Free Modern Military Vehicle 3D Models!


Nov 5, 2003
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I have recently posted all of the vehicles I've designed out of necessity for my job. These are vehicles for which I could find no practical open-source 3D files on the internet. These are all modeled at 1:216 scale (around 9mm), but can easily, and effectively, be scaled up to 1:187th or down to 1:285 (GHQ scale). These are designed to be printed on a RESIN 3D PRINTER ONLY! You are on your own with a filament printer. The vehicles included are:

2S19 MSTA SP Artillery (Russia)
2S3 SP Artillery (Russia)
2S6 Tunguska SP Air Defense (Russia)
5KW Generator Trailer (US)
AMPV GP (General Purpose) (US)
AMPV MC (Mortar Carrier) (US)
AMPV MEC (Medical Evacuation Carrier) (US)
AMPV MSN CMD (Mission Command) (US)
AMPV MTV (Medical Treatment Vehicle) (US)
AN/TSQ-190 Trojan Spirit (US)
AN/TWQ Avenger AD (US)
BMPT Terminator FSV (Russia)
JLTV 4-Seat (US)
JLTV Ambulance (US)
JLTV Heavy Gun Carrier (US)
JNN Terminal Trailer (US)
M1 ABV (Assault Breaching Vehicle) w/Plow (US)
M1 ABV w/o Plow (US)
M1 JAB (Joint Assault Bridge) (US)
M1074A2 PLS (US)
M1078A2 Expansible Van (US)
M1078A2 LMTV Cargo (US)
M1079A2 LMTV Shop Van
M1083A2 5T MTV Cargo (US)
M1085A2 5T MTV Cargo (US)
M1120A4 LHS (US)
M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (US)
M978A4 Fueler (US)
M984A4 Wrecker (US)
M985A4 Cargo w/Crane (US)
M992A2 Ammo Carrier (US)
SA-13 (Strela-10) (Russia)
T-14 Armata MBT (Russia)
T-15 Armata ICV (Russia)

These are not "perfect", as I've only been designing (self-taught) for a couple of years. These were born of necessity, and I thought some here may have some interest in truly modern military vehicles that can be hard to find and print. Here is the link to Thingiverse: