bleach:new beginings


Aug 16, 2005
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HerE FightinG AgainsT MY HearT AnD LosinG....
llUnited Kingdom
basically it is the same storyline as the bleach tv show but with new characters!

if u wanna join then do the same as me the can be 13 captains but if u are gonna be a captain u have to be evil sadly

im gonna begin right away as i am bored lol

but here is who i am

what are u (e.g. quincy death god):
weapon:death gods blade
weapon name(only use if u wanna be a death god!):zewl
appearance in death god mode(only if u r a death god):

death gods!

team mates

bad guys
6th captain akia=psp_guy

it begins with akia the 6th death god captain walking down the real world road in his death god clothes and a girl fall to the ground as if he has been fighting her as she has cuts all over her "do u give up girl.....knowing that u can not escape from the clutches of 6th captain akia" the girl looks up at akia with a grin on her face as blood drips off her face "no way am i going to give up to the likes of u as i 4th captain kukia wont ever give up!...." akia looks up from looking at the ground noticing that kukia is stood up "why do u even try.....sister......i dont understand'll protect a pathetic useless death god by sacrficing your own life!?!?!" kukia pulls out her death god blade and screams "KRAZEEN!" and her blade transforms into an incredibly shaped sword and she jumps forward to strike him but before she could akia had already gone past her and cut her with out her noticing "i told kukia you cant win this battle" kukia is lay on the floor with blood flowing from her as she trys to get back up whilst saying "like you willing to........aggh.......put my life in danger for another death god" she colapses on the floor but still with her eyes wide open as akia walks over and puts his foot on her chest "your just like the guy you were protecting PATHETIC! ! ! ! !" as he screamed pathetic his blade was coming down aimed where her heart is but before the blade could reach her chest he stopped an inche away from her chest "what the hell is this power......" he looked around and could only see a boy walking towards them but akia thought nothing of it......but akia was a fool for thinking that as the boy pull out a samurai sword and charged towards akia and kukia.....akia just dissapeared in time to dodge the boys attack "YOU CAN SEE US?!?!?!ha ha ha ha what a pathetic excuse for strength i cant believe i was worried about you!" the boy staired at him in the eyes and opened his mouth as if he was going to speak.............................

hope every1 will enjoy role [playing this i will just check out how much ive done but thats for 3 people lol coz i am 3 people lol