Historicon Naval Game.

Tim Niesen

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Nov 13, 2016
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Don Carlucci and I are hosting at Historicon a naval fog of war 1250 scale game with my Navis and WTJ ships. Don has built a 23 feet 4 inch by 13 feet 4 inch three dimensional mock up of Iron Bottom Sound. Don has also built five rain squalls which are big enough to hide my 1250 scale ships! Over the last five or six years, Mitch King and I have been hosting a series of naval games based upon the hypothetical Japanese-American War of 1913. We have found that the Japanese ships simply do not stand up to the American ships. There are exceptions, of course.
This summer at Historicon we will have something different-British intervention! The Americans in response attack the British colonial outpost in the Solomon islands and establish a submarine base there. Don has constructed 15 periscopes to represent the little American submarines of the era. Most will be fake but some will have nasty little stingers! Don finds that junk ships are more fun so the game will not feature an abundance of capital ships. A few on both sides.