<BW> BloodWolves 2142 and Combat Arms


Dec 1, 2008
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Hi, Im Konvikt, as you can most likely tell by my username :)

I am here to represent a clan we like to call Blood Wolves. we have been around for about a year. and over the past few months, really kinda-sorta fell apart. We want to try and reorganize ourselves and get into league play. so far we have around 5 people who are still regularly online, and a few others who can be on-call if needed for a match. We hope to get around 15 or so active members before we get active in the leagues. The games we are most active in are Battlefiled 2142 and Combat Arms, Although myself and a few other people are known to play Crysis. Most of our members have good experience playing both games, and we are welcoming any "noobs" to come and join, as we can offer some good training and tips.

If you are interested in joining you may sign up at our website, www.bloodwolves.ucoz.com, PM me on this site, or talk to me through x-fire, where my name is thakonvikt.

Thank you for your time and see you out there on the battlefield. :)

(P.S) Trust me, im never this formal.