHERDE Active Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    The Ruhr
    Interesting setup of both players.
    I just played that scenario on Grenadier2007.

    I hope I can follow this on-line Series Replay.

    A question to BOTH players:
    Are any comments welcome or is "silent kibitzing" recommended?
  3. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    Turn 1 - early stages

    I started off moving the squad,447, on the K hexrow onboard. This confirmed that the AFV on the brd 3 hill was the nashorn, as expected. he gets to 17K7 and reveals the AFV in 17O2 is the HT with just mg. My squad survives the PTC FF from the ht but 17J2 is a 467 w/ lmg. My squad fails it's PTC.

    I'm not happy with the squad pinning but he did what I wanted him to. Reveal some AFVs and I found a squad w/ lmg as a bonus.

    I'm able to cx a 447 to 17 BB6. revealing the AFV in 17EE5 is the Ht with the 75L. I didn't draw any fire though. So I cxed another 447 and this one got to the 17DD6 building. Still no dfire. Too bad. I want him to get shot at. My 447's are being used as HS since I can't deploy. I also limp the leader on a couple hexes into the woods around 17CC9. he's just there to rally.

    I cx the last 447 on that flank and run him up the GG row. I want to either draw fire or bounce strip the 17 FF5 unit. The Ht fires it's AAMG at me in bypass of 17 GG7. The LV prevents a pin. He makes it to 17GG6 when the 467 w/psk in 17FF5 drops ? and fires at 8 - 1. I pass the NMC.

    Here's the map so far:
  4. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    This game ended a few weeks ago. fire away!

    I don't know if Mike will add any comments or not. I'm really hoping to learn something from all of you guys out there. this is my second game after a 10 year layoff and Mike really taught me some lessons in our previous one....Ie he spanked me hard.

    CHERDE Active Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    The Ruhr
    ok, you want to learn:

    a fairly aggressive german defense setup

    nice position for the Nashorn. Why not setup the 75L HT similary?

    Due to the GErman setup maybe it is ok for the Russian not to have one big SChwerpunkt attack.
    Otherwise I am not fond of a spread out entering attacker.
  6. footsteps

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    Oct 19, 2007
    I haven't actively gamed in a long time, so take my thoughts with a grain (okay, a sack) of salt. Consider this a newbie reply.

    I'm not familiar with this scenario, so I don't know the entry requirements for the Russians, but I think my idea is still workable.

    Given the German set-up, I would try to swarm my infantry up the middle and right-of-middle, perhaps with one or two on the far right to keep those Germans busy.

    Then I would plunk a SPG in 17K10 to engage the Nashorn in a gun duel, and swarm the rest of the AFV's up the left flank, with a couple of riders for the large line of woods. Quickly get into blind hexes created by the orchards and woods to neutralize the threat from the Nashorn, dropping the riders in the woods to deal with (or distract) the Germans there.

    Then you have a heavy armour threat on his flank, making it difficult to rout or to pull back to the village.

    That's the theory. Those with better knowledge of the game mechanics should be able to tear it apart.

  7. MarkDV

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    Feb 14, 2003
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    I gave you a rep point...

    I gave you a rep point.

    you're making me feel bad for not being active in VASL.

    And when I played this FTF earlier this year, I got my hat handed to me.

    Didn't help that I
    a-set the Tiger up badly.

    b-got it whacked early on.

    Mark DV
    Ada, MI
  8. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    Turn 1 - early stage

    I added a note to my first post. When I refer to left or right it's based on how the maps are displayed. So my attack on the left side is the german left flank and the Russian right flank. Hopefully that will prevent any confusion as I type these.


    The M4 comes on in 17W10, goes CE , stops, and tries to drop sM in W7. The breeze is blowing towards the right corner of brd 3. So that smoke would help cover part of the road. The sm fails so i tried a smoke rnd with the MA. That also failed. So It's kinda in a pickle now. I really wanted some SMOKE to cover my movement.

    I'm trying to get him into the village in the middle. The Nashorn opens up when I entered 17W8. Big miss, rolled a 10. The german ? stack drops concealment when I enter 17W7. 8-1, 467 w/MMG. They decide to shoot the CE M4. The LV saves me from a PTC. I continue on and stop in 17T5. I figured out it was a blind hex to the Nashorn.

