Changes to avatar policy


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Dec 22, 2003
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As part of the update to the Community Code of Conduct, you will note the following additions to the avatar policy:

Can I use a political avatar?
It's frowned upon, because first and foremost this is a game forum. It's best for everyone if the politics stay in the political forum.

Can I use a pic of myself or a family member as an avatar?
That's a really bad idea for a number of reasons, and we highly encourage you to consider using a game-related avatar instead of a personal image.
The first one is self-explanatory. In the interest of keeping the politics limited to the political forum, the use of overtly political avatars is frowned upon.

Second, think twice before uploading an image of yourself or a family member for use as an avatar. This is a game forum and members really ought to use a game avatar instead of personal pictures, which could cause problems.