Has AMD Already Won Next-Gen Xbox Deal?

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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From Edge:

Has AMD Already Won Next-Gen Xbox Deal?

California-based semiconductor firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has reportedly secured a deal to create the graphics processor for Microsoft’s next Xbox.

Tech site Fudzilla claims that the platform holder was happy with the Xbox 360's ATI-built Xenos GPU and keen to partner with the firm again for its next console. AMD merged with ATI Technologies in 2006 in a $5.4 billion deal.

The site also suggests that Microsoft initially intended to “refresh” the Xbox platform in 2010, but has now pushed the plan back to 2012. ATI’s new GPU will reportedly allow for Xbox 360 software backwards compatibility.

Graphics chip firm Nvidia has also reportedly won a contract to provide technology for a new Nintendo handheld.