En Passant Revised - Krousis, game on 18 July


Mar 21, 2009
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San Diego, CA
I thought I would post the after action reports we circulated to the wider Gamesquad audience. I also posted the scenario in the Downloads section if you want to take a look at it. Here is the link to the scenario: http://forums.gamesquad.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=2239 You can also get there by clicking the "Downloads" page next to "Forum" above, then Click sub-category: "Jutland" in the Storm Eagle Studios area.

The view from the German side:

Yesterday as the German commander, my plan was to first turn West, then North. This is a familiar scenario to everyone, so I wanted to do something different to shake things up. I fully agree that the German "mission" here is to head back to Germany.Otherwise no battle takes place and we all waste our day sailing around the ocean.
However I did not think our initial turn to the West violated the spirit of the scenario. We did appear to confuse the RN as we were not where they usually find us

I also did not use the micro view map, and had to depend on the screening forces to keep me informed what was going on. This they did to a considerable degree, but its hard to get a feel for the big picture when your not looking down at everything as we do in most war games. I'm not complaining about this, or the efforts of the screening players. In fact I enjoy the feeling that I don't know everything and often have only a vague idea of where the enemy is. In the end I did have an idea because Von der Tann (VDT) and Adm Hipper did a splendid job in every way. Fighting, screening, and in the end firing torpedos.

I find that it works better if the fleet commander (when not using the micro view map) just asks for a bearing. Do this often enough then you can do you own plot in your head,which is what I did. It has to be a true or relative bearing in relation to the fleet flagship though, or to a friendly unit within visual sight of the flagship. In the end the enemy appeared exactly where VDT said it would be, but the process of getting to contact was great fun for me.I enjoyed this battle very much.

I only have a vague idea of the actions of my fellow KM players in combat, so if they are willing, they will have to give us some detail on that. The main body turned West, steamed for perhaps 45 minutes during which I was able to re-arrange my line so the Konig's took the lead. All this time the BC's skirmished with enemy contacts and eventually the BCF. The RN main body and 5th BS was not in sight during this time.

We did get West of the main enemy force, and after we turned North once again our BB's first engaged the BCF, at about 060 true from the Konig which was in the lead. (060 relative also since our course was North). At first the range closed very rapidly. I thought the BCF was already engaged with our BC's which were ahead of me at the edge of visibility at that time (about 28k). So it appeared they did not see me at first, or at least did not respond to a very rapid closing range rate with the entire German battle line. Perhaps the RN BCF players was not using the micro view map either? In the end though we were spotted before the BCF closed the range and we exchanged fire for several minutes at about 17K. No damage was done to the BB's at this time, and I doubt very much to the BCF.

Beyond the BCF however the 5th BS sailed into view and happy time for the KM BB's quickly came to an end as Konig started to take a pounding. The RN seemed content to stay at very long range though, and since I could not stay were I was. Stefan, who had most of the DD's was order to attack and I turned to 045 toward the enemy by divisions in order engage them. Only to find a few minutes later that I was steering into the entire RN battle line that appeared like the approach of doom from beyond the 5th BS. The BCF and 5th BS had very capably drawn me into the arms of the British Battle line. One of the benefits of no micro view map is that its always a thrill when the enemy comes into sight on the horizon. Even if you know to expect them. In this battle I got that thrill 3 times, each more impressive, (and frightening) then the last.

With the British fleet on your Starboard bow and blocking the way back to Germany, it was very apparent that we could not simply steer into them, and have our T capped. Nor could we steam on parallel courses and shoot it out. They outranged us and could control the range at which the battle was fought. So I determined to come right to 090 and try to cut across their rear. (( The patented Pat Covich maneuver )) :) First though I had to get the BC's to come back toward me and then hopefully steam across my bow and take the lead.
Von der Tann was hotly engaged by this time (as was I) and could not easily do what I'd asked him to do, but he did come about and try it.
However the plan would have brought him to near the enemy and so he ended up in the rear of our line instead of the van.

I turned to 090 by divisions when Chris was within 10k Of my Van. I wanted to get the Kaisers who had been bringing up the rear to be in the Van for this maneuver as the Konigs were looking a little frayed by this time. The maneuver worked as I wished and the new van quickly got into a heavy fight with the British at about 15 to 16K. The RN line fell apart about this time and I could make no sense of where it was going or what they were trying to do. I don't know why, but it seemed to soon to be reacting to what we were trying to do so hopefully we will hear from them about what happened.

Alas about this time with us trying to steam across the rear of the enemy, it was getting very late for those in Europe. We had already lost Rich to something and as he never came back it must been on the order of a power outage perhaps? I hope not a computer crash or anything really bad. Now almost everyone else needed to stop also. We called it a day. A very well fought battle, and for me at least a lot of fun.

I was trying my variable ACH again based on a roll of the dice every
15 minutes. The British lost LIon and Warspite to explosions, while the Germans did not lose a capitol ship. VDT almost certainly got the Lion. I don't know who got the Warspite? I also don't know how Adm Hipper made out trying to close with the RN, or wether he (or VDT) were able to shoot any torpedos.


