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  1. KenYoung

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    Oct 14, 2008
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    It's the second round of CC and Melee exists in the Hex.

    I believe that the unarmed units may escape (without a TC), because of the Melee.
    The prisoners will attack their guards first.

    But what will happen if they succeed?

    There will be an armed French half squad and 9-1 Leader +(1)-0-6 half squad. In a German armed ht.

    - are they still in Melee with the AFV's crew?

    -Can the AFV attack the French 2-2-8 crew or must it attack the French passengers?

    And they attack the passengers what would the odds be?

    -If the French 2-2-8 crew attacks the and destroys the AFV. Are the French passengers eliminated?

    Also if the second ht fires into the Hex. Can the 2-2-8 claim the Gun shield?
  2. jrv

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    May 25, 2005
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    Vehicles and their PRC are not held in Melee, so the prisoners are not escaping. The 2-2-8 is the only unit in Melee.

    If the halftrack is eliminated all passengers (including the prisoners) are too.

  3. Michael R

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    Feb 4, 2003
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    If there was no halftrack in the CC hex (i.e., French crew vs German HS with prisoners), could the prisoners attempt withdrawal?
  4. KenYoung

    KenYoung ASLKWAD

    Oct 14, 2008
    Ottawa GMT -5/-4
    Yes JR, that was my thinking also when I first moved into the Hex and stopped.

    But after reading

    A11.15 MELEE: If Infantry of both sides remain in the same Location after all initial CC attacks have been resolved at the end of a CCPh, they [EXC: bicyclists, skiers] are considered to be locked in Melee and may not leave that Location or attack except as part of CC.15 Infantry are also held in Melee by enemy Cavalry, cyclists, and non-Abandoned, Stopped, "unbroken" (12.1) vehicles. Place a Melee counter above the stack of units so afflicted

    The 2-2-8 crew is held in Melee by the stopped AFV. So the counter is placed.

    Then reading

    A20.55 ESCAPE: .... Once a Melee exists within the Location, prisoners may, during the CCPh, attack without passing a NTC and even if the Guard is not broken.

    The key here is that there is a Melee counter in the location.

    Unless, in the AFV and outside the AFV are different locations. But that's not supported by the index.

    So that's what made me unsure of how to handle the next CCPh.
  5. KenYoung

    KenYoung ASLKWAD

    Oct 14, 2008
    Ottawa GMT -5/-4
    Great I found a Perry Sez that helps

    Vehicles are not locked in melee, but are they marked with the melee marker while in the same location as the opponent after CC has occurred?
    A. No.
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