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Feb 14, 2010
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United Kingdom
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Played 4 LC scenarios at the recent Heroes tourney in Blackpool. I had limited space in the car so opted to take a few historical packs with me rather than all the geo boards.

All went down to the last turn, 2 down to the last CC.
BB4 Zoot Suit Boys
HH5 Needed Elsewhere
Q1 Simple Mission
BB3 Haywire Communications

All very, very good. We thought Q1 looked tough for the attacker after turn 2 but a turn later I, as the defender, was on the ropes. Went to the last turn, there was 1 point it.

Haywire Comms, very clever. You either move the infantry or the armour each turn. I squeaked it as the defender, just. the last movement phases were akin to solving a chess problem.

Needed elsewhere - could have gone either way and we each felt that during the game the initiative swapped between us on several occasions. A long scenario, took around 7-8 hours to play, but what a blast. Rolling a dud on my firefly shot at the rear of a Panther was a bit of a highlight. I managed to hold the Germans who were adjacent to the main road in CC on the last turn... after eventually destroying the Panther. Fantastic game.

Zoot Suit Boys, small and fun. My lone SMC fell in CC to a 6-5-8 and 8-1 leader in the final CC phase.

Excellent scenarios.