Bioshock creator reveals why he almost stopped making games

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    Inside the Making of 'BioShock' Series With Creator Ken Levine

    An interesting interview as Levine is an interesting guy. He's also a guy who seems to thrive by being a bit of a contrarian. Now whether it's those contrarian views which have helped him create successful games or something else is a matter of debate.

    But I can appreciate what he's saying about the toll creating something special can take on your personal life. At one point being an editor and writing about games pretty much made me not want to play anything and very nearly drove me away from gaming altogether. When you see the proverbial sausage being made and you get dragged into that muck, it can understandably kill your appetite.

    It's a shame that creating quality computer games has devolved into such a tedious grind. People envision the job of a game designer as sitting around experimenting with all sorts of cool ideas and leaving work with a big smile on your face. But the reality is that making a modern game takes a huge team of people, lots of behind-the-scenes maneuvering, and a massive amount of money. In addition, the day-to-day work is about as exciting as programming a networking client for an insurance app compared to what many people imagine.

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