Ctr Aeroplane question


Aug 31, 2004
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Colorado, USA
In Ctr, I have a situation where there are two adjacent hexes. One includes an unconcealed stack and the second is a concealed stack. One side has a B-25J Mitchell, and wants to make a combined strafing/bombing run. Clearly, you want to line up so the sighting TC is against the unconcealed stack since it has a much better chance of passing (11 or less, in fact). However, assuming that is passed it appears to be impossible to both strafe and Bomb the unconcealed hex due to Ctr 10.1 "This target hex cannot be the intended bomb target hex..." That seems to imply you could only strafe the unconcealed units then try to strafe and bomb the concealed units (with attendant halving and +2 TH penalties. Thus the only way the unconcealed units could be hit would be to roll 1-2 on the Ground attack bomb release chart vs the concealed stack. In fact, since the units in the intended target hex are in Motion, only a "1" will allow the bombs to fall short and hit the unconcealed units.

OK, so now you think that starting a hex further back (where unconcealed are 5 hexes away) might be better, but you can't do that since the sighting TC is vs the empty hex 4 hexes away, and there must be units there to attempt that. So that can't work.

The only other possibility is to approach from the opposite direction 4 hexes away from the concealed stack, and make the sighting TC and (maybe) only a halved strafing attack be the concealed stack. Then attack the unconcealed stack with strafing and bombs, and hope for a 2-4 for the bombs to land in the occupied hex.

I hope I have that wrong, but thats how I read it.