    I get the two squads at 17Z10 into 17Z6 by going CX. Yes, I did move one at a time, 527 and 628.

    I'm still trying my lesser important moves just to see what the germans may do.

    I start up the M4 and it comes on in 17F10. I'm trying to get it to 17N1. that way I can try to hit his forward infantry in the town with the MA. It's also an attempt to mess with his routs.

    It gets to 17F7, when something completely unexpected happens. A CE Tiger drops HIP in 17B4 and opens up. It just barely squeaked out a turret hit, needed a 9 and got a 3,6. TK is 14 and the TK DR of 3 makes me a flaming wreck.

    This was a surprise since I figured the Tiger would be more centralized. Not way out on the right flank like that. That flank just looked like bad tank country so I avoided it.

    I'm not too sad about losing the M4. After all I was expecting to lose a T34/84 when i went looking for it in the middle of the board.

    So this tank failed it's primary mission, but it gave me the intelligence I wanted.

    The t34 that was going kitty searching now has a new goal. Nashorn hunting. I bring it on in 17S10 and it makes it all the way to 3S10 w/o getting shot at. I have my VCA aligned to take on the Nashorn. Also, I'm not in his VCA here. I'm also behind his lines. Maybe it'll help pressure his guys in the brd 17 town.

    I get a clump of infantry and sw into the area of 17R7, Q7, and Q8. this is the main force to push the middle a bit.

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  9. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    I added the high level setup and reinforcement stuff to the first post.
  10. footsteps

    footsteps Just visiting Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2007
    And I should clarify that my use of right/left was in relation to your view of the board as the Russian.


    PS Thanks for the extra info.
  11. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    Turn 1 - late stages

    I bring my last 447 in the middle on. he makes it to 17O8 when the stack in 17P4 open up, 9 -1, 467 w/MMG. I get whacked with a 1KIA and he keeps rate. I was trying to get this squad into position to advance into the wooden building on 17O6. I was expecting him to maybe break or something, not die...

    Then the fun began. The armor on the left side was next!

    A t34/85 with 628 rider enters on the GG hex row. I get into bypass of GG7 and pass the resid PTC when FF5 fires the PSK at me. He needs a 6 to hit and rolls boxcars Xing it. Of course this was a plow ahead move by me. I had a plan and it was pedal to the metal. Odds are this wasn't a wise move.

    I make it to 17GG6 and the HT pivots and fires on me. part of what I'm trying to do with this tank is draw fire to free up my options with the other 2. He get's the turret hit by rolling a 1,2 but fails the TK by 1 ;) The TH # was a 4 I think

    The german squad then SFF at the riders getting a NMC which I pass ;0. So I overrrun him! The 1kia was very sweet indeed. The AFV continues on w/rider to 17EE4. That's when 17BB4 reveals himself as a 447 w/ psk. he takes the shot needing a 4 Th but rolls a 10 and Xs it instead. I remain in motion in EE4.

    I bring the Is 2 with 628 rider on in 17FF10. I get to 17EE6 when the Ht decides to pivot and IF at me. He rolls the B# to kick in low ammo. Rolled an 8 on a B10(circled) and misses. I do the turret spin and bail the 628 in 17DD5 and pass the MC. I'm hoping to take this squad and assault the HT in CC. 17BB4 attempts to find a PF as I roll by , gets it but misses the TH. The tank remains in motin in 17AA4.

    The ISU-152 comes on and move w/o incident to 17EE2 and remains in motion.

    I also bring my last unit, a leader on in the middle. He was supposed to rally the dude that ate the 1KIA...

    Overall, I did what I wanted to. I got my AFVs behind his lines and I found the Tiger. His left flank is looking real shaky. The 1KIA kinda bit but my losses were lower then expected. i figured 1 AFV on the left was possibly gonna die.

    Here is what the end of the t1 Russian movement looked like.
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  12. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    rest of Russian t1

    The german Dfire phase was uneventful.

    The 628 pins the Ht crew in 17EE5. Now he can't fight back when I go after him in CC. Woohoo.

    The T34 gets a -1 acq on the Nashorn.

    No Routs since you either pinned or died.

