Hello, everyone. New member here and new ASL & ASLSK - VASL player.


Jul 12, 2019
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llUnited States

I wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself. I am a software developer and former video game producer as well as an avid board gamer. I am a new ASL / ASLSK player who owns ASLSK#1 (and soon to be #2-3 when I buy them this weekend) and ASL/Beyond Valor. Other than a quick solitaire play through of ASLSK#1 Scenario 1, my only experience is as a spectator.

Though I love video games, I have a soft spot for tabletop / board games. My wife and I have had to move cross country on more than one occasion so I've found myself drawn to games with a solitaire component, such as The Hunters, B-29 Superfortress, and DVG's Thunderbolt Apache Leader. I've decided to add ASL to the list though want to take advantage of the great online community that VASL provides.

I will be posting in the Opponent's Wanted forum soon with the hope of setting up some live and PBEM games. I'd love to start with ASLSK#1 scenarios so I can get a feel for VASL playing (especially the PBEM side) before moving on to ASL proper and Beyond Valor. I look forward to chatting and playing with many of you in the future!