Command Detonated Napalm in Korea

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    From STRANGE BATTLEGROUND, the official history of the Canadian Army in Korea:

    "Lieutenant-Colonel Poulin reported that his unit used napalm in an effort to render the minefield defences more effective. These devices consisted of four-gallon containers filled with napalm and fitted with a detonator which was connected electrically with the platoon command post. They were buried one foot underground at intervals of 20 yards across the front of the unit’s forward position. When ignited, the bombs were capable of spreading fire over an area of 50 yards."
  2. Michael Dorosh

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    Feb 6, 2004
    Calgary, AB
    Sadly, for us, the historian then notes: "Their effectiveness, however, was never put to the actual test of battle."
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    One of my old first sergeants told of a similar system which was used around the perimeter of USMC combat bases in Vietnam. He referred to it as "foo-gas" or "fu-gas" (sp?). I recall having seen a photo of an emplaced 'foo-gas' 55 gallon drum in a USMC demolitions manual a long time ago. Top described the effects upon detonation as being quite spectacular.

    I am unaware of any WWII or Korean war use of such a device, although in ASL terms, "foo-gas" rules would be an interesting addition to any future Vietnam ASL project.
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    There is an account of the Russians using a "Flame Thrower" AT mine in Demolishing the Myth. It may have been in Death of the Leaping Horseman. I recently completed both and vividly recall the mention. -- jim
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    This was one of the most fun parts of that module - flame throwing mines are checked off of my ASL bucket list...
    Just like real flamethrowers and mines the threat of use is a big part of the deterrent potential of these weapons.
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