Bounding Fire Blackpool 2019, Blackpool, UK...

Martin Mayers

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Jul 29, 2008
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21st-23rd November 2019

Hi all. I hope everyone is keeping well. Just a heads up on this years tournament following my realisation that June is nearly here. Yikes.

Firstly. Lesson one from last year was to keep a more organised contact list. So, embarking on that mission, if there is anyone whom I should NOT be writing to, my profuse apologies. If you confirm I will remove you from the new list I'm knocking together and assure you that you will not be contacted again. Conversely, if anyone has friends, gaming contacts, or fellow hobbyists that I ought to add to the list please provide me their contact details and they'll be "in".

The website will gradually update over the next months, but note that the registration page is now open for advance payments. Alternatively the option remains to just pay at the event. The site -

Simon and I don't intend any major sweeping changes to the tournament format. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly good (thanks !). No sense in trying to bust something that isn't busted. So;

Same hotel. We would love to move this thing around the country but it's borderline impossible. It's not easy to find venues ANYWHERE to accommodate what we do. And even harder to find venues which a) allow us to leave our stuff around, b) feed us, c) sleep us, and d) facilitate our general drunkenness all under one roof. The simple fact that Charles continues to give us sole run on his wonderful B&B for the weekend is just huge. And it simply cannot be matched elsewhere. Or if such a place exists, I have yet to find it.

The Minis will again run on the Thursday, and through the weekend for those unable to participate in the main tourney. Groups of 4, straight knockout, there will be the usual choice of 3 scenarios per round but this year, following feedback from participants, and in keeping with the theme of the main tournament, these will only be released to participants once we are in Blackpool. The Minis are therefore “blind” - although you will know and be able to pick your preferred theatre e.g. PTO - with the scenarios drawn from the full range of those already published.”

Main tournament. Very similar format as last time. Groups. Randomly drawn. Unless we managed to achieve 32 entrants this year in which case we'll move to a straight knockout format, with random draws each round. Either way, it'll be random. Because I liked it that way :)
Scenarios, blind. Mainly unpublished. Potentially some surprises. One scenario only per round of course.

Some other 'tweaks' around the periphery but nothing ground breaking. People seemed to have a lot of fun. We don't intend to risk spoiling that.

There will be the similar high quality of prizes. Although we hope to extend them a little further this time around.

Check in on the site as Simon's done a shed load of updating, including such as the 'accounts' from last year, winners details etc. And of course the tournament rules are on there. And please don't forget to book your room directly with the hotel. ( I recommend calling them by phone as the booking section is usually blocked out to avoid Mr and Mrs Postlethwaite getting the biggest shock of their lives when they turn up that weekend to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary...

More to follow. Thanks for listening.