Duskers: Airlock Failure on Day 18

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Nov 18, 2003
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Day 18

Once more into the void. But seeing how my current sector has been thoroughly explored and looted, I decide to use some of my jump fuel to explore a new sector.

After checking out the other systems, I decide to go with "Trireme." Initial scans indicate a mix of seven explorable objects, from ships to a station.

My jump brings me within proximity of Navcom. So be it. Wake up, boys and girls! Time to go to work!

Navcom appears to be a privately-held exploration vessel. At the ripe old age of 214 years, it is considered a "volatile" wreck. That makes salvage work as precarious as digging in an abandoned mineshaft. We will have to stay on our toes for this one.

Send out the boarding party!

John and Jeff are the first out the door. Jeff gets the generator going in Room 1, while John explores down Navcom's narrow passages. Going through open hatch D18, John enters Room 4 and discovers another potential playmate: Kellee!

Hi, Kellee! Would you like to come home with us? Of course you would! "Mouse! We need your towing cable down here!"

While Mouse did his towing work, a job made difficult by the narrow passageways, something that required me to manually navigate the drones past each other in the cramped spaces, John went about gathering the few - very few! - pieces of scrap we found while Sarah interfaced with Navcom's computer core, something that didn't reveal anything we didn't already know about the ship. But for Kellee, this trip would have been a waste.

Okay, let's start exploring. I used John motion scanner to see what is around us.

That's a lot of inconclusive results. Grr. But at least we know accessible Rooms 6 and 9 are clear. Go check them out, John.

First, the larger of the two: Room 6:

Nothing. Not a thing to be had.

Oh well. Smaller Room 9, then.

The room is no bigger than a broom closet, but it lacks even a broom to loot. Nothing. Again. Navcom is proving to be a waste.

Okey dokey. Let's do another motion scan to see if we can remove some of the less clear results.

That did not help much.

I decide to try and see if I can clear Room 10 by opening hatch D10 to Room 11. It works! Well, kinda. Whatever baddie was in Room 10 moves into Room 11, making 10 available to me. Great! But do I now have two aliens in Room 11?

But then things get dangerous:

Great, an airlock is failing. My initial panic passes as I realize it is not the one I am currently using, but the alternate airlock on the other side of the ship. Fine.

Because I am too absorbed trying to resolve the riddle that is the unknown menaces in Rooms 10 and 11, I don't examine the failing airlock closely enough. I miss that we have an open hatch at D9. As a result, when Airlock A2 fails, it not only takes Room 3 with it, but also Room 7. Dumb! Hatch D4 also breaks as a result.

Whatever loot was in there, as well as any monsters, is now flushed into deep space. This trip is getting worse all the time.

Back to work. John goes to inspect Room 10:

Skunked again! Not a thing to be had! What rotten luck!

I order John to leave the room, and I again open hatch D10 to lure the monster(s) back into Room 10, hopefully clearing out Room 11.

Alright. Must move on. There are still other rooms to explore. Like the other "inconclusive" result of Room 5. This time I will use one of Sarah's probes. Hopefully it won't get mauled again. I pile everyone into the cramped hallway that is Room 2 and seal the hatch while the probe does its dangerous work.

It's clear! Whew! Come on home, little probe before something eats you unexpectedly.

I send John in and find...wait for it...nothing. Again. Nothing! This ship hates me.

Seeing how well the probe did in scouting Room 5, I hit upon a bright idea: what if I use Sarah's teleported to transport the probe into Room 11, the one where I had one or more monsters shuffling back and forth between it and Room 10? Worth a shot, I thought.

It was worth a shot...but I bungled the syntax of the command. LOL! Instead of transporting a probe into Room 11, I accidentally commanded Sarah to transport herself into Room 11! Ack! It was an unplanned experiment, but it worked out for the best as Room 11 was clear. I guess there was only one xenomorph in the area, and I got it back into Room 10. Whew! That was a close one! I was doubly lucky as there was a defense turret in there but it was deactivated.

Alright. I have Sarah transport herself back to base while I send in John to scout it out. This time I actually find something! A "quarantine bypass" ship module! Yay!

Unfortunately, after examining it, John tells me that he cannot remove it from the ship as it is too "firmly installed."

Okay, that is it. This ship is cursed! No more. Everyone out now before we lose the little we found, which is mostly the new drone Kellee.

And isn't that swell: Jeff's scanner is becoming unreliable. Not that I use it that much. I probably should have used it more on this trip as it might have scared up more salvage. Oh well. I am not going to invest the resources to shore it up as I don't think it is worth it from a cost-benefit perspective.

Well, we survived another salvage op. On to the next!
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