Critically need vassal help

Der Fleischer

May 20, 2007
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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
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I need some serious help here regarding the VASSAL engine! I am unable to open the VASSAL engine causing me some very real frustration! Here is what I am dealing with:

1. I am currently running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit version).
2. I currently have the most recent VASSAL engine installed.
3. I currently have the most recent version of JAVA installed.

Everything seems to be installed without error. However, when I double-click on the VASSAL icon on my desktop, my cursor shows a spinning circle for about 2-3 seconds after which the program simply ceases. When I look at what is happening in the Task Manager while I try to start the program, I see applications or processes starting. Everything seemed to be working ok up until mid-August. Due to various work and military obligations I have been unable to get on VASSAL and VASL since until I tried the other day. That is when this happened.

ANY help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance for your replies!

Best Regards,

Paul F. Messina
"Der Fleischer"