Gut Punch (DftB 141) setup restrictions

Philippe D.

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Jul 1, 2016
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Scenario DftB 141 Gut Punch has some specific setup restrictions:

= 3 non-HIP MMC and >= 1 Gun/AFV/PSK must set up on each board
There are 3 boards in the scenario.

Now, if a unit is set up in a hex that belongs to two boards, does it count for meeting the setup conditions for both boards? only one board (which one)? no board at all?

The most relevant rule seems to be A2.3

A2.3 said:
2.3 HALF-HEXES: [..] Units allowed to set up/enter anywhere on a given board may set up/enter on that board's half-hexes only if the half-hex is either part of another board on which it is also allowed to set up/enter or is not butted against another half-hex. Similarly, occupation of a board's half-hexes will satisfy occupation of that board for any applicable Victory Conditions only if they are not butted against other non-qualifying half-hexes.
Setup is allowed on all three boards, and we are not talking about VCs, so I'm not sure the two conditions quoted above apply here. But then, the scenario rule is strangely written.

Also, as a possible followup: would the answer be different if the setup rule said something like "<= X" instead of ">= X"? (I don't have one at hand, but I would not be surprised if some scenarios existed out there with this kind of setup restrictions)