How CoD is Making its Network More Social

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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I'm tellin' ya: e-sports is going to be the next big craze in entertainment. The Baby Boomers -who just don't 'get' gaming - don't/won't understand it, but as soon as a Gen Xer puts his weight behind it in a big way for the mainstream media, it is going to take off.

How “Call of Duty” is Making its Network More Social Through Content

“If all these people are playing Call of Duty, and they’re doing it on average of 50 minutes a day, we thought, could we create an ecosystem of content around the game that’s not the game itself,” says Hirshberg, equating it to how the sports industry has created an always-on stream of content beyond actual game play. “Before Elite, the only way to connect with the game was to sit down and play the console. We wondered if there was more of an appetite to connect with that passion outside of the console experience.”
Hey Activision, PC gamers would like to get on this too, ya know. :(

Personally, I believe the savior of TV is going to be, ironically, video game content like this.