    My advances are pretty basic. people shuffle forward. the 628 fails it's PAATC by rolling a 9. So the HT lives.

    So far I'm happy with the results. I punched a hole on the left side and have put some pressure on the Germans. We traded squads and I lost the AFV that I expected when the Tiger dropped HIP. I'm a tad bummed by the failed PAATC.

    The Nashorn didn't hit me and I got my AFVs out of it's LOS or VCA. The tiger placement still has me puzzled a bit but it's far away from my main thrust which is good.

    Oh, both PSKs break may look like bad dice. Don't believe it. I think he rolled 3 or 4, threes and fours while shooting at me. It was just bad timing for the bell curve to impart it's effect.

    The pic of the map at the end of my 1st turn:
  13. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    german t1

    Ok, the so it's time to see how the germans react to my assault. Right after the wind dr is made we placed the smoke from my burning wreck. We forgot to do it during the Adv fire phase. This is the advantage of a laid back game with understanding opponents via email. We're able to fix little goofs like that as we play.

    german prep fire - The nashorn fires at the M4 parked at 17T5. I thought I was in a blind hex but I was wrong. A 9 TH followed by anything but a 12 TK = 1 dead M4 but the crew survived.

    I was dissapointed with this. I spend alot of time trying to work out the blind hexes and I thought I was in one. The LOS string proved me wrong though. Crappers.

    That's it for prep fire. Movement time.
    the HT in EE5 starts up. Here is my first dfire brainfart. I can whack him with a possible 12+2 with the 628 but I didn't. I thought the 628 might need to shoot at some infantry. My 447 in FF5 tries to shoot at it when it enters FF4. No effect. later learned that the Ht should have been BU still from the pin result. So it was a big load of nothing any how. Still it's the fact I missed an opportunity based on the way the board was at the time that irked me.

    The Ht gets to 17FF2, stops, goes CE and fires at the su-152 in EE2. needs a 4 but rolled a 5, phew. it starts up angain and ends it's turn in FF1 in motion. The VCA is the EE1/EE2 hexspine. It has my armor in it's sights.

    The infantry in BB4 move to AA3 next to my motion IS 2. The stack in 17W4 building doubletime to the brush in 17U1.

    The 17Q4 stack turns out to be a 237 hs with a pf. the germans have 2 pf counters, optional usage, besides theit normal rolling for them. I wonder where its going? It gets to 17S1 right next to my T34. I'm forced to rotate the turret and try to hit it with an 8 flat with my CMG. I get a 1MC which breaks the hs. Phew.

    The 8 - 1, 467 w/mmg in Y5 move to the first floor of W3. I guess they don't want to play with my ruskies in the woods....

    The Tiger starts up and goes BU. It moves to 17J6 right next to my 447 hanging out in the open and stops. The mg attack has NE. It continues on to 17L5 and remains in motion.

    The HT in O3 takes the long way to 17M5. the 9-1,467 w/mmg in P4 skulk to P3. Wusses!

    the unit on the far right where the tiger was goes CX and starts running for the village on brd 3.

    here's the map after german movement before my dFire:

    My dfire:
    the IS 2in 17AA2 rotates it turret and fires a 4 + 3 (should have been +4) at the adjacent 447. NE. I messed up the odds when i declared the attack. i thought it was 8+3 but i forgot my motion and the +1 LV. So then I tried the MA and missed. Argh, I smell a faust in the fanny.

    the T34 in S10 rotated the turret back and fires the MA at the nashorn. I missed but I get my -1 acq back.

    I reveal a 8-1, 447 w/MMG in 17Q6 and it fires at the HT in M5, 8 + 2, NE no rate.

    The Su-152, 17EE2, spins and fires the MA at the HT next to it. I need real low. What i'm really trying to do is just change my VCA, that way I can move right out of the HT CA with my first MP. This highlights my rust again. haven't used tanks in 7+ years and i think i could just have used a free VCA change right? I also noticed that I missed the fact that I rolled a 10 for low ammo myself. I don't think it would have made a huge difference but we'll see.

    That's all my firing. german adv fire was AA3 trying to get a faust. It failed.

    The broken hs is forced to rout to 17P2. The crew from the wrecked M4 prevented any other options.

    Advances are just to continue the pull back of the german forces.

    The map at the top of Russian t2:

    So far things are ok. No fausts hit me. I did lose a M4 unexpectedly though. The germans are falling back as expected but it's a slow fall back and the german left flank is kinda hung out to dry in that it can't be reinforced.

    Hopefully I can get T2 up tommorow
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  14. Bortass

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    That's a losing proposition in my mind. The range is 14 and russians use red to hit. the SU 152 has a base TH of 7 at that range. You'll probably go CE so it stays that way.

    The Nashorn needs a 9 to hit you. base of 8 + 1 for LL gun. It's open top so it's gonna be CE. It's also HD so you need a turret hit.

    Now add in: the 152 cannot IF. The nashorn has ROF 1 and can IF. I give the nashorn the edge in this fight. The first hit is gonna win unless there's a dud....

    A stand off gun duel plays right into the German strength in my mind.

    Now you could try to close the range but then the nashorn will probably DFire on you as you try to close. But things start to breakdown at this point. There's other stuff moving around as well, etc.

    My goal was to try to close on the nashorn and get a shot at it from outside it's VCA. At least force it into a +3 min penalty to hit me.
  15. CHERDE

    CHERDE Active Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    The Ruhr

    IMO youre right on not wanting a Duel Nashorn vs. SPG (or other russkie AFV). Avoid the German Guns and make them move in Your sights.

    A note on turn one : I see that Your first used a sM and then tried for Smoke on the MA of a Sherman in BFF (MPh).
    This is plain out. Mainly You can only use SMOKE from the MA at the start of the PFPH or DFPH. (EXC WP at start of AFPh).

    Regarding the onboard situation: It should look like this given the quite aggressive GErman setup.
    The skulking of the GErmans is normal (correct!) tactics.
    The gamble with the Tiger setup far right can be taken: It gains a Sherman, wich was good news for the GErman becauswe the sM and the SMOKE MA are THAT important.
  16. Bortass

    Bortass New Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine

    Ah, this was worth the AAR. Just learning that I messed up the rule on MA smoke!
  17. Bortass

    Bortass New Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    Russian T2 part 1

    See above for how the map looked.

    Rally phase was uneventful.

    Prep fire:
    The T34 @ the nashorn. I want to kill AFV threats since i want my armor to be able to kill his infantry. I rolled plenty low but HD saved the day. Time to IF then. That results in a turret hit and 1 dead nashorn which is now a flaming wreck.

    I rotate the TCA to face the infantry unit that's gonnna faust me and fire my CMG. NE. Maybe I should have rotated the entire tank and also fired the BMG. I doubt it would make any sense to. I gain 2 FP but have even larger DRM involved. Also a front or side shot from a faust = 1 dead T34 anyways.

    My MMG stack in Q6 again tries to mess with the HT in M5. 8+2 and NE again. I was hoping to force it to BU so it'd be one less thing firing when i tried to cross the road.

    Then it was movement time.

    The 447 in 17K7 AM to L6. The tiger rotates it's turret and fires CMG with NE. I'm thinking of drawing fire and possibly attempting CC against the Tiger. Of course my odds are pretty bad since it's in motion and if i make it a sN will rock my world.

    The 447 in FF5 makes it to 17FF2 when it's broken by the HT AAMG. Again I'm hoping to CC the HT. It's OT so I have better odds. I may also have been able to force another pin to make it BU.

    The 8-0 that was lurking in 17CC7 moves to 17FF4 to rally the broken squad.

    It's time for the crew of the M4 to earn their keep. I'm sending them towards the 17W3 building. I want to bounce strip 17W3. So I moved adjacent and planned to anounce a late CX to enter W3. I have seen a way to possibly neutralize this position...

    The ? in T10 turns out to be a 447 and it shoots at the crew after I move 1 hex for NE.

    The crew gets to 17V3 when the 8-1, 467 w/MMG open up. Resulting in a 4MC with rate. The crew breaks but the MMG is now facing away from my units in the woods. The squad is also marked with a 1st fire counter.

    The 447 in 17AA6 moves to 17Z4. I'm hoping to to draw some fire, limiting SFF, or the 467 next door will end up in CC with me. The 467 attacks with an 8 + 1. What happens? 1,1, cowers to a k/2 and my squad breaks. That's how it goes sometimes.

