Jul 30, 2005
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US West Coast
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Fast forward to the end of Japanese turn 3 and we have my second force entering at the double quick to seal the 9-2 and around 3 squads, Baz and 50 cal in the jungle. Still too tough to get my turn 5 fragile tanks past the Baz position, so the plan was to bring on a banzai charge in turn 4 to occupy the US defenders and allow my tanks to push past and maybe head for the exit. End turn 3 Japanese turn is below. A lucky shot broke the BAZ squad, and an even luckier recovery roll ended up with only the 9-2 being able to find the loose BAZ in the dense jungle.

I think the DFPh at this stage striped a couple squads but not a punishing effect I had worried about. On to turn 4 and the banzai charge. My small charge was enough to soak up all the lead and make way for my main assault forces to move up behind and prepare for the real CC. My banzai charge totally melted away, and had the added effect of triggering a sniper to pin one of Jeff's heretofore concealed squads, in front of an OPP-Fire knee MTR unit. Playing IIFT, they rolled a hit with a snakes on the 3-1 effects roll for a KIA. The CC managed to take down the 9-2 and remain in melee with the final squad. Next turn this allowed me to fire into the melee, striping my guys but breaking the US squad and it was curtains for them. Turn 4 end for Japan is below. I was soon sitting at 31vp total, needing 32. We played on a bit longer, bringing in the US reinforcements, but once we did an accounting of the situation, Jeff conceded.


I've played in several Cyber Vasl Tournaments now, and they really are great fun! I get a chance to make some new ASL acquaintances and play some interesting scenarios at a pace the fits with my schedule. I have to take my hat off to Sergio for continuing to organize this event with great style. Thanks very much!
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May 2, 2012
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Wow, thanks for the AAR! The scenario is similar to one I played some time ago (I don't recall the name), but sides changed: US Stuarts needed to cross the dense jungle against defending Japanese. I remember the same difficulties maneuvering the tanks in such a terrain...

Congrats to David for his (now second) tourney, and to Jeff for being (also for the second time) subchampion!

Here are the badges awarded this tournament:

David Gillies Cop
Jeff Buser SOop
Alan Krause sOop
Tom Arnold sop
Eduard González op
Ivan Kent op
Martin Kristensen op
Peter Rogneholt op
Roy Connelly op
Alex Koestler p
Blake Ball p
Bruno Nitrosso p
Donald Holland p
Gary Bartlett p
Ian willey p
Jason Wert p
Jeremy Busby p
Martin Marquis p
Mike Johnston p
Pierce Mason p
Rick Carter p
Robert Mac Ginley p
Sergio Puente p
Steffen Knippel p
Will Fleming p

And the total along all CyberVASL tournaments:

Lionel Colin CCCCCSOoooooppppppp
David Gillies CCSsOooooppppppp
Brian Wiersma CSoppp
Tom Arnold CsOooopppp
Jeff Buser SSOoopppp
Jon Cole SssOoooppp
Bruno Nitrosso Sopppppp
Laurent Tinture Sopp
Rodney Ding ssOOoopp
Sergio Puente ssoopppppppp
John Bock sOOoopp
Rick Carter sOoppppp
Alan Krause sOopp
Russell Dewhurst sOopp
Jay Elwell sOop
Mario Aceto sOop
Martin Marquis soopppppppp
Michael Rodgers sop
Sebastian Hummel spp
Anatoly Sizov Ooooppppp
Ángel González Oooppppppp
Jason Wert Ooppppppp
Bob Kummeth Oop
Warren Smith Jr. oooppppp
Ivan Kent oopppppppp
Mike Johnston oopppp
Robert Mac Ginley oppppppppp
Eduard González opppppp
Pierce Mason opppppp
Blake Ball oppppp
Gary Bartlett opppp
Jason Burnette opppp
Roy Connelly oppp
Andreas Hinz opp
Brad Hampson opp
Doug Fitch opp
Erik Lindblad opp
Jeremy Busby opp
Martin Kristensen opp
Paul Franklin-Bihary opp
Scott Kippen opp
Peter Rogneholt op
Stephen Stewart op
Will Fleming pppppppp
Alex Koestler pppppp
Andy Beaton ppppp
Ian willey ppp
Ken Knott ppp
Oscar Fernandez ppp
Alberto Griffa pp
David Huguet pp
Don Clevenger pp
Federico Strazzari pp
John Dietrich pp
Miguel Molina pp
Carles Ryhr p
Daniel Takai p
Donald Holland p
Ian Tuten p
Jason Paulus p
Jeff Sewall p
Jordan Kehrer p
Laurent Martin p
Magnus Rimvall p
Marc Hanna p
Panu Kinnari p
Peter Palmer p
Rusty Shields p
Steffen Knippel p

I hope everybody had fun playing the games!