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Dec 3, 2018
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Hey! I'm an archiver searching for interesting content related to Decisive Action! I'm searching for first- or third-party Decisive Action files, articles, preview, reviews, interviews, AARs, and research. Obviously, no classified information. Decisive Action (DA) and Decisive Action Brigade Level (DABL) are still in military use by the US Army and abroad (Australia, for instance, and until recently, Sweden) with Arabic and Russian translations.

I've searched the internet and archives for downloads and forums. There was apparently quite a lot of 3rd party files created in the early years, but unfortunately most of them apparently vanished with the closure of the Warfare HQ archives.

Here's what I've got:
  • Decisive Action V2.7X (I'm referring to the disk version, which is slightly different from the patched version, as 2.7X)
  • Decisive Action 1.2 Setup
  • DA Patches 1.02, 1.03, 2.03, 2.03b, 2.04b, 2.7
  • Everything included in all versions. A few interesting things that aren't included in all versions include:
    • 9 scenarios (one was excluded in V2.7)
    • 6 maps and terrains (two were excluded in V2.7)
    • 18 OPORDs (two were excluded in V.27)
    • 1 save (included in 1.02, probably accidentally)
    • 1.02 and 1.03 manuals
    • DAWeapons.exe (added in 2.03)
    • 315 icons and (304 in 1.02, 2 added in 1.03, 11 added in 2.7, which overwrites the 1.03 additions)
    • Events (added in 2.7X)
    • Sounds (added in 2.7X)
  • Three documents in one (by Curt Pangracs, 20XX)
    • A Simulation Expert Guide to Scenario Building for Decisive Action Enhanced
    • An Instructor-Specific Primer to Decisive Action Enhanced
    • A Student-Specific Primer to Decisive Action Enhanced
  • Decisive Action Operations Plan (by Vincent "TJ" Taijeron, 2001)
  • Decisive Action Operations Primer (by Vincent Taijeron, 20XX)
  • Decisive Action Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (by Vincent Taijeron, 2002)
  • Decisive Action Turn Checklist (by Vincent Taijeron, 2002)
  • Decisive Action 1.03 Supplement (by Vincent Taijeron, 2002)
  • Decisive Action Lessons Learned Bulletin Issue 1 (26 Feb 2002, by Vincent R Taijeron)
  • Decisive Action Force Ratio Calulator v1.0 (by Major Craig)
  • METT-T (by Don Maddox, 2004)
  • Kansas City Blues, a campaign of three scenarios (by Rich Link)
    • 3 scenarios (Kansas City, Leavenworth, Bear Cornered), with 6 OPORPDs and a campaign summary
  • Euromap (by Kevin Peltz)
  • Unit Icons Canada, France, Germany (by John Osborne)
Here's what I'm missing:
  • DA Version 1.00 or Patch 1.01 and 2.04
  • About 50 maps and 10-20 scenarios, all 3rd party (by Damien Dougan, John Rainey, Nick Bell, and everyone else)
  • A number of RCP calculators by Allan Wotherspoon, Gary Bezant, and John Osborne
  • Unit Icons US, UK, Polish, China (by John Osborne)
  • Decisive Action Lessons Learned Bulletin Issue 3 (by Gary Bezant, 17 February 2002)
Articles, previews, reviews, and interviews
Review by James Cobb at Combatsim (31 Oct 2001):
Review by Gary Bezant (18 Nov 2001):
Review by Marty McKone at Wargamer (Nov 2001):
Review by PC Gamer US (Nov 2001):
I haven't got this yet.
Interview of Jim Lunsford by Don Maddox (9 August 2001):
Unknown author Angelfire review:
The Defense of Barstow (by Mike K, 26 Oct 2001):
Iraq Tries Again (by Mike K, 27 Jan 2002):

Fan pages
Decisive Action Tactical Operations Center: (Not archived)
The DATOC started out on Taijerons own website, then moved to WarfareHQ, before being absorbed by the Warfare HQ downloads, moving to StrategyZoneOnline, and finally Gamesquad.
Damien Dougan:
Rich Link:
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Nov 30, 2019
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Hi, I bought Decisive Action in January 2019. I'm also very interested in this wargame.

This is what I have:
  • Decisive Action V2.7X (disk version) - bought in 2019
  • DASetup.exe [not worked]
  • DA Patches 2.04, 2.04b, 2.7 [not tested]
  • Decisive Action User’s Manual v2.7 (As a December, 2007) – 94 pages exported .pdf
  • Decisive Action User’s Manual (As of June 2, 2001) – 47 pages exported .pdf
  • Decisive Action Operations Plan
  • Decisive Action Operations Primer
  • Decisive Action Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • Decisive Action 1.03 Supplement
  • DAWeapons.exe
  • Decisive Action Force Ratio Calulator v1.0.xls
  • Kansas City Blues [not tested]
  • Euromap [not tested]
  • Anzio Map & Terrain file (DAMap1.exe, 1.15Mb) [not tested]
  • Mindoro Map & Terrain file (DAMap2.exe, 984Kb) [not tested]