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Aug 7, 2002
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I wandered into the beginning of Lothlorien last night with a fellow 60 Hunter to kill a few Orcs & Wargs in their camps: it was like being in the middle of a Roman vs. Barbarian battlefield. :bite: :bite:

There were players running everywhere with Orcs & Wargs charging here & there attacking, chasing, running away and dying all at the same time. Rune Keeper's were throwing blinding spells, Wardens yelling, Orcs screaming and Wargs howling all around us- what a BLAST!!! It was chaotic non-stop fun.

At times we had no idea who or where our targets were or who was attacking us from where. (due to aggro other players "helping" can pull your target off you or you pull their target off them) We had Orcs and Wargs running through us both coming & going and fighting on top of us.

I think the best part was when we were surrounded by a pack of Wargs & fighting like mad when several other players ran into us being chased by a bunch of orcs who decided to stop & fight them right there. :crosseye: It got even better when 2 paroling Orcs joined the fray.

That "impromptu" battle for me was more sheer fun than most of the "set" instance fights where everyone plans ahead of time exactly (ABC) what they are going to do. This had the feel of the LotR movie scene where the Goblins suddenly burst into the Chamber in Moria and chaos follows as the Fellowship fights everywhere. WHEW! :)

Yep this game is fun! I'd have taken a screenshot but, I never thought of it- nor had the time...
Having a crowd of other players about really pumped up the excitement for everyone even if it took a bit longer to kill our quota of enemy.
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