CtR Paradrop Confusion


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Jan 6, 2008
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Thanks Sarge,

The only reason to drop the 37LLs is that on CG Day 2 per footnote 'a' of the Purchase table US player may elect to have any 11 , 14 ,G 1 ,or G2 RG arrive via para drop instead of on map or of board entry, at 1 CPP less than normal.

Being the CG miser that I am, if I can get it for less I'll buy it :)

I think the elegant solution to the issue would be to delete 'G1' from the RGs that you buy for less turn 2.

I think using a large shoot for the 75s is the way to go.

I'll pulling small shoots for all 3 turns of drops at the same time. I'm traveling to play this so I have a small plano with the US purchases sorted by wings.
As another followup....to maintain "fog" for the pack chute... since the large chutes "drop" differently than the small chutes, I would go ahead during play and just use a small chute for the pack gun. If "fog" for the SW/guns is not a big deal, then use the large chute counter. Just remember, when it comes time to "flip" the counters, you will need to replace the large one for a small one anyway since large chute counters have "No Move" on the backs....kinda obvious which is the gun...plus, large chutes "drop" differently than small ones as far as drifting and when one large chute acts different from all the others it kinda lets the cat out of the bag so to speak. Just stuff to consider.