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Here is a short update from Matrix about the types of victory conditions that will be available in Combat Leader.

Paul Vebber -- We are hoping to include a wide variety of victory conditions - we are working on a scripting language that will allow "compound victory conditions" eventually to be used. AS always we are not sure how mature this will be in the initial module.

The idea is to allow for geography - based and enemy force based objectives and combinations of teh two. (ie take that hill and determine the enemy forces on the other side) if you physically occupy teh hill you have a chance of winning - fail that and you are SOL. Then scouting the area behind and determing to what % the enemy forces that are there.

Victory cconditins will also be Asymetric, the enemy units behind the hill may not be interested in the hill (except to the extent that enemy units there threaten their assembly area) their victory condition may counter-recon - prevent the enemy determining that you have a whole battalion readying for attack and get it organized and moved to a jump off area with out being disrupted. That may not be the best example, but hopefully shows the direction of our thinking - more "mission based" victory conditions that get away from the "V-hex grab".