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Mar 6, 2009
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The answer to the topic questions is the Help Desk is there to help with licensing issues and the ability to play the game itself. Coding and game design issues are beyond it's scope. Passing along noted issues is easy enough to do (and is done fairly frequently) but the time and resources for going back and forth with a Help Desk ticket that has a gameplay issues or questions is not practical. As is monitoring individual requests/issues/questions about game play and providing meaningful follow up. I will give a hypothetical, as I take care of most of the Help Desk tickets...If I am contacted by someone saying the rate of fire and reload time for the FSM Laser in CM:Space Lobsters is modeled incorrectly and it should be 15 blasts per minute with a reload time of under 10 seconds but the game is currently delivering 30 blasts per minute with a 20 second reload time. For me to pass that one to the developer/programmer and beta team takes 5 minutes. But then what? Do I keep the ticket open and monitor updates and relay them to the customer as updates become available? For dozens of customers each week? No. It is impractical and the resources don't exist for it. Even posted in the forum if an idea/issue is posted there is no guarantee that anyone will ever get back to the original person and let them know "OK, you were right. It is fixed and will be in the next patch". So sure, if you see something and want to say something go ahead and send it to the Help Desk. All we will be able to do is pass it on and you'll find out if it was addressed when the next patch comes. Don't like that? I apologize but I'd rather tell you what is going to happen with your submission then lead you to believe that something else is going to occur with it. I could be wrong but I would be stunned if the Tech Support to the multi-million copy selling big games provide that kind of support you're suggesting.