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Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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Did anybody see Shelby Lyman's chess column for 4/12? In it, it had a puzzle adapted from Grischuk- Kramer, 2011. The position:

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The puzzle: "Black to move. Black's worst move? Hint: It allows mate in one."

Solution (highlight to see): 1...Nh7?, 2.Rg8 mate

Now, it's not that that solution is wrong, but I think it is somewhat far-fetched. What would be the benefit of moving a knight to a square where it would be immediately captured? Such a move would also un-block White's Rook.

I think my solution is more believable (highlight with mouse): 1...f5? 2.Be5 mate

Mot only is it a more aesthetically pleasing mate, I also find it more believable as I could understand Black thinking he was creating an escape route for his king when he really was doing little more than setting himself up for a fall.

Anyway, I realize this is much ado about nothing, but I thought it made for an interesting thought experiment. :)