Breaking Heartstrings

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Aug 12, 2011
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George kindly answered some questions for our group, copied below:

Regarding your queries:

Rule TM4.4 says “Retained Japanese units and Equipment must Set up in … their allocated Sector Beach …[unless] a Marine unit has entered a Japanese unit’s Set up Sector …”

1) I don’t see the dashed red lines on the map. Do I have wrong version?

No, there are no red lines on the VASL map, use the map on the ASL for Fun page for reference.

2) I presume “Sector" means for example Northern Sector and “Sector Beach” means for example Northern Sector West Beach?

Yes, there are three sectors: North, Central, & South. Correct each sector has beaches.

3) Also, suppose during Assault Period I Southern sector units move north (out of their beach areas) and at end of the scenario they are way up north, out of their allocated Sector Beach, and no Marine has entered their Set Up Sector. Must they be returned to their allocated Sector Beach during set up for Assault Period II?

The Japanese were expecting the Marines to land at several places, so a Japanese unit may not leave its Sector until a Marine unit has entered it.

ASLRB C1.82 says “… Personnel units … take a 2MC [with] the TEM … as a negative DRM”


ASLRB C1.822 “Wooden buildings … have Morale Level of 8 … brown Pillbox 10 … grey Pillbox 11 … wire and minefields 9”


ASLRB G14.72 “Each Naval Bombardment MC receives a +2 DRM.”


ASLRB F7.4 “If hit by Bombardment, units/weapons in sand receive -2 DRM to their MC.”


BHS 3.d “trench/gun pit has +2 TEM vs Bombardment” and “a pillbox (and any units therein) does receive the -2 DRM to its Bombardment MC.”


BHS 4.a says “Palm Trees (including Palm Debris) have Morale Level of 8”

8) Do you roll for a Palm Debris hex simply to see if it creates more Palm Debris that would then eliminate any entrenchments?

It does not add more Palm Tree Debris, but may eliminate any entrenchments

9) Is a gun pit an entrenchment?


10) A Palm Debris (Morale 8) would get a NMC +2 (+2 for Naval Bombardment)?


Cheers and Good Luck


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