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Jan 27, 2003
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Lets see, from the Annual I can only play 14 out of the 27 scenarios, not bad, not great since I do not have any of the WWI stuff and other miscellaneous components needed to play the other scenarios. So here is a list of scenarios I do want to get on the table one day:

Annual 6 Bonus scenario 1: An interesting scenario that has the NVA trying to capture several Helo wrecks on map with the ARVN trying to defend those wrecks from falling into commie hands. Cool OB's on bothsides with the ARVN getting a bunch of squads, APC's and a FT APC! The NVA have some cool toys too, they have some good squads, a couple of RCL's and two AA guns to help support the NVA attack. all in all looks interesting.

Annual 6 Bonus scenario 3: FSB Corel is another interesting scenario with the Aussies trying to fend off an NVA attack to take the Aussies trench network. the Aussies have some nice high firepower squads along with a couple of 82mm mortars and 105 arty pieces. The NVA come into play with a purely infantry OB that out numbers the Aussies two to one (the Aussies have 12 squads vs 24 NVA squads). The Aussies do get Helo gunship support later in the game. The set up is kind of odd with the NVA setting up amongst the Aussie defenders, so the action begins right off the bat.

Annual 6 bonus scenario 4 Back to phuck yu is another Aussie vs NVA scenario but this time the Aussies are coming at the NVA with a bunch of squads and lots of armor to pry out the NVA from their fortified positions. The NVA bring to the table some decent squads, OBA, DC's (DC Heros are possible), trenchs, pillboxes , Mortars and an RCL.

So out of the four bonus scenarios, 3 of them look like ones I would like to try out, ya they are probably going to have balance issues, but I am a gamer, so I enjoy this sort of stuff. If your into Vietnam history and enjoy trying to game such situations, then you might like spending the necessary $$ on stuff like this. Will look over the rest of the Annual 6 scenarios and see what I like and want to play this weekend.