CM Ultimate Quick-Battle Solo (or 'How I learned to Love Iron Mode...)


Jan 3, 2010
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Most people ask me "You seem to Like CM so much, How do you like to play it?" Well, I actually play Quick Battles Solo lately. I do this this using my 'CM Ultimate Quick-Battle Solo Iron Rules'. Turn-based, of course.

It goes a little something like this...Select Quick Battle and Forces and then use 'Suggestions' and 'OK' for both sides without looking at the chosen units. Iron mode. Pick a side...

1. Number 1 rule of CMUQBSIR is that you are only allowed to use the 'replay' (movie) when having one of your HQ or FO selected. To be clear, you can NOT use 'God (aka Borgy) Mode of Replay' (GMOR). That is, you can only 'experience' the replay (movie) through the eyes of a HQ or FO.
2. After viewing ONLY the movies from the HQ's and FO's, then you must give Orders WITHOUT ever entering the 'Non-Unit-Selected' mode (GMOR). You must give orders to each of the HQ's and FO's first, calling arty, etc. as well as movement orders, etc.
3. Once all HQ have orders, you may select other units to receive orders. OPTIONAL: these sub-units must be in a HQ control. Of course, you are not allowed to watch the replayed movies of each squad/team/etc.

At first, this may seem easy enough to attempt. But the typical gamey, spoiled, funboyer, and knee-jerking of the 'memory-muscles' has to be overcome. No more 'WOWzage' and 'Seeing 'splosions etc. You are basically stepping back a layer in command and having to commit certain orders etc. without the whole Borging-Baggage pipeline allowing a Attack-Happy experience.

I call it...Playing Chess, instead of Playing Marbles... I suppose it would be nice to see the GMOR once the turn has been completed.
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