Couple questions

Apr 13, 2015
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A couple of unrelated questions I"m combining into one post for brevity's sake:
1) I just played the fan-produced mission "Search & Destroy" - not sure if it's still available anywhere but it was on, I believe, the GSASL site for quite awhile so many of you probably have it. Anyway the VC seem a bit cryptic to me - I believe there is a misprinted comma and both sides get CVP for (only) vehicles and guns. I've played this mission twice now and if both sides get full CVP it becomes VERY easy to win. (This is how a strict reading of the text would work, though it then becomes a mystery why immediately after the comma the words "...AFVs, Guns and vehicles destroyed." would appear.)

If you semi-ignore the text and only award the ENEMY full CVP and only allow the FRIENDLY side to get limited (guns & vehicles - as is done in some missions) CVP the mission becomes unwinnable, imo. In fact even using the interpretation I've indicated above the mission is borderline unwinnable - I've played it twice with a win and a loss - which doesn't sound too bad except I only got the win in a close game with an ENEMY AC# of '2'. Any higher AC# and it's hard to see the FRIENDLY side pulling out a win w/o a LOT of luck.

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing how others have tackled the VC for this mission.

2) During the game I got the "Dispatch Rider" ENEMY RE event. I've seen this guy a bunch of times but in north of 80 games this is the first time I was able to bring the bastard down and get into the hex he fell in. Was I right in thinking that searching is conducted as indicated in section A12.152 (as far as drm, etc. are concerned?) And also, do you think that searching in this instance is a one-off? Or can you make repeated attempts until you find the papers? Game hack - instead of keeping a side record (which I hate doing) I represented the documents and their possession with an unused nationality's concealment counter (because they're SECRET papers!)