GOT season 6 finale and speculation for the final 2 seasons

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Jul 22, 2006
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OK, I don't want to post on the thread about GOT being 'So Overrated'. What does that even mean? Overrated by who? If lots of people watch, enjoy, and talk about it, does that make it 'Overrated'? Eh, whatever.

If you don't like GOT, then GTFO of this thread. If you watched it religiously for 6 seasons and still turn your nose up at it, you're a snob and probably a dick - GTFO of this thread!


Okay, here we go....

Season 6 finale.... Wow! That was a great episode! One of the best yet!

As soon as I saw the dude go into the tunnels with the torch, and saw the first *glimpse* of green liquid, I knew what was up. At that point, I was just rooting for Marjory to make it out alive. I dunno, I just always liked her. It sucks that she's gone.

**** the High Sparrow and his lunatics - I was hoping they would get theirs. But it was kind of bittersweet because Marjory and a ton of innocent people also died. Cersei is one cold bitch.

She will be even colder next season I predict, now that all her children are dead (especially after Toman killed himself as a direct result of her actions). I didn't like Toman anyway - I hated that he left Marjory to rot in the High Sparrow's dungeon like a spineless cowardly sap... but really, he was just a boy - not a man. Can't blame him too much. The only thing he ever did I respected was stepping off that ledge...

Posted this elsewhere... I think the Hound will end up killing the Mountain.

Thoughts on the finale or speculation about what's to come?