Campaign Series Middle East 1.01 UPDATE!

Jason Petho

Aug 14, 2002
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Calgary, AB, Canada
Keeping to the theme of a living game, the Campaign Series Middle East 1.01 UPDATE is available!

You can access it in a number of ways:

1. Open up the main menu of the game and press "Check for Update" button.

2. Download it directly from this link: 1.01 UPDATE FILE

You will have to unzip the file and then double click on the EXE to start the installation.

3. The 1.01 will be available on the product page in the next couple/few days, I will post a link when it is ready.

We hope you enjoy the 1.01 UPDATE!

Here is the official change log:

17.1 Middle East Update Log for 1.01 (due mid-December 2015)

17.1.1 FIXES

• Under any FOW setting, in any context, enemy Morale does not display (is shown as "?"). Enemy Morale only displays if FOW is unselected.
• In the game engine (only), implemented Options > Auto Scroll. (Was there previously in the scenario & map editors, but not in the game engine.)
• With a unit selected, hitting the F3 hot key (etc.) opens the Unit Viewer directly on the info page for that unit. (Before, it would just open on a blank page, and you would have to hunt for the unit.)
• Fixed a bug where, in the Unit Viewer, for nation IDs < 10, the selected unit would not display.
• For on-counter unit stats, fixed an issue where the Morale stat was not displaying properly.
• Under ExtFOW, the Damage Report now displays much, but not quite all, of the info that a non FOW Damage Report would.
• Fixed a questionable design decision where, under ExtFOW, the Display Disrupted highlight was not highlighting friendlies. Under ExtFOW, enemy disrupts still remain unhighlighted.
• Removed the multi-saves warning. (A useless, and otherwise offensive, anti-cheat measure.)
• Fixed a number of bugs involving helos and movement, assaults, overflies, etc.
• Fixed the OBA crash bug.
• Fixed a possible crash bug in PBEM play.
• Fixed a bug where helos overflying unknown enemy units would vanish.
• Fixed a 3D crash bug involving assaults and overflying helos.
• Fixed a bug where air strikes were without limit.
• Fixed a bug where the edorg Append feature was broken.
• Fixed a bug where in 2D, WR, IP etc. markers would display over any Unknown Unit icon.
• Fixed a bug where the game engine was failing to remember and restore the preferred Options > Graphical Icons setting from session to session.
• Fixed a bug where the Infobox Counters setting was not being saved.
• Fixed a bug where phantom IF crosshairs (in the case of drifting) were not being cleared.
• Did some code optimizations to mitigate the effects, with Counter Stats toggled ON, of slow scrolling (on some systems only).
• Prevented possible scenario title text overrun in the Status > Scenario Information dialog. Also, fixed text overruns and other issues in the F2 Unit Handbook display.
• AutoSave AP’s for Firing OFF by default.
• Added missing background music files
• Revised the NATO Symbols sheet with White Background modification
• In various dialogs, clicking Help no longer summons the now non-existent Windows Help, rather the game Manual.

• Implemented on-counter unit stats. For 2D views #4 and #5.
• Implemented some new LoseConcealment() rules
• Implemented new reveal rules for the display of counter and Info Box unit stats.
• The Unit Viewer is newly available from within edorg.
• Hex Outlines and Contours can now display concurrently.
• In the 2D modes, counter stacks now display up to a maximum of 6, whereas before the max display was 4 counters.
• Added a Black 2D Unit Profiles modification
• Added a NATO Symbols sheet with Transparent Background modification
• Added Alternate 3D Base modification
• Cosmetic tweaks to several frontend displays.
• Added many more diagnostic logreturn() calls.
• Implemented a new, multi-tiered logging scheme, where the depth and verbosity of logging are specified at the EXE command line.
• UnitViewer (F3) displays to selected unit

• Revised a few 3D terrain and vegetation tiles
• Revised 2D View terrain, terrain marker and vegetation art
• Revised 2D Counter and Graphical Unit Icons art for all nations
• Revised the F2 Unit Handbook dialogs, also a new InfoBox tile
• Added new Main Menu graphics matching the CS: Middle East box Art
• Revised the Blankbox graphics matching the CS: Middle East box art
• Revised Egyptian 3D graphics
• Revised Syrian 3D graphics
• Revised Jordanian 3D graphics

17.1.4 DATA
• Added post 1973 Egyptian Organizations (Company and Battalion levels) that incorporate Western weapons that were received as part of the peace negotiations after the 1973 War.
• Added post 1982 self-propelled artillery organizations for Syria
• Revised road/offroad speed of certain Israeli tanks for consistency
• Revised fire cost for reconnaissance helicopters to 85 Action Points and added limited fire capabilities
• Revised all combat helicopters (gunships and ATGM armed) so they now will require to rearm after sustained combat
• Updated Weaon.pdt file, revising existing information and adding new information for new units
• Updated Unittext file, revising existing information and adding new information for new units


• New Scenarios by Al Sandrik:
o Duel For The Golan 85-Banias
o Duel For The Golan 85-Bridges
o Duel For The Golan 85-Nafakh
o Duel For The Golan 85-Night
o Duel For The Golan 85-Rafid
o Duel For The Golan 85-Valley A
o Duel For The Golan 85-Valley B

• New Scenario by Jim Mays:
o Tourny - Set B01 - Into the Breach

• New Scenarios by Jason Petho:
o Position 181 (Batur Track 1967)
o Textbook Night Assault (Umm Katef 1967)
o Into the Camps (Rafah 1956)
o Teaching Set A01 – 1948
o Teaching Set A02 – 1956
o Teaching Set A03 – 1967
o Teaching Set A04 – 1973
o Teaching Set A05 – 1982

• Scenario Modifications to:
o Endgame at Jenin
o Into Africa!
o Into the Ring
o Hot Knife through Butter
o The Shores of Great Bitter Lake
o Battle of Abu Ageila (1956)
o Third Time's a Charm