Mar 21, 2009
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San Diego, CA
The view from the Royal Navy side:

I was the RN commander. As ANav reported I was concerned about a run along the coast and focused efforts to the east, although Rbrook with the RN BCs and 5BS had suspicions about the Germans being to the west. Our third player was Bryn who had the main fleet CLs, ACs and most of the DDs.
I would summarize the day by saying the Germans did a very effective job of keeping us (particularly me) off balance and this was combined with a scenario where the visibility was steadily declining.
The first factor causing some confusion was the German battleship force being to the southwest instead of southeast as expected. Although the RN forces were realigned to meet the new threat direction it took time to get the stronger forces to the head of the line.
Next as the BC and 5BS forces were engaging RBrook dropped out of the game. Bryn took the BC force while I took the 5BS with the intention of having them stay at long range until formed up with the rest of the RN BB force. However the 5BS was already at about 17K from the enemy and took a pounding from the rear KM BC and the Konigs. Then as they reached the RN BBs I turned 5BS late to the Northwest to head the RN BB line and Malaya went rogue interfering with the following RN BBs forcing them to turn away from the enemy. Just as orders were taking effect to fix this problem, the KM continued to keep us off balance by launching torpedoes that caused the 2nd and 3rd RN BB divisions to turn away from the enemy. Although no torpedoes hit they caused a great deal of disruption and maneuvering that hurt RN shooting accuracy. Finally as the German BBs were finally close enough to shoot at the visibility lowered to and hovered around 21 Km which was the approximate range. This caused a lot of effort being expended to keep the entire RN force from shooting at just a few KM BBs. When an assigned target ship goes out of sight the shooting ship shifts to the closest enemy ship even if the original target becomes visible again.
Just as the game was ending the RN was turning to engage the Germans who had altered course to head home.
As ANav reported we lost 2 ships due to explosions. I don't have the details on Lion since she was not under my command when she blew up. Warspite however in a space of 4 minutes was hit 6 times by Von der Tann and twice by what I suspect were Konig class 30.5 cm shells. The second of these caused the fatal explosion.

Von der Tann

Oct 2, 2008
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Good to see the action reviewed from another point of view. For the sake of completeness, I am re-posting my own report from July 19 here:

After the last weekends were seriously disrupted by the soccer world cup, we were finally able to sail again this Sunday. With only three players, the European game didn't really get off the ground, so we joined our American comrades an hour later. The game scenario was "En Passant – Krousis" again, with Rich, Invincible and Bryn as the British and Anav (host), Admiral Hipper and myself as the Germans. Anav took over the battle line with Hipper as escort commander, while I was in charge of the battlecruisers with their escorts. We once again tried Anavs variable ACH idea.

At first, the reconnaissance forces went to a north-westerly course to gain sea room and observe, while the battle line was forming up on a westerly course behind them. I could see the enemy battlecruiser force searching for us in the south and south-west, while we took great pains to keep our capital ships out of sight and nourish the impression that we were trying to sneak away somewhere towards France. A solitary light cruiser was shadowing my own cruisers and torpedo boats far in the north-west, while Anav was forming up in my rear. Finally, the battle line was complete with the König class ships in the lead, so we steered north. The British BCF sighted us and chose to stand its ground, supported by the 5th Battle Squadron. While I had been far out of range up until then, I closed in on the enemy battlecruisers as fast as possible, and soon had them engaged in a running battle. Unfortunately, Rich was dropped from the game right then – most disappointing, since it started to get interesting. We were having some lag issues the whole time, too, which can probably be explained by the widespread network and one or two slow connections.

The British battlecruisers were now shooting on me and zig-zagging. My ships got pounded pretty well, but since the ACH settings were in our favour at this time, the only serious damage was a destroyed main battery turret on Lützow. Meanwhile, the 5th Battle Squadron had divided its fire to do maximum damage: the lead ships were shooting on my battlecruisers, while the other two were aiming on the battle line and caused the Königs some trouble. Von der Tann, the last ship in my line, was returning the fire with some success, and when the battle line got into range as well the 5th Battle Squadron got into heavy fire and had to retreat with some damage. Just then, the horizon in the east turned grey with a line of ships closing in on us, with Marlborough in the lead and most of the Grand Fleet behind it. Shortly before the lines clashed, my battlecruisers turned away to the west for a while to link up with the battle line, and in retreat, a shot from one of them must have caused Lion to light up and sink.

The two lines were now closing in on each other, but Hipper had launched a torpedo attack against the British line, which threw it into disorder. At this time, my battlecruisers were charging in again on course east to support the battle line in its plan to turn into the same direction and slip behind the enemy rear towards home. While watching the British vanguard, I noticed that Warspite was gone and must have blown up. I now turned south, so that I would not get too close to the guns of the Grand Fleet, and the battlecruisers fired their torpedoes at the centre and rear or the British line to keep them in disarray. The German line had formed up towards the east now, and my forces were about to follow them when we decided to call it a day. It was getting late over here, and some of us had to work the next day.

Well fought, gentlemen! A most rewarding battle, despite some lag troubles and poor Rich getting dropped again. I hope we will find a way to prevent this in the future... can't wait for the next patch, in fact.

I Scouting Group Statistics

SMS Lützow
021 x 13.5in Mk V 1250 lb Gun.

2 critical hits:
02:07:41 : 13.5in Mk V 1250 lb Gun strikes BC Lützow [propulsion [critical]] Record serial:834.
02:07:41 : BC Lützow propulsion damage:light [2%]
02:19:23 : 13.5in Mk V 1250 lb Gun strikes BC Lützow [magazine [critical]] Record serial:2130.

SMS Derfflinger
003 x 13.5in Mk V 1250 lb Gun.
011 x 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb Gun.
003 x 6in BL Mk VII(H) Gun.

SMS Seydlitz
014 x 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb Gun.

1 critical hits:
02:06:03 : BC Seydlitz struck by 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb Gun.
02:06:03 : 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb Gun strikes BC Seydlitz [magazine [critical]] Record serial:698.

SMS Moltke
018 x 15 inch Mk I Gun.

SMS Von der Tann
001 x 13.5in Mk V 1400 lb Gun.
001 x 12 inch Mk XI Gun.
008 x 15 inch Mk I Gun.

1 critical hits:
02:36:19 : 15 inch Mk I Gun strikes BC Von Der Tann [steering [critical]] Record serial:4404.
02:36:19 : BC Von Der Tann steering damage:light [21%]