Keepiong it in the family


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Feb 9, 2005
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Aberdeen , Scotland
llUnited Kingdom
Well I finally got persuaded by my son to run an RQ game last night and both the girls joined in. It's strange playing again after all these years and trying to bring it back to 11 year old play style (kickin' it old skool!)

Very pleasant time was had by all as evidenced by the fact they asked for more today. Simple set up with some orlanthi peasants against a group of tusk riders (ok so my 6 yr old wanted to play a pixie but RQ lets you do that.)
They even managed to persuade their mother to make an appearance as a duck (Teal Eiderdown - we're not that great on names, Alex is Bob Upandown and Cassioe's pixie is called Cee...)
Still great to get an opportunity to break the books out again.