    I move a 447 down the road on the left side. Nothing can shoot at it.

    Here's what the map looked like. I'm done some initial moves to setup my assualt on the 17W3 stack. My goal is to either nuetralize or take it out this turn.

  18. CHERDE

    CHERDE Active Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    The Ruhr
    congrats on taking out the Nashorn with the t34.
    the force is with you.
    sadly you cant take advantage of the moving tiger due to lack of mobile Rus AFV on the right flank.
  19. James Taylor

    James Taylor I love women with brains

    Jun 28, 2005
    I've never met a player, including the allegedly *infamous* Mr. McCleod that would not place that smoke... even in a championship game.

    Well, now, I guess we get to find out just how laid back this game is. A 12 DR for the TK does not equal a dead M4. Rather it is a DUD that bounces off the tank leaving it to fire back at the now trembling Nashorn.

    I see you've killed the Nashorn later... but the question remains... will the M4 return to GO? :cool:

  20. Bortass

    Bortass New Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Gorham, Maine
    Russin T2 part 2

    I want to mention that this game was played via email.

    The cowering of the 467 has helped pave the way for my assault.

    The IS 2 in 17AA2 makes it's way through the woods in bypass and uses VBM freeze on 17W3. The 467 can't street fight since he's marked with a first fire counter. A faust can't happen because the 467 already fired a SW and it's inherent.

    The 527 and 628 in 17Z6 make their way to 17X3.

    The t34 w/rider in 17EE4 now roll down the road back to 17Y10. It then heads to 17V4 where we turret bail the 628 rider. The MC is passed. The T34 continues to 17V2 and remains in motion, CE with a TCA of 17W3.

    The 628 in 17DD5 heads for AA5.

    Now it's back to the middle of the map. 17R6, 527 w/lmg move to 17Q5. The HT in M5 fires AAMG and results in my squad pinning. This is unfortunate since i wanted to advance into the 17Q4 building.

    My concealed stack in 17Q7 AM to 17P6. I want to advance into the 17)6 building. That allows me to possibly streetfigt the tiger if it rolls by. It also gives my a clear view down the O hexrow. So i can fire at 3O10 with my LMG. All that does is possibly channel how the ger,mans may fallback.

    Now it comes to the Su-152. I'm showing my inexperience with armor here. I figured out that even adjacent to me the HT needs real low to hit me. it's in motion and so am I. I had rotated to be able to move right out of it's VCA during my T1 def fire. In the end all that did was cost me 2 MP to rotate back to my original facing. The HT misses. The Su eventually goes CE and tools it's way down the road and ends in 3W2 in motion.

    Dfire -
    The tiger fires to NE at my pinned squad in the road.
    The 467 w/lmg decide that my 447 next to the tiger must be dealt with. Rolls a 1,3, I fail the 2 mc. Stupid bell curve.

    This is actually gonna start to highlight an error I made through this game. Well, an error I figured out on my own by the time T3 was over that is. I'm sure there are more I'm unaware off. I have broken squads floating around with no one to rally them....

    Advance fire.
    The T34 next to 17W3 fires to NE which is fine. that's just to enable some encirclement.

    The 527 and 628 fire at W3 and get a 2MC. leader 6,6. the 9 - 1 became a wnded 8 - 1. The 467 passes the 2MC but fails the LLTC and pins!

    Routs. othing too exciting. My guys head for the nearest cover and the broken leader has to rout upstairs.

    I advance my squads forward, including both 527 and 628 into CC with the pinned 467. I also advance two squads nest to the 467 in 17Z3. He can't take both out with prep fire during his turn. I'm just trying to put as mch pressure on the germans as I can.

    I get lucky with the ambush dr. I roll a 7 to his 6. The VBM means it's seq though. He takes on my 628 @ 1;4 and it's NE. I attack back at 2:1 and just CR him.

    Now here is where MlPanzer show's his sportsmanship. I realized that I had also declared the 1:1 attack of my AFV but I forgot to roll it before doing my rally phase stuff for the next turn in my logfile. He was kind enough to allow me to roll the attack and it eliminated the hs.

    End of map my turn 